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Ferguson Concedes Berba Will Probably Leave

A clause in Dimitar Berbatov’s contract is automatically activated this month meaning that his contract will expire in the summer of 2013 although the chances of him staying that long are slim to none.

Despite 7 goals in 10 league appearances this season, last year’s Premier League top scorer has barely been given a look in, after falling behind Rooney, Welbeck and Chicharito in pecking order.

Whilst Berbatov has characteristically remained completely professional, always speaking highly of the club, manager and fans, he cannot be happy with such little playing time at this stage in his career.

“He wants to get first team football and we need to consider that at the end of the season,” Ferguson said today.

The contract extension will simply prevent Berbatov leaving on a free in a few month’s time.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Zibbie says:

    With Rooney in goal scoring form and Tony and his crosses coming back, 35 goals are very doable. Wow doable is a word? No red line for spelling it wrong. She is so doable for being so homely.

  2. Zibbie says:

    Come on Pep get burn out and move on and someone is bound to get injured sometime of the 3 amigos.

  3. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Zibbie – I have been quietly watching u talking to yourself on this blog for almost one hour. It was an interesting journey man.

  4. Jeet says:

    Sympatrhy for the Devil, and company for Zibbie!! :)

  5. lordrt says:

    If he goes then we’ll miss a classy player/sub, but his professionalism is exemplary, and you have to love the man for he just gave the bitters 2 fingers up and joined Utd… another who should leave/retire is Owen, been such a long time he’s out, and I even forgot when he scored last for Utd

  6. Singh says:

    So fucking gutted. My favourite player and he doesn’t even get a look-in and now he’s gonna be sold. Such a professional in a world where you hardly see any integrity and humbleness in a player especially with all the greed we see and we treat him like this?

    I really wanted to see him end his career with us,really very disappointed now.

  7. tom c says:

    where’s Fred?!

  8. Jeet says:

    Busy breaking Mikey’s heart :lol:

  9. Shebangsthedrums says:

    NBI Red Onion – they may have thought City will win the league ( I bet a few have changed their I mind now), but nobody likes watching them!

  10. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    He can offer us a much different outlet than Hernandez or Welbeck, but Fergie just doesn’t want to use him for whatever reason. I don’t really understand why, but I’m sure Fergie has his reasons. Gotta agree with Singh. He’s not my fave player by a long shot, but he does bring something to the team that no one else can, with his sublime first touch and hold up play, and not to mention the amount of skill he has. I feel for the guy – all he wanted was to give his all for us and apparently he’s now surplus to requirements. Sad

  11. Shebangsthedrums says:

    On topic – I’ll be very disappointed to see the Berb leave. He kept us in the title race last year through ambitiongate. He’s such a class footballer, but just as importantly a class person and gent. I wish him all the best if he goes and hope he finds a club that appreciates his skills.

  12. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    Also, kinda hoping we lose tomorrow. I’d much prefer we were out of the Loser League and can concentrate on 20.

  13. Costas says:


    That was a cheap way to get the 200th post. No one else was around, lol. In Berbatov terms, you were playing against your mum. :P

  14. Singh says:

    @phil jones
    I also believe we will be shooting ourselves in the foot by selling him as we’ll only have 3 strikers then. I just hope SAF changes his mind.

  15. feedemscraps says:

    You hope we lose?
    Can the club only cope being in one competition?
    Well, I think we will win, whether that’s enough to go through, we’ll see.

  16. Jeet says:

    @Phil Jones’ Birdshit Streaks : Not sure that’s a great attitude for United to take to any game…

  17. Sandeep1878 says:

    Morning reds,

    the only thing i cherished last nyt in chelsea game was RedNev’s commentary on ten sports :)

    anyway the Italian’s off late nightmare against the English in Europe continues..


    Match Day!!!

    I m going with a 3-1 win for us,

    Rooney 2

    Good day reds…

  18. Sandeep1878 says:

    Most influential players in the Premier league voted by the managers:
    1. Ryan Giggs
    2. Eric Cantona
    3. Paul Scholes
    4. Alan Shearer
    5. Thierry Henry
    6. Cristiano Ronaldo.

  19. Sandeep1878 says:

    by the way,

    Happy birthday Pogba..

  20. Sandeep1878 says:

    Tosic’s goal was brilliant by the way :)

  21. lordrt says:

    @Sandeep1878: Doubt we’ll be able to win by such a scoreline, bilbao showed they could keep the ball, even in the most unlikely situations

  22. gaz says:

    my blood is still boiling at that cunt terry who the fuck was he kidding with his fucking staged condolonces to the poor Belgian kids.
    The guy is so self absorbed in his own shit bubble he thinks this will help his public image fucking twat faced fuckwit cock licking cynical cunt. Me and Robbie??? fucking cunt taught he was the manager imagine Giggsy or Scholesy referring to the boss as Alex? or standing next to him in the dugout directing the team? They would know better as both are class acts unfortunetly i had to use their names next to the vile and Heinous name of Terry as an example of what a proper Cunt terry is.fucking family full of horrible disgusting crimnals. Racist/klepto/drug dealing/bung taking/bottle throwing,suicide enabling thugs.

  23. Warwick says:

    is KO at 6 tonight?

  24. parryheid says:

    We may win but we are going out.I don’t think we are remotely interested in this second tier competition.

  25. Wakey says:

    @ 83864 – He fit in with the attack when Rooney was out and he was paired with Hernandez but when he played with Rooney the team were less dynamic. As such while Berba is great he can never be more than backup as Rooney has more in his locker and when it comes to goals is less of a confidence player so more likely to score

  26. 83684 says:

    NBI Red onion – Yeah, he did play in CL games when we reached the final in 08/09 – not too bad. If I remember correctly he scored 4 goals in the group stage – cannot say anything about his performance as a whole though. And then in the knockout stage: Played in the away and the home leg against Inter – 0-0 and 2-0, and in the crucial away leg against Porto 0-1. Thought we played really well with Berbatov up front and Rooney as a winger/striker (and ronaldo).

  27. Imran says:

    Hello Rom, Just wanted to say that I’m a Big Berbatov fan, i hope he stays on, When i think about him one memory that come’s to mind is in the match against Liverpool last season, the ball was played over the top for Berbatov at about chest height, he took it down in one swing of his leg, that was something amazing, like plucking a airplane out of the air…….I’m gonna miss those moments if he does leave.

  28. stpercival says:

    The reason berbs doesn’t fit into our club is the same reason we are not doing so well in the CL. We play a 4-2-4. This ultimately means our midfield gets destroyed and berbs gets no passes to help his game. We have a runner and a passer in the middle and two wingers high up. This = destruction. Berbs will kick ass wherever he ends up next year

  29. Mr C says:

    Seriously pissed off by this news about Berbatov. Any passing cats should beware my boot!

    United has by tradition been home to top quality skilled strikers, players who bring entertainment value as well as success- older readers will remember Dave Sexton getting the boot for playing boring football despite a good run of wins – that’s what makes the club special. Berbatov does that. ’19′ wouldnt have happened without him.

  30. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Absolutely hate this so much. I really really love Berba and I don’t want to see him go. I don’t know. I feel like we’ve been treating him like tissue paper. We’re treating a class act like tissue paper. Still hanging on to the last thread of hope that he’ll stay. But honestly, to have a such a fantastic striker warm the bench is painful when i look at it as a football fan and not a United fan.

    But really. Why? He love us. We love him (at least the Berbalovers). To get a foreign player who’s got so much of respect for us is rare and we’re letting him down. And to those who say he doesn’t fit in with our style of play, were you saying this when he scored the hattrick against the scousers?

  31. RedKamer says:

    I’m gonna miss you Berba. Really. Among the very, very best in terms of pure talent on the ball that we’ve seen in United colours in recent times. You want to watch a game just to see what he can do. Many others have already explained how our tactics were never going to favour his kind of football. I won’t come back to that. But I still feel the pain of knowing he was not even on the bench when the likes of Hernandez (and I do admire the kid’s goalscoring record) were on the pitch and Owen on the bench against a ball playing FC Barcelona at Wembley last year. I have the feeling Fergie punished him throughout this season because he dared to feel bad and stay in the dressing rooms.
    Farewell…if (and wherever) you go mate. Many might have forgotten how desperate we looked against Blackpool in the run for 19 until you stepped-up the gear. I will forever do.

  32. Ironbrand says:

    Saddest thread along with the Fletcher illness thread. Please stay on, Dimitar Berb… Please


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