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Ferguson Or European Cup? Choice Is Yours

When we won the European Cup on that magical night at the Nou Camp, it seemed to be no surprise that it was also the day of Sir Matt’s birthday. What would have been his 90th birthday was celebrated with United bringing home the European Cup for the first time since Sir Matt’s team won it in 68. That evening was special, winning the trophy in injury time, after going unbeaten throughout the competition.

Years have gone by since 99, and whilst we have reached the quarter finals three times, and the semi finals twice since then, we have failed to win it. However, this year marks the 40th anniversary of us first winning the European Cup, and the 50th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster, when the Busby Babes lost their lives when returning from a European fixture. Can the magic happen again?

Sir Alex Ferguson has made his feelings on the trophy well known, and whilst he has, thankfully, always prioritised the league, he is desperate to lift the European Cup one more time. He believes these special anniversaries are inspiration enough to see the cup return to Old Trafford.

Whilst Ferguson won’t speculate on when he is going to retire, it is believed that if he was to win the European Cup again, he would call it a day. A manager who has achieved so much deserves to go out on a bang, and whilst I’ll hate to see him leave, can do nothing other than respect his decission.

However, this poses a serious question, and not one we as the fans can actually effect, but it certainly caused me to think. If we the fans had a choice between winning the European Cup again this season, meaning Ferguson would leave, or going another season without and Ferguson staying, which would we pick?

Of course Sir Alex is a man we admire greatly, but we’d be foolish to think he’s still going to be here in ten years, five years even, so would winning the Champions League be worth it, if the cost was Ferguson leaving a little sooner than we expected? Or do we need Ferguson to fully form his latest team, bringing through signings Anderson, Hargreaves, Nani and Tevez, as well as nurturing the likes of Eagles, Evans and Pique.

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  1. bossdem says:


  2. Pogue Mahone says:

    SAF has earned the right to leave on his own terms and I think his legacy would be complete if he won two European trophies. He’s not getting any younger so, for his sake, I don’t mind if winning the CL means that this season is his last.

    I also think Fergie is someone who is acutely aware of the culture and heritage of the club and winning his second CL trophy on the 50th anniversary of Munich would be the perfect end to a glorious career as our manager.

  3. SASSIE says:

    SAF should keep going until he drops–what is he going to do when he retires–further success is what he wants. If I won the champions league I would want to win it again. He can reire when we have won it more times than anyone else

  4. Paul Freeman says:

    European Cup definitely.

    Firstly Fergie will retire eventually whether or not he wins the Euro Cup. Secondly, whilst Fergie has undoubtably been an absolutely brilliant manager, I was quite looking forward to his retirement to see what the next manager could bring to the adventure.

  5. Anonymous says:

    hold on Fergie. You’ve scared off Jose.. let’s see who else you run off ! :)


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