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Ferguson: Worst Example Of FA Treating Us Unfairly

My feelings on the the FA’s ridiculous decision to ban Patrice Evra for four games have already been well voiced. Unsurprisingly, the manager is just as shocked as us, claiming of all the poor decisions we have received, this is the worst of the lot.

“It was a shock,” said Ferguson. “Of all the things the FA have done to us down the years that was one of their biggest. I could not believe it. You could never tell what these people are doing. Even if I was sitting having breakfast with them I would not know what they were thinking. But we are still waiting for the written reasons to be delivered to David Gill so we cannot really comment on what our next step will be.”

What is Ferguson talking about?

FA screwing us over in our withdrawal from the FA Cup in 2000, violent nut-case Barton’s punishment in relation to Rio Ferdinand’s, Chelsea’s poor behaviour going unnoticed whilst the FA make an example out of United’s players, banning Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes for three matches in the Premiership for red cards in the pre-season, Mutu vs Rio, Gallas vs Rio.

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  1. Stephen says:

    It is a joke the FA are constantly making examples of us and let Chelsea off the hook, it would be laughable is it didn’t effect us so badly, Evra banned 4 games our only recognised fullback, Rio’s ban for 8 months, our best defender. The FA might as well dock us 9 points each season and we can just get on with it!

  2. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    I used to think it was a joke the way the FA treated us, but this is gone beyond a fucking joke. I was stunned when I heard Evras verdict. I hope Fergie opens a can of fucking whoop ass on the whole lot of the FA bastards, although that would just get the man in more trouble.
    Fuck the lot of them, the only two fingers you can stick up to them is to go win the treble (or quadruple), that would sicken them bias twats. Hopefully this might actually pull our squad together even more…

  3. Trev says:

    As a united fan it is a little harsh to be honest, although we dont know all the facts.

    The chelsea Twit may have taunted him racialy but when this happens in stadiums you dont see him lash out like a loonatic!

    I think it was bad feeling from the match, and the chelsea staff were on the wind up and they realed him in like a prized fish!

    Deserved a 3 but dont think a 4!

    Dont panic, we have the mighty osheite to take his place! Joy of Joys!…. I would honestly rather have Fabio playing left back and bring in nev for a few games! Might get him back on his feet! If he got 10 games underhis belt i recon we would see the old GAZ back!

  4. Kony says:

    the longer it takes them to spill the logic behind this the less likely it is for the ban to be reduced.. cant these decisions be contested in civil court ? it makes me sick how they keep getting away with these calls

  5. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    trev, why not if i called your mother a *something* i think id get a kick in the teeth

    so whats wrong if cantona did it

    if , as a white man , said that darn n word to him im sure he’d swing at me

    so whats the difference

  6. Stephen says:

    The FA have simply fudged the issue, to call a team with Chelsea’s fiancial clout racist is something which they do not have the bottle to do.
    Chelsea happily sue everyone from Mutu to Lyn Oslo, so the FA in the back of their mind think “mmm we don’t fancy getting involved there, Wembley cost a fucking fortune so lets shift the blame on Manchester United, know one likes them anyway and we had better fine Chelsea something, £25k! ” What is that half a days pay for Terry?, we claim in this counrty to have taken a hardened stance on racists, looks like it.

  7. Sam says:

    i think all we can do is take it on the chin. People seem to think we’re terrible at controlling our players but we it’s rare you see our players behave like Terry and Ashley Cole have in recent seasons or viera before them. Reading your old articles at the top, I agree that the FA would have docked us points if we were been fined regularly for not controlling our players. At least paddy can play in the club championships which should keep his fitness up and i’m sure he’ll be raring to go against chelsea.

  8. Manutd forever says:

    The FA are more of an anti-UNITED Association than a governing body.THEY ARE PIECE OF SHIT .ARE THESE PEOPLE BRIBED BY CHELSEA OR WHAT? ,How could you ban Evra on the basis of something that happened last season.THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS DECISION BY FA IN RECENT YEARS.
    I Really hope that this brings our squad together and fuel us to go for the treble(or even quadruple) so that after winning these we can kick them up their arse and tell them to f**k off.

  9. wiuru... says:

    Nothing with the FA is going to change unless they are challenged by United. That im afraid to say isnt going to happen . So as they say , until the next time !! And there will be a next time ….

  10. suhayl says:

    Stephen and manutd forever SPOT ON LADS…SPOT BLOODY ON….

    Fuckin 4 game ban…


  11. King Eric says:

    I reckon it will get changed to 3 match ban after appeal.

  12. Liam says:

    Yeah but is what Evra done racism or not worse than Drogba throwing a coin into the crowd on live tv? Honestly there was mass outcry when this happened and everyone was on SSN to tell us it was harsh but Fergie today was the first to discuss the Evra thing since they announced that he was banned

  13. riz says:

    any bets on fergie getting a ridiculous punishment for even suggesting the FA are treating us unfairly?

  14. TonyBee says:


  15. themarkedman72 says:

    Heres another comparision for that b.s coin throwing incident.
    Cantona knocked out for I think 3 months for his bruce lee impersonation which while dangerous (Dangerously cool) was directly racially provoked and didnt actually do damage gets turn over for 3 months.
    Drogba throws a coin which could hit an innocent person and potentially kill someone and gets 3 games?? WTF???

  16. themarkedman72 says:

    actually was it nine months? so long ago?

  17. klauq says:

    Of all the comments above, I couldnt agree more with Sam’s. It is really hard, damn hard, to imagine one of our player once behaved so embarrassingly as did Vieira. The last time we did something terrible was….when? Cantona? Keane?

    And if you look back all these mentioned years, it’s even harder to imagine how we get treated like this while Chelsea, compared to us, got away with almost nothing.

    FA is bollocks.

    But when we still win the titles despite all these unjusts, its just sweet.

  18. EastStandManc says:

    What most of us are forgetting here, it seems, is that the words ‘logic’ and/or ‘precedent’ rarely mean a fuckin’ thing to the F.A. and no more so than where United are concerned. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if we found out that all the members on the disciplinary panel put the most ludicrous punishments they can think of into a hat and pull one out at random.

    What I reckon they’ll say is that it’s a 3-match ban for violent conduct (meaning they believe he threw the first punch, ignoring the fact he was obviously provoked) and another match because it’s technically his second suspension of the season (despite the fact the incident itself took place last season). That’ll be their ‘logic’.

    As noted, hopefully Fabio is back from injury by then and the twins can cause the oppo some confusion! If not, I’ll probably have to leave cutting my nails for a few weeks while John O’ deputises …

  19. salford red says:

    what evra did probably did deserve a ban, but its all context bound. if drogba only recieves 3 games for throwing a coin into a croud, most likely not hitting the fan who threw it and yet someone innocent, and to be caught gesturing the finger shows sucha double standard. The groundsman works and therefore is Chelsea’s responsibility hence any action should have been less upon Evra, as it was that twat who should have been reprimanded, remember there were serious allegations from numerous sources on racism. I wish there was a forum in which the people who implement these bans can sit, answer fans questions and explain their actions. It would be interesting to here them squirm there way out of yet another miscarriage of justice.

    for one people may moan at us but i sincerley hope Fergie, Gill and MUFC don’t just accept this and force the issue.

  20. Bob Koh says:

    Has the English FA gone ABU? I bet if you plant some mikes in the FA lounge or meeting room you’ll hear them sniggering, ‘we got ‘em again, didn’t we? teach ‘em to tell us wot to do! ManU should consult legal counsels for advise….

  21. in moscow we made it three says:

    The FA are intimidated by United, they feel like they have to show something. Thats why they have to hand out these stupid bans, while others teams get away with it.

  22. mj says:

    Let’s not get carried away with the whole drogba coin thing. It is a coin, not a ninja start, there is no way some could die from a coin being thrown. Having said all that, the evra ban is laughable. How they can excuse the chelsea groundsmen for “insuffecient evidence” yet arrest some asshole at white hart lane for his racial abuse on sol Campbell is beyond me. I would love to hear chelsea fans explain that. How are pictures of the abuser good enough, but pictures and CCTV aren’t good enough for the evra situation.

  23. Fred the Red 10 says:

    I wonder why they are anti-United for ages. One of their funniest decisions was that fining on United for getting 7 yellow cards in a match. Another weird one was banning Wayne and Scholes for getting red cards in PRE SEASON matches ?!! do they even know about Chelsea or L’pool in their pre season games? why would they care anyway!


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