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FIFA World Club Cup Badge

Kitbag are offering free shipping on all orders over £40. The United shirt with the new FIFA World Club Cup badge has now been added to their site. Click the button below to see the shirt as well as options for name printing on the back.

However, if you want a FREE United shirt…

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  1. Walter says:

    We havent played a good game since we got this badge against Inter at home!! Get rid of it!! Its a Jinx!!

  2. marno says:

    love that badge

  3. Frank luvs Wazza says:

    I’m optimistic we wll still b wearing dis badge nxt season as long as dat worthless carrick step up his game.GOD BLESS MAN.UTD!

  4. King Eric says:

    Frank loves Wazza – You are being way too harsh on Carrick. Whilst he has been poor this last couple of games (along with most players) he has been one of our better players this year. Especially during the “clean sheet run”. Who would you like to start in his place then? Bet you don’t appreciate Fletch either?

  5. smithy99 says:

    I really don’t like that badge on our shirts.

  6. wazza says:

    scott send it to india

  7. TheFinch says:

    It’s embarrassing given the quality of the teams faced in the tournament. Why are some people pretending this title matters? The league cup win means much more.

  8. dre says:

    totally agree with TheFinch. its a farce and am i the only one who thinks its UGLY.

  9. vicsta says:

    I ordered this jersey on Sunday Night – With World and Euro Champions and Ferdinand printed on the back, + 15% off (thanks to some extensive internet discount research). 41.64 GBP (no VAT) including postage to Australia.
    Too scared to look at the kitbag website, just in case it’s gone down hahaha!

  10. PatB says:

    why can Man U not wear the badge in premiership matches? Why do the premier league object to having the winners of this competition wearing this badge in their league? does it not enhance the reputation of the permiership?


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