Arsene Wenger this week claimed that it was Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrogance lead to the kickings he gets on a weekly basis, but agrees with Sir Alex Ferguson that our winger should get better protection.

When asked if he should warn Ronaldo against his flamboyant style, Ferguson was quick to explain why he wouldn’t.

“I don’t see why I should,” said Fergie. “That’s the way he plays. I’m enjoying watching it. I paid £10m for that. All the great players have had the ability – the courage to play, the courage to always want the ball, the courage to express themselves. They always had a touch of that nice arrogance. The belief that it doesn’t matter who they play against, they just want the ball – want to play. George Best said he got the treatment as Ronaldo. The tackles the Brazilians laid on Johan Cruyff in the 1974 World Cup was another example. Maradona has had plenty in his day, I am sure, and Pele probably had it. That’s what great players do – they express themselves to a point that it becomes frustrating for defenders. But it’s understandable if you keep getting kicked and nothing happens about it that you’re going to get frustrated. If you are not getting the protection sometimes you can lose your temper.”

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