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Ferguson: My players didn’t need a pre-match huddle

Speaking to Harvard Business Review, Sir Alex Ferguson has talking about his winning nature and how he always expected a result from his players, regardless of who was injured or suspended.

“Winning is in my nature,” he said. “I’ve set my standards over such a long period of time that there is no other option for me—I have to win. I expected to win every time we went out there. Even if five of the most important players were injured, I expected to win. Other teams get into a huddle before the start of a match, but I did not do that with my team. Once we stepped onto the pitch before a game, I was confident that the players were prepared and ready to play, because everything had been done before they walked out onto the pitch.”

Ferguson has reflected on the risks he has taken to try and get United the win, whilst also commending our players’ ‘never say die’ attitude.

“I am a gambler—a risk taker—and you can see that in how we played in the late stages of matches,” he said. “If we were down at halftime, the message was simple: Don’t panic. Just concentrate on getting the task done. If we were still down—say, 1–2 with 15 minutes to go, I was ready to take more risks. I was perfectly happy to lose 1–3 if it meant we’d given ourselves a good chance to draw or to win. So in those last 15 minutes, we’d go for it. We’d put in an extra attacking player and worry less about defense. We knew that if we ended up winning 3–2, it would be a fantastic feeling. And if we lost 1–3, we’d been losing anyway. Being positive and adventurous and taking risks—that was our style. We were there to win the game. Our supporters understood that, and they got behind it. It was a wonderful feeling, you know, to see us go for it in those last 15 minutes. A bombardment in the box, bodies everywhere, players putting up a real fight. Of course, you can lose on the counterattack, but the joy of winning when you thought you were beaten is fantastic. I think all my teams had perseverance—they never gave in. So I didn’t really need to worry about getting that message across. It’s a fantastic characteristic to have, and it is amazing to see what can happen in the dying seconds of a match.”

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  1. Pal Ghai says:

    Fuck off Wayne,Who do you think you are?What a soulless cunt.Tell you what,you wouldn’t be standing after two minutes with me.Try acting the hard man here all the time,gob almighty n all that.I would fucking flatten you.You come across as quite a keyboard warrior but in reality I can picture a grumpy Neanderthal with a beer belly n no life whatsoever.Lay off the crack pipe,you invariably smoke that shit then start typing some brain dead posts on here.Stand warned,im a die hard United fan and wount get in a slanging match with you but trust me,i would take you six feet under n enjoy the rest of my life behind bars just to get rid of you.Bloody scum of the earth,do one and fuck OFF

  2. Pal Ghai says:

    Dunno about the rest but most people called wayne and Jason always tend to rub me the wrong way.Wayne you are a poor excuse of a human being, a disgrace to humanity, a disgrace to this blog and if there was an island deep in the middle of the ocean that was uninhabited you should be left on it so the only person you could offend is yourself .LOL offering people a face to face meeting on a blog?Haha Is this guy crackers or summat?You have clearly lost the plot you soft flaccid cock.Fucking full of rage with this self righteous prick.Fuck OFF Wayne

  3. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Pal Ghai – wayne is a 60 year old desperate lonely frustrated man who lives by himself in Canada, claims he sells videos for a living. He is simply not worth responding to, some diseased animals just need to be left alone to die. As you can see hardly anyone responds to him on this site, he offers to fight people and kicks off every so often and thinks he’s a hard man, and he gets off as there are a few little trouble makers who incite him to behave like the cunt he is as long as they are not getting it off him, in reality he would be the one getting his head kicked in, but as you note, it’s easy to be a keyboard warrior if you have no life and are a sad miserable cunt of a man like the freak that is wayne, who no one in the real world would ever want to associate with.

  4. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Diego – that was actually a very funny comment re SAF and I can’t see why some people with no sense of humour or perspective are lampooning you for it. Lighten up, he was obviously making a joke that was in no way disrespectful to SAF.

  5. Jesper Olsen says:

    @NBI and Pal ghai….. FFS those comment are a bit too much lads… If you don’t like Wayne’s comments ignore them….

  6. Costas says:

    A pre match huddle is just for show anyway. It’s something you can just as well do in the locker room. We know how much it’s helped Tottenham, lol.

  7. Proverb says:

    A pre match huddle

    Pre match cuddling show is only for nuts recently released from asylum.

  8. markdegea says:

    Is there no way that scot can curtail the insults n fight in here?
    it is getting a bit insane. Please let’s act maturedly , we should control what we say while angry cuz we might ene up saying thing that we will forever regret. Peace

  9. markdegea says:

    Good morning pals.

  10. Proverb says:

    I see this blog is going back to its old ways
    Where you could find posters with diverse standards.

    Its safe to say that offering to meet a certain blog mate for a pint or in match days so as to create abit of friendship outside internet is a very plausible gesture (I’m sure the drink was on him) so long as the other member has no problems with it.
    But lying on a blog is different. What’s it with humanity….

    That said
    I don’t think you all should resort to shaming this blog. Its classless

  11. xyz says:

    Ha ha….you can tell it’s been too long since United have played when people are threatening to beat the crap out of each other over a joke on the forum!

    For what it’s worth, I thought Diego’s joke was pretty funny. It was just a joke people, get over it.

    Thankfully we play tomorrow and we can all focus on the football once again…..Hoping for Kagawa to get a start off RVP with Carrick, Fellaini, Nani and Zaha across the middle.


  12. Proverb says:

    @xyz this bickerings between wayne and the other guy has been going on for like forever, its getting quite out of line, really embarrassing to be frank. And no one seems able to decline himself and sort things out.. It beyond insanity, or apologize ever talking bull again, its human nature I guess.

  13. markdegea says:

    Maybe a word with them will do. How about u try? Haha. Cheers mate

  14. Proverb says:

    I don’t think so mate, let it wane….

  15. markdegea says:

    K. But the whole situation is kind of getting messy. I once thot that friends are made via internet. Maybe the opposite happens too

  16. Ash says:

    Eager to see Fellaini in action. Mark my words he will be a star here. People are not realising his true value now but as the season progresses you will understand his worth

  17. markdegea says:

    I am eager to see him in our Red. I think he is just what we need. #Fellaini

  18. DreadedRed says:

    No claim to fame, I offer this as reference only:

    There are not many RoM posters that have been regulars on RoM for longer than I have.
    King Eric, Kings, Costas, FletchTHEMAN, denton davey, Samuel UNITED we stand, and wayne are perhaps the longest serving ‘regulars’ here.

    Throughout the years, wayne has remained consistent. He is an old-school dedicated Red. A top bloke, with the ability to cut right through the bullshit that is regularly served up on RoM by the wishy-washy wankers whose self-interest trumps all else.

    Whether you like wayne as a person or not, is irrelevant. It means nothing to him, nor should it. He is a dedicated United supporter, fan and protector. He truly loves the Club. He lives for United. This is far, far more than can be said for the vast majority of those who gather here.

    I’d rather have wayne as a United man, than a hundred of the selfish, fair-weather fanboys that regularly criticise any aspect of our Club in an obvious attention-seeking ploy. Their support of any ABU suggestion shows clearly that United’s best interests fall well below their own.

  19. Proverb says:

    Personally he’s Not my cup of tear. Hope he does as well as you hype him to be.

  20. Jesper Olsen says:

    Think some on here need a ROM huddle lol….

  21. Proverb says:

    Managed to make funny of this whilst staying on topic ;)

  22. Proverb says:

    Wayne is a nice bloke but can be sucha bag guy around pretentious fucks and trolls.

    From the time I started reading this blog way before the elites group decide to expand their options, wayne was still as passionate and couldn’t give a rats ass about trolls like PaL gay who obvious only show up to stir bollocks.

  23. Rukky says:

    Goodmorning mates! i can see the usual boredom inspired posts and like xyz said,’you can tell it’s been too long since United have played when people are threatening to beat the crap out of each other over a joke on the forum!’ sums it up. By tommorow the fire would be lite again. lol Gotta say btw its amazing how we old men have become better keyboard warriors than kids over time. Jesper olsen nice one they surely need one.

  24. Rukky says:

    gotta say its amazing how we old men have become better keyboard warriors than younger guys over time. Jesper olsen nice one they surely need one.

  25. Rukky says:

    Haha theres no ‘we’ in there. *Amazing how old men*

  26. Ash says:


    Sorry to say but RoM is not the same as it was say 2 years ago. I have been posting here since early 2009 and then there were almost 10 good writers with Scott also chipping in but now it is not the same. Anyways still love the articles posted here.

  27. DreadedRed says:


    Yeah, you have been posting here for years, and this forum has changed. Of course, there has always been a core of excellence fleshed out by the inane. No matter, as long as the rational stand firm against the insidiously self-centered whose malevolent intent is the misdirection of the uninitiated.

  28. wayne says:

    Everyone knows Phil Gay is a troll and a cunt,NBI is a liar anyone who wants to go back and check old threads it becomes evident.I’m not 60 and still do have a dvd store,I’ve never lied about who I am unlike some.Dreaded knows better than most what a phony cunt NBI is
    Dreaded and Proverb thanks lads

  29. Mancunain says:

    De Gea
    Valencia Vida Rio Evra

    Fellini Carrick Kagawa

    Zaha Rvp Young/Welbeck/Nani

  30. DreadedRed says:

    NBI Red Onion’s main claim to infamy is his repeated calls for the deaths of Sir Alex Ferguson and Dimitar Berbatov while they were employed as Manager and Player respectively at Manchester United. There is no excuse for this. Selfish and malevolent, there is no way back for this low-life who calls himself a Red.

    NBI’s other claim to infamy stems from his repeated usurpment of RoM readers usernames. NBI has often enjoyed attacking RoM contributors under the guise of being another poster, causing old friends to turn against each other. He is without doubt the most despicable vermin to ever contribute to RoM.

    Cue: lies, slander and misdirection from the Nairobi born onion with more tear-jerking layers than his moniker.

  31. parryheid says:

    Get in with the boots Wayne,good guy,

  32. Jesper Olsen says:

    @proverb I’ll stick to my day job

  33. Costas says:

    I’ve always said it. DreadedRed has a way with words. I’ll ask him to do my eulogy, lol.

  34. wayne says:

    No doubt Costas Dreaded is a wordsmam

  35. wayne says:

    Oh and Phil GAY big words from a troll cunt,if we met better be prepared to kill me otherwise you’d have NO chance,you’ve no idea,meeting a cunt like you would make my day.Unless you showed up with a gun you’d be one sorry motherfucker,quoting minutes tells me what a fucking Muppet you are street fights takes seconds

  36. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Dreaded Red- haha – fuck of you lying cunting whore. @ Wayne, I hope you suffer and die a miserable lonely diseased death, and late 50′s is pretty much 60, you are an old diseased mentally sick faggot. I have been on this blog alot longer than either of you two fuking losers, but unfortunately we get fukwits like you every few years before you curl up and die.

  37. King Eric says:

    You fucking spoilt cunts. Oh how fucking dare Fergie get it wrong now and then while dominating British football for 20 years.

    Diego you’re a wanker, always snide.

  38. King Eric says:

    Pal. Rather see wayne on here than you, where did you spring from? Wayne been on here years and 99% of time agree with him. This blog is infested with cunts.

  39. King Eric says:

    DreadedRed. Alright mate. Cheers for mention and spot on about wayne.

  40. King Eric says:

    Yeah dreaded has had stick from some on here but I’ve always loved his posts. Great wordsmith and quality investigations. Exposing cunts and digging up old quotes and posts.

  41. King Eric says:

    Ha. ” Phil Gay”.


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