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FIFA and UEFA Singing From Different Hymn Sheet In Relation To Ron

Michel Platini, UEFA president, June 7th 2008
“Look at Chelsea and Manchester United’s debt. Fifa and Uefa have to do something to combat that, because today the ones who cheat are going on to win. Is Champions League success built around who has the most money? I think so. It is run on credit now and it annoys me. We have to find ways to help other clubs sort out their problems. Defeat must no longer mean financial disaster. We have to find the means, together with the European Club Association, to help clubs sort out their financial problems.”

Michel Platini, UEFA president, June 11th 2009
“It is very puzzling at a time when football faces some of its worst ever financial challenges. These transfers are a serious challenge to the idea of fair-play and the concept of financial balance in our competitions.”

Sepp Blatter, FIFA president, June 13th 2009
“It means that our product is still a good product. If this is the game of the people, they need stars. OK, it is a lot of money, but he is performing. We are in a very sensitive market nowadays because there is an economic crisis. In football, we are still in a good market.”

So, the UEFA president thinks it’s “cheating” to spend money you don’t have, whilst the FIFA president sees no problem at all. Well done lads.

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  1. Cboy says:

    Hate them both. Think they’re totally crazy.

  2. confoundedbridge says:

    Don’t be so surprised – Blatter is a Real Madrid, of course he’s happy.

  3. theboogeyman says:

    Firstly,thanks for posting something,because I spent 6 hours just refreshing RoM to see if anything new was up.

    Sceondly:Fucking ‘tards…

  4. Corea says:


    Scott, we thought you away at the picnic. No rest, mate ?

  5. Costas says:


  6. Corea says:

    Your Comment Is Under Moderation

    very interesting )

  7. Corea says:

    This post as already on the NewsNow. Let them know Scott!

  8. Scott the Red says:

    No rest for the wicked it seems! Sorry lads. I’ll try to keep my life outside of RoM to a minimum from now on ;)

  9. Corea says:

    Haha ))) I understand, no problem ))

    But as i said some couple of weeks ago sometimes i struggle to read all of this. But that’s life )

    Let them know, Scott!

  10. rc7 says:

    Pair of clowns. Blatter is a corrupt football politician. Platini is a little Napolean.

  11. kidmeister says:

    Blatter is a member of the Official Real Madrid supporters club!It’s ok for clubs to use tax breaks and to sell of worthless bits of land for astronomical fee’s and rent it back for next to nothing!Why aren’t they investigating Madrid if they are going on about cheating in the game?Madrdi and Barca are allowed to negotiate their own TV rights,where in the EPL we have to do it amongst every club!platini and blatter are a disgrace and both should be sacked and Bobby Charlton installed as head of the organisation.

  12. Blue West says:

    Spot on. No mention of ‘enemies of football’ from UEFA though. Blatter’s Madrid and as we all now know, Platini’s a Barca hymn-singer so no real surprise.

  13. theboogeyman says:

    @kidmeister:1 euro a year is not next to nothing!!

  14. Costas says:

    @Boogeyman: Fantastic gif!

    Yes Scott don’t leave us again,lol!

  15. kidmeister says:

    in todays economic crisis suppose a euro is alot of money!Ronny will earn that in about 2 seconds now!

  16. Costas says:

    We know what the game plan is guys: Real to lift the trophy in their own home.Lets fuck it up.

  17. kidmeister says:

    is that where the final is this year?

  18. Costas says:

    Yes kidmeister.Saturday 22nd of May 2010

  19. kidmeister says:

    Wonder how many favours they called in for that one?
    See Gaby Heinze has been mouthing off again,saying Ronaldo will be better player at Real than United!Take it didn’t work for him??

  20. theboogeyman says:

    @Costas:It’s not mine.I didn’t even find it.Chris Toy,from Studs Up,posted it one of the topics that Scott posted at the bottom of the article.

  21. Besher says:

    How nice it would us beating them in the final at their stadium infront heinze and him ? I’ll enjoy it

  22. theboogeyman says:

    I would go fucking mental…

  23. Manchester United forever says:

    Hate them them both. But when it comes to blatter he is totally a different kettle of fish. I hate him from the bottom of my heart.

  24. Trad Brick Red says:

    You can’t disagree with Platini about the credit thing, loaning money to buy players, counting on future success to pay it off is a bit unethical.

  25. Wiuru says:

    Both are en trenched in jobs for life , they can bleat all they want nothing will change .

  26. Chinedu says:

    What shall it profit a club to buy ronaldo for £80 million and loss all the trophy in euro? Buy a player for that huge amount simply mean the player have to score at list 10 goals in a match.

  27. Superblue says:

    Hear! Hear!

  28. DICKC says:

    More concerning than the divergence in opinion between FIFA and UEFA is the increasing difficulty that British clubs have found and are finding in getting the best European players to sign for them.

    Non British clubs especially in Southern Europe seem happy to transfer their best players between each other, but there is a very clear pattern emerging of deals involving British clubs and those same Southern European clubs being blocked.

    If this persists to the detriment of British Clubs the competition authorities of the EU should consider an investigation because it could amount to anti competitive activity.

  29. Kings says:

    Pair of fucking bastards.

  30. BrisbaneRed says:

    Without a doubt, both are abject failures in their posts.
    When is Platini going to do something about clubs with excessive wage %?
    He’s been speaking about this for years now and nothing gets done.
    When is he going to do something about the very unequal distribution of domestic TV monies in Spain?
    A similar problem in Italy some years ago was fixed after UEFA’s intervention. Now what about Spain? This surely is the main reason why Valencia have such a huge debt.
    And what about Blatter the poor deluded fool. FIFA have done nothing, and probably don’t intend to do anything about agents owning players in S America.
    Carlos Alberto alluded to this last week – S American clubs need help but don’t expect FIFA to do anything about it.
    Football will be much better off without these 2 clowns running the show.


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