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Ferguson Speaks Up For Silence

Rooney shhThe debate over how the Busby Babes should be remembered on February 10th has been going on for some weeks now. City have asked for the plans of a minute’s silence to be scrapped, following fears some of their fans will show up the club, singing vile chants. The United faithful have pushed for the silence to stand, with that being the more respectful and appropriate way to mark the 50th anniversary of the tragedy. If City want to show themselves up, then so be it, but the memory of the Babes should be remembered in the proper way, not applause to drown out a few scum bags.

Today, Sir Alex Ferguson has backed the fans point of view, after it was announced that the silence would definitely go ahead. “I think we are doing the best thing for Manchester United and the people concerned,” he said. “We are not going to be influenced by some outside influence. We will maybe listen to it but I think we have done so much work (on the plans for the day). We have spoken to the all people concerned with what happened that particular tragic day – the players who were involved and families. So yes we are doing the right things and we always try to do the right things. The staff have been working their socks off for the last six or seven months. It’s a shame to then start saying this is wrong and that’s wrong.”

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  1. Anekin says:

    They deserve silence, not some hooligan applause (chant).

  2. Tom F says:

    “We are not going to be influenced by some outside influence”

    Makes you proud to be a part of Manchester United. There’s no doubt about the fact that applauding in the memory of the darkest hour in English football history would be an absolute joke. This is a time for class and dignity, I honestly believe that those asking for applause to replace silence are only acting on behalf of their own intrests and do not have 1% of humility about them at all. These people really need to take a long hard look at themselves, stand back from the situation and realise this is not a situation up for discussion. It was a tragedy for men above footballers but this is a Manchester United moment overall and we will do it our own way.


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