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Ferguson Defends Tevez’s Comments

The last thing United need at the moment, just a handful of matches away from possibly repeating the wonderful success of last season, is one of our players repeatedly talking to the press about their future away from the club. Even Cristiano Ronaldo has the good grace to keep telling the media to piss off and that he’s staying, so why is it so hard for Carlos Tevez to keep his mouth shut?

In this morning’s paper, Tevez was quoted as saying his goodbyes to United, but that he hoped to stick around in the Premiership.

“I didn’t read the papers,” said Ferguson. “You hear things… but, look, he is a Manchester United player. The fans love him. Our fans love triers. When players try, the fans love that.”

Asked when Tevez’s future would be sorted out, the boss responded curtly: “I’m not getting into that, OK?”

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  1. Neli G says:


  2. costas says:

    I am glad SAF even now is showing who is the bigger man.

  3. clj7 says:

    He’s going to stay, if you watch his goal Scott – you’ll see a smirk on Fergie’s face. I reckon his price tag will come down when the season is over. And I honestly can’t see Tevez playing for Liverpool or Chelsea. I wouldn’t mind Arsenal though. But we should sign him anyway, so I’m not that worried

  4. leetguy101 says:

    “…so why is it so hard for Carlos Tevez to keep his mouth shut?”

    Because Cristiano Ronaldo has a contract. Carlos Tevez has a loan deal that expires in under a month, and he wants to stay at United. To drum up support for him to stay will put pressure on both Sir Alex and MSI to work something out.

  5. costas says:

    leetguy101 if he knows SAF even for half a day,he must know that he will not tolearate any player druming up support in their favor for their own personal gain.Today,he didn’t win any new fans with his antics.

  6. rooney_thebestest says:

    Another player who is disrespecting Sir Alex…throw him out.26 league appearances.3 goals and a handful of assists says it all……If he is available for 15 mil sign him…else go for someone who can shoot…todays goal was a fluke…atleast thats how I’ll console myself when he leaves:(

  7. Aditya says:


    Isn’t it possible to just extend the loan deal by another two years or so? Just in case we are not able to afford the amount being asked.

  8. rooneyisclass says:

    could do with some support against the abu shower on the orange football forum

  9. Robert S says:

    Today Tevez showed us that talking to the press and playing the game aren’t the same things. He had a great match – and that matters!

  10. javan says:

    Until Fergie catergorically says that he is staying and that HE wants him then fair enough.
    Because when it comes to Ronaldo he clearly says “Going nowhere!”when its tevez he says something along the lines of…”i would LIKE him to stay”
    There is a difference.
    As for Tevez himself,I would certainly sign him up,but I think that Fergie is still holding out for Benzema and if he does then I would except tevez leaving.
    Otherwise keep him.

  11. costas says:

    Aditya i am afraid we can’t.And i don’t think that Joorabchian will seek another deal with any club.At some point he wants to make the big deal with a club for Carlitos so that he will stuff his own pockets with money.The question is,who will pay 26mil or less for him.It’s a very weird situation.I don’t know the details.And then Blatter was calling Ronaldo a slave…

  12. unitedgirl15 says:

    The look he gave the interviewer when he said he wasn’t getting into it.
    Whoa that was scary, i would have pooped my pants.

  13. cantona7 says:

    Couldnt Tevez just buy himself out of his contract with Joorabchian?

  14. Tony Starks says:

    Buying himself out is the equivalent of a club buying out the contract. I can understand Tevez point of view.. He has a family etc but effectively he will be unemployed at the end of the season.

    I know its not difficult to find another club etc but he would have liked to stay where his family is settled but the club have not really given him any assurances.

  15. denton davey says:

    Carlitos was hungry today – he could have had a hat-trick. BUT that still doesn’t change the calculus – he’s behind Rooney for obvious reasons and behind Berbatov because that’s SAF’s judgement. I doubt that today’s performance will change that situation.

    For me, the big complicating factor in purchasing Carlitos outright is his oft-stated desire to return to Boca Juniors before he’s 30, the same as Juan Roman Riquelme. That means if you purchase his contract from Joorabchian for 22 million (i.e., less the ten million already paid) then you have an asset that already depreciating down to zero in four/five years’ time.

    The more interesting rumour to circulate today in the rags is that there is supposedly a Berbatov/Ibrahimovic ‘swap deal’ in the works with InterMilan. THAT would be interesting.

  16. OTRed says:

    ^^^^Whats the difference besides Ibrahimovich scoring more goals? Both can be frustrating and a joy to watch when they want.

  17. wazza says:

    Anything above 20 million is no.i doubt the deal will go through.Fergie is eyeing Benzema.

  18. Tony Starks says:

    Come on man, I would swap Berba with Ibrahimovic any day. People in England seem to judge players only on a few Champions League games.

  19. rooney_thebestest says:

    @ tony starks….Lets see what Berba does next season mate…He is class through and through…So is Ibra…but it doesnt mean you show him the door…When you say people in England judge players on their Champions League form you have to remember that they do not watch all of Inter’s games to see how good Ibra is…so they have to base their opinions on the basis of what they get to watch…..Judging by your reaction to this swap and Berba’s performance today I’d say you are worse….Beacuse even though the evidence is right there in front of you you chose to ignore it..

  20. Tony Starks says:

    @ rooney_thebestest.. Hmm well I was just responding to the point about swapping Berba with Ibrahimovic, not necessarily making any direct attack on Berba.

    I know he is a class player and adds something different to our side. BUT given a choice between the two I would go for Ibra any day… but its all hypothetical as Berba is definately staying and that is also fine with me!

  21. Jessie says:

    I really think one of the main reasons Fergie is hesitant to sign Tevez is because of his agent…30 million+ is a lot of money to pay for any player, but that money goes to a club…in this case, the money goes to the agent…thats some shady sh*t I think…and we all know how much Sir Alex hates agents anyway…and did you guys see when they showed him at the match today, how he was on the phone and covering his mouth, so no one would be able to read his lips?

  22. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    thanks and goodbye i guess tevez

  23. united we are says:

    did you guys spot on berba brilliant skill today? wow.. absolutely world class calibre!!

  24. Bud says:

    Well, if other premiership teams want to buy Tevez they’ll have to pay 20-25 million. We’ve already paid 10 million for the 2 year loan deal, if we add another 20 to purchase him that’s 30 million in whole. I think Tevez should talk to his “friend” Kia Joorichban (or what ever his name is) and ask him to be reasonable in the pricing of his “product” (product = Tevez). I just think this is so wrong…but I do want Tevez to stay.

  25. Red-Manc says:

    If Tevez goes i will be devastated it will be a huge mistake letting him go.

    Benezma is a fucking joke of a player, flash and arrogant and has already stated he wants to play for madrid it will be ronaldo all over if he came to Old Trafford

    I really hope Tevez stays, ARGENTINA!

  26. AlexOfMancunia says:

    I’m sorry but he’s only scored 2 more goals than Kiko in 17 starts and loads of sub appearences, which is a paltry return.

    I was saying that I’d love him to stay, but he’s worth £15M at most, and I doubt his agent would allow him to go for that. My bet is that he’ll end up at Citeh, who’ll just offer shit loads of money for him and give the agent no choice but to force him to go there for the £££.

    Lost a lot of respect for him over the last few weeks though, despite his brilliant performance today.

  27. TheCount says:

    berbas touch was sublime today, carlitos goal was a direct result of that brilliant touch.

    I will be sorry to see him go but we need more than carlito can offer up front…

  28. costas says:

    Guys tonight Iniest got injured and is a doubt for the final as is Henry.Barca’s injury problems are starting to mount up.Iniesta will be a big blow.

  29. leetguy101 says:

    costas brings good news indeed.

    I’m torn between wanting that dream final, and simply our team having the greater chance of winning the Big Ears.

  30. Quad says:

    Dream final, the glory will be greater…..BELIEVE

  31. Alejandra says:

    I read somewhere that new Premier rules forbid a club to get a loan on a player if he is “owned” by a third party (a non Club, like MSI). ManUtd or another club cannot loan Tévez because Kia&Co own him.

  32. themarkedman72 says:

    I would prefer not to hear tevez make these comments but I can understand his frustration.
    SAF is just pushing the price down..and tevez is saying he wants to stay which is also helping a bit but no doubt the agent and kia joorchabian are pushing for him to say different…He is trying to make everyone happy…tough spot to be in.

  33. pawaka21 says:

    personally i like tevez to stay. he can bring a lot different quality to united. just imagine if rooney and ronnie injured at same time? why make a fuss about a proven quality 30 mill on tevez but still buy berbatov for more than that? maybe the value is quite high. but this is a player who gave all everytime he is on the field. pls..sign tevez before we make the biggest mistake in our season so far..

    “fergie fergie sign him up”

  34. Sniper says:

    I doubt Fergie’ll sign him for the quoted price and no comparisons between Tevez and Berba, Berba’s obviously the better player(in terms of skill). I’m surprised at the supposed dislike for berbatov by some United fans, it’s similar to the way people disliked Teddy Sheringham(for totally different reasons) in his 1st season,but Teddy was great in his 2nd season at united, I think it’ll be the same for Berbatov next season.

  35. Wiuru says:

    The point is even if he stays, Fergie will carry on using him in the same way , There in lies some of Tevezs problems .

  36. corea says:

    i don’t want Ibragimovich at the club. he is a freak.
    On Tevez situation i would prefer not to say anything.

  37. trevor says:

    you can understand both parties!

    United take Tevez on load with the Agreement if they want him they pay X.

    Its came to the end of that Agrement and now they are saying! We want him but we are not going to pay you what you agreed!..Of course his owner is going to be pissed!

    And the looesr here is little Tevez who still does not have his future sorted! He is in limbo yet again!

    I dont think he is worth the 30 mil, but i think we only have to pay about 20 now as the remaining was from the Loan agreement!

    If i was Tevez at the start of this season i would have said to fergie that his future would have to be sorted by jan. If not i will take that as im not wanted and start negotiations with another club!

    I feel sorry for tevez… he has came to our club… Worked 100%..> Loves the Club.> Loves the fans…Helps united to a Champions League and Premier League……. Then doesnt get rewarded!!

  38. bruce thomas says:

    Tevez would not have scored without that sensational assist from Berbatov. Nor would Ronaldo have had a free kick but for Berbatov “making” it into one.

    Excuse my transfer muppetry folks but buying Benzema, Ribery or Valencia instead of spending £20-30 million for Tevez (who has the first touch of a rapist!) and getting £70 million for a disruptive CR7 sounds like a good deal to me.

    I imagine that SAF’s summer plans are well advanced and he will once again surprise us all in the best possible way.

    As for those who say that Ibrahimovich is better than Berbatov I can only ask them how many brain cells the inhabitants have on their planet and if there is anyone therethat can count up to ten to tell them.


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