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Ferguson: It’s Nice To See Keano Back In Work

Sir Alex Ferguson has today come out in support of Roy Keane after he has taken up the position of Ipswich manager.

“He made the point about wanting to get back into the game,” he said. “It is always nice to see that. We will just have to see what happens now.”

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  1. jcolas says:

    Would like to see Captain Keane-o at OT again in the premier league.

  2. alpha_rs says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Roy Keane has said a few thing that have been out of order since he left Old Trafford?

    He has gone down in my estimation after saying Clough was the best manager he played under. Better than Fergie? You’re having a laugh.

  3. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Clough was a fantastic manager thou
    imagine if sunderland won the league last season and the champions league this year under keane

    thats what Clough did

    but i know what your saying and i think sir alex is number1

  4. Penn0r says:

    aphra_rs I think we read the same article, but im sure in that article he cited himself lucky having played under both Clough and Ferguson ‘excellent managers’. Im pretty sure he didnt just mention Clough..

  5. Its in my blood says:

    alpha_rs, i agree! Brucie may not have won any trophies yet but to say he’s not been successful is a bit of a joke.
    Two promotions, a cup final appearance and keeping Wigan up is no mean achievement considering he had far less money than Keane did to work with!
    Legend at Utd, dont ruin it Roy!

  6. toby says:

    Ipswich is a suprise, I played in the youth team down there for 2 years and all my family is from down there.

    Would be interesting to see him bossing around on bent lane haha.

  7. Coogie says:

    Anybody counting how long for Keanos first shot at SAF and United?

  8. alpha_rs says:

    The day he does that I’ll lose all respect for him.

  9. costas says:

    Roy has taken some shots at United in the last year.Remember that he jumped in on that ridiculous slave debate last summer.

  10. Coogie says:

    Man hes did it a few times while at sunderland

  11. SupersonicWarrior says:

    Since when has two promotions and a cup final been deemed successfull? Yes, it’s worthy of applause – but classed a success? Sorry but football is a trophy business. Always has been, always will be. Managers, far more than players, will always be judged on what they win.

    Not sure why all this Roy Keane negativity is creeping around on here. “The day he does I’ll lose all respect for him”.. Silly comment.

  12. wazza says:

    no idea why Keano had to say these comments after just taking over a new job.

  13. smithy99 says:

    Keano may come out with a few ‘words of wisdom’ from time to time but to me he is,and always will be,a Manchester United Legend.

    One of the best players ever to pull on the shirt.

  14. alpha_rs says:


    It’s true and that is how I feel.
    While he put on a United shirt he was an absolute legend. End of.

    But he has had a few pops and digs at United since he left.
    The day he has a pop at Fergie will be the day I lose respect for him.

    I just don’t think he should be commenting on his former team mates.
    It’s just one of those things you don’t do.

  15. Mannyutd says:

    No idea why keano is making these comments , keano is a fukin legend mate and is talkin truth , u can only judge suceess on what you have won, i have had a lot of bad comments for my views latelty and it id time to make a stand , half the ppl chattin shit on this site av never been to old trafford so lets have it right. lets have it right scott u will stick up for that diving portugese twat over our legend keane. this site has totally gone down in my esimtation and many of the stretford end that realise this is a site for cockney reds not the real manchester reds. And the truth is its a fukin joke mate. the real fans who are there every game dnt get voiced on this shit cockney red site u run. If u want to meet me at the game an talk about it email me mate.

  16. Its in my blood says:

    Granted that winning trophies are success. But surely it can’t be the only measure of success? Keano had spent in the region of 80 million in a relatively short period and achieved…er…not too sure actually.
    The negativity you speak about is simply a result of HIM continually speaking in a negative manner about our manager, our club and ex players.
    Undoubtedly he was a magnificent captain for us, a truly wonderful player on the pitch. He just doesn’t need to resort to uneccessary public statements, questioning the ability of former colleagues who also played massive roles in bringing long overdue success to this club.
    In this era of the game, if you don’t manage one of the top four, it’s highly unlikely you will win anything unless you have lots of money to spend.
    The skills you require as an outstanding player are not the same as being a manager. So far Keano has left the impression that he has an awful lot to learn about handling people!

  17. mattyo87 says:

    Typical ferguson comment. Doesn’t get involved…two sentences…two words- football god. These guys are made from the same mould, wouldn’t have it anyway. He don’t get involved unless it’s his fucking agenda…..speaks volumes….fergie’s world or no world for the media. who’s the special one you fucking chancer cunt?

  18. AlphaRS says:

    @Its in my blood

    David Moyes and Martin O’Neil haven’t spent anywhere neat £80million on players and they haven’t won anything – yet.
    But I would say they are more successful than Roy Keane.

    If David Moyes and Martin O’Neil had £80million to spend I’d be worried. Because if they did I think they would be creating a top 6 instead of pushing the top 4. What they have done with the resources they have had is brilliant.


    I don’t think Scott is saying anything negative about Roy Keane at all.
    Fellow bloggers are just venting their opinions as you do the same.

    I am a season ticket holder and Old Trafford. Although Keano was a Legend on the pitch he doesn’t need to comment negatively about the club, SAF, or former players. You just don’t do it. Let your results as a manager do the talking. Spending £80million on players and winning nothing is a poor return.

  19. Drabik says:

    Which cup final did Bruce appear in as a manager, I can’t think of one? Someone help me out…

  20. Its in my blood says:

    @ Drabik, you’re right mate, i stand corrected! I forgot it was Jewell who got Wigan to the final.

  21. Drabik says:

    You’re not the only one, I’ve seen quite a few people stating that over a few blogs, I spent about 20 minutes on wiki and other sites to make sure I hadn’t gone mad. Also, Birmingham city reached the league cup final in the year Bruce went there, but Graham Taylor (I think) was manager for that part of the season.

    Still, even if he hasn’t made a final in his managerial career, what he has done at Wigan, (and to a lesser extent, Birmingham) is nothing short of amazing. He also has made great players from unfamiliar names; Palacios, Zaki, Valencia, etc, etc and has rejuvinated the careers of others; Heskey, Bramble.

    I don’t think any of the managers, Keane, Bruce, Hughes, will win anything notable at their current clubs, but in my opinion success isn’t defined by the trophy cabinet, especially at so-called smaller clubs. With the amount of finances Bruce has, and those that Hughes had at Blackburn, both created strong teams punching above their weight.

    The way the Premier League, and football in general, is controlled by the financial market nowadays, I don’t see many clubs outside the top 4 winning anything (last year was a one off).

  22. Mannyutd (genuine) says:

    Somebody appears to be chatting utter shit under my name. i did not write the last comment left under my name just to clear things up.

  23. Mannyutd says:

    i didnt write that last comment, some nob heads wrote it under my name. just to clear things up.


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