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Ferguson Helps Out Son With Peterbough Loan

Warrington lad, James Chester, made his Manchester United début recently in our League Cup semi-final against Derby. As a 5-year-old he was playing for his local team’s Under-9s, before joining United when he was 8-years-old.

The tough-tackling defender made more appearances for the Reserves last season than any other player, which was rewarded by a place on the bench in our recent trip to Bolton.

However, like many young players at United, he has been sent out on loan to get more games under his belt…and to help out Sir Alex Ferguson’s son at Peterborough!

Peterborough defender, Chris Morgan, broke his toe in his side’s weekend fixture, meaning Ferguson Jnr was in desperate need of a defender. Sir Alex was more than happy to oblige.

“The fact he is at Manchester United tells its own story,” said Darren. “It is initially for a month and he will go straight into the team on Tuesday night, if the game is on. James made his debut against Derby and has been on the fringes of the first team, but they have some top defenders at Old Trafford. It is a good experience for James to come out and get some games in the league and we are delighted to have him on board. It had to be done very quickly, I was speaking with my dad on Saturday night and he has helped us out. I look forward to working with him.”

Peterborough are currently 4th in League One, four points away from a guaranteed promotion spot.

Best of luck to you lad!

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  1. five says:

    Heh this article bought a smile to my face. Chester didnt look to bad but very nervous against Derby(which is to be expected)hopefully he shines in League One.

  2. Saad says:

    Hope he’s better for the experience

  3. SteRDLK says:

    Hope he makes it at United, it would be great to see him and Evans, two academy players, make it at the club. Good luck to the lad

  4. denton davey says:

    This kid has no chance whatsoever; just like Richard Eckersley and Danny Simpson and, before that, Shawcross, McShane, Bardsley, Higginbotham and the other castaways who simply do not have the ability to command serious attention.

    It’s not just that these guys are having to compete with the likes of RedNev, Wesley, RIo, Vidic and Evra but the back-ups – Evans, Rafael, Fabio – might be even better than some of the regulars.

    For all intents and purposes, when UTD became an “international brand” and the money began to flow in from satellite television and sponsorships, the pressure to maintain a top-flight squad has trumped promotion-through-the-ranks. In the last ten years only Wesley, Fletcherinho, and the much-maligned John O’Shea have succeeded when others like Kieran Richardson and Jonathan Greening and Chris Eagles were deemed surplus to requirements.

    In fact, you could probably staff a pretty damned good Championship team with UTD’s rejects.

    GK -the kid who plays for Coventry (Luke Steele ?)

    McShane, Shawcross, Bardsley, and Simpson in the back four

    Chris Eagles, Kieran Richardson, Jonathan Greening, Robbie Savage (!), and ??? in midfield

    Sylvain Ewbanks-Blake as the lone forward in a 4-5-1.

    Can anyone else do better ? That would be interesting to read.

  5. Red-Manc says:

    United kids normally end up doing well wherever they end up playing i.e Eagles at burnley, Richardson at Sunderland and then the lads at Stoke so it shows the quality training they get whilst in the youth/academy at United

    Denton Davey how can you say he has no chance? and how can you judge Eckersley either i was quite impressed with Eckersley when he was thrown into the team without much notice due to injuries (maybe another great ginger to make here) I’ve watched them play in the academy and reserves a fair few times and they look decent definatly good enough to make it as squad players. There both local lads so have some faith in them ffs

    The Academy at United looks very promising, Evans, Possebon and Welbeck already breaking into the team to some extent and Eckersley and Chester have been given a look in, theres plenty more aswell that look very good there not guaranteed to make it but these lot look better than the previous class’s from the academy in recent years.

  6. wiuru... says:

    Point well made.

  7. Anon says:


  8. denton davey says:

    Red-Manc: “Denton Davey how can you say he has no chance? and how can you judge Eckersley either i was quite impressed with Eckersley when he was thrown into the team”

    Actually, it was quite easy to say that – he’s 20 whereas the Brazilian twins are two years younger. Jonny Evans is only a few months older. No comparison in terms of quality. I thought Eckersley’s positioning was dire. Obviously, he’s not been able to maintain a place at the UTD Academy if he was completely useless – but the point I was trying to make is that he (like the others I noted) are simply not good enough and they won’t be given the chance to prove otherwise by getting games with the first team. Those days are over. The “new reality” is that UTD are a trophy-team and they have to have first-team and squad players who can interchange seamlessly. Those who aren’t judged to be good enough get pink-slipped – but they have had terrific professional apprenticeships and seem to have useful careers as journeymen.

    It’s not like I’m saying he’s an axe-murderer !

  9. Red-Manc says:

    Fair enough your entitled to your own opinion, but i’ve watched these players alot more than most people and i can tell you they certainly have the ability when playing at academy level whether they can make it at the premier league level well thats still unclear as they have only played what 1/2 games and they only game on as subs, Eckersley’s positioning might not of been great but Rafael’s positioning is terrible! but he still looks like he will have a great future at United these young players need time to learn and get used to the pace of the top flight, Fergie obviously has faith in them so you should show some aswell, you sound like you dont want them to fucking succeed mate.

    Neville, Giggs, Scholes, Brown and Fletcher etc they didn’t all look world class when they played there first games it takes time. United may attract big name players from all over the world but United are known for giving the young lads a chance to shine our whole success since the 90′s was basically due to the academy lads (Giggs,Scholes,Beckham etc)

    HAVE FAITH IN OUR YOUTH what the would Fergie and Busby think if they heard all this negative drivel!

  10. Red-Manc says:

    And jesus christ if you think players are developed to there full potential when there 20 they god help them, Rooney is the only english player i can think of who looked world class before he was 20.

  11. Jake says:

    i’m not saying Eckersley is going to make it as a star or anything but your assessment Denton is a little bit too categorical, ‘no chance’ of even being a squad player for a number of years is a ridiculous comment…and then to compare him to the wonderkids or Johnny Evans who everyone agrees is pretty much a one-off for his age seems pointless…Positioning is precisely the kind of attribute that comes with maturity, technically, he looked alright which at his age is much more important than positioning…Ferdinand hardly set the world on fire until his mid-twenties so hold your judgement mate or at least qualify it logically…oh and you’re right, they won’t get loads of chances in the first team to prove themselves necessarily…that’s what loan deals are for and we’ve been doing it for years…Beckham to Preston etc

  12. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    A good example of a slow developer is Fletcher. Slated by Keane back in the day, none of us were filled with confidence when he used to be named on the bench a few years back when he first broke through, never mind getting a start. Now, he is undoubtedly one of the most important midfielders at the club. Some players do take more time than others…

  13. denton davey says:

    Red-Manc: ” Eckersley’s positioning might not of been great but Rafael’s positioning is terrible!”

    You’re completely right about Rafael’s positioning but he has blazing speed and is really raw; Eckersley is a couple of years older and has had a long apprenticeship in the EPL-style of footie.

    I may be categorical in dismissing this kid – and Chester, too – but I think that I have recent history on my side: most of the recent Academy kids just haven’t been good enough to dislodge guys like the Da Silvas or Nani or Anderson, who were heavily scouted, bought for BigBuxx, and then went straight into the first team. Even Jonny Evans had to take two years away from OldTrafford and apprentice under Roy Keane before he was considered “good enough” and he, like Danny Welbeck, was considered a crown jewel.

    The Fletcherinho comparison is somewhat beside the point because he missed huge chunks of time with very, very serious injuries. A lot of people dismissed him but SAF didn’t and persisted with him. But the fact of the matter is that he didn’t persist for as long with Kieran Richardson or Chris Eagles and he gave essentially short shrift to Ewbanks-Blake and most of the others I mentioned (off the top of my head).

    The key point in my thinking (if you want to call it that) is if the kid isn’t “really special” by the time he’s 18 then the odds are not in his favour to be “good enough” when he matures. And, of course, that’s not to say he won’t be a decent, journeyman professional but that’s really another story.

    I’d still like to hear someone else come up with a UTD-rejects’ Championship team.

  14. Red-Manc says:

    I agree recent academy players like the ones you’ve mentioned just were not good enough for United, but i honestly believe after watching these lads in the reserve/academy games that these are alot more promising.

    What i will say though is world class english talent is long gone, when you think the class of Beckham,Scholes, the Neville’s and to a lesser extent Nicky Butt they have gone on to be world class and win many trophies now if you look at the players that have practically made it but just need time Evans,Possebon and the Da Silva twins how many of them are english? I think thats where peoples lack of faith has come from and it goes for all teams young english talent wheres the kids that are like your Scholes, lampard and gerrard where are they? Rooney was the last one in my opinion. so these days people just think foreign is better because really it is the best players in the world Ronaldo Messi Kaka NONE are english and no Englishmen are close really.

    But saying that Cathcart/Drinkwater/Eckersley and Welbeck IMO are the next ones who will make it as a squad player at least with maybe one or two of them becoming first team regulars

  15. denton davey says:

    Red-Manc: “But saying that Cathcart/Drinkwater/Eckersley and Welbeck IMO are the next ones who will make it as a squad player at least with maybe one or two of them becoming first team regulars”"

    Danny Welbeck maybe; the others are a long, long reach. The big thing with Welbeck is that he’s barely 18 and he’s already within touching distance of TheShow. He needs to bulk up without losing his quickness; he seems to have the nose for goal that is so rare and so vital.

    I still can’t see Eckersley getting a sniff of the big time. I think he’ll be like Darren Gibson – close, but no cigar.

  16. SteRDLK says:

    I think Gibson, Cathcart and Eckersley look like our future squad players, just like Sheasy is now, given a few games obviously.

    There are a load in the reserves and U18′s that are being hyped like Petrucci, Macheda, Morrison, then there is Welbeck who I really believe will be our next big thing.

  17. Jake says:

    red-manc…i agree on the world’s best players but I have a suggestion that won’t be too popular but I think Gerrard is the best central midfielder in the world at the moment…you just have to look at how he’s consistently dragged a mediocre Liverpool side to their more recent trophies as evidence…He’s recognised the world over and loads of top ‘football people’ quote him as one of the world’s best players…shame he’s scouse but there isn’t any denying he is quality

  18. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Jake, Gerrard is not a central midfield player. He gets that free role behind a striker where he has no responsibility but to wander around and play where he wants. Mascherano and Alonso both have to play behind him to give him the freedom, and the platform to attack at will without doing the hard yards. Thats why Benitez always plays the 4-5-1, cause he cant trust Gerrard in the center without the other two. Yeah, he is quality, no one would doubt his ability on the ball. But if you were picking the best team in the world using a basic 4-4-2, he couldnt go into the middle, he isnt an orthodox central midfielder. And he is a prick.

  19. Jake says:

    gerrard can play anywhere, he played at right back in the champs. league final, he can play centre mid, it’s just that Benitez is an half-wit and won’t play him there because he likes 4-5-1…probably because he doesn’t have two capable strikers but Gerrard is definitely a centre mid, he’s as good at tackling as he is at going forward…he might prefer playing behind the striker but if you put gerrard in a more attacking 4-4-2 with someone like mascherano or alonso by the side of him he would be just as effective at supplying the two strikers and working back…it’s not his fault Benitez is an overly cautious moron…anyway, he’s scouse so leave him to it but for me he’s still one of the top 5 most effective players in world football…

  20. suhayl says:

    UTD BLOG…yet debates on that twat gerrard. One things true though…its alonso’s and mascheranos unselfish sticking job which allows gerrard to roam around and do whatever he does like the criminal twat he is.

    Carrick much better anyway…glides like the effortless genius that is pauly scholsey…..ohhhhhh how i love em both.

    Fuck the dippers

  21. Red-Manc says:

    gerrard is a good player without doubt, cheating scouse scum but a good player, but when you think of the skills and vision of Kaka and Messi in my opinion they just put all englishmen to shame, we’re not exciting players the closest thing to a flare player we have is joe cole and thats just embarrassing. gerrard has the passion and will run about tackle and does have a good shot but he isnt a stand out player, just my opinion.

    maybe this is because i hate liverpool and gerrard but i think he’s made to look alot better due to the fact the rest of the team (except torres) are average so he comes across as captain fantastic but in reality its just everyone else is piss poor.

    Now Scholes is a player i admire as the likes of Zidane and Kaka have said he’s the best midfielder they’ve ever played against, his vision and range of passes are fucking beautiful.!

  22. OTRed says:

    How anyone can conclude a young player has no chance after less than a season is beyond me.


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