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Fighting It Out With Chelsea Over Danish United Fan Defender

There was a time not so long ago that United seemed to lose out to Chelsea on transfers all the time. Whether it was Arjen Robben or Michael Essien, the top talents in Europe wanted a piece of Chelsea’s money and sucess, whilst we settled for Djemba-Djemba shaped crumbs.

The tides have turned somewhat since then, most recently with Dimitar Berbatov claiming he wasn’t interested in Chelsea’s money, and would play for less as long as he was wearing United’s shirt.

So, who will win the battle for this Danish centre back joining both clubs on trial?

Nicolai Boilesen captained the Denmark U-17 team in their recent 6-1 thrashing of England and has been dubbed ‘the new Daniel Agger’, with similarities being drawn with his compatriot.

“It will be fantastic to come to United because they are my favourite club,” said the 16-year-old. “I am very proud that two such big clubs are watching me. Whether it is in Denmark or abroad, only time will tell,” he continued. “For now, I am just coming to England to train with United and Chelsea.”

He currently players for Brondy and has attracted interested from Monaco in the past. Like Petrucci earlier this year, he would become a member of our academy, with the aspirations of learning the United way before being brought up in to the first team.

However, we shouldn’t forget that Chelsea’s John Obi Mikel claimed it was a dream come true to sign for United, and that Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey is a confessed United fan!

Anyone know much about this lad?



  1. denton davey says:

    It is my dream that he comes to Manchester !

  2. OTRed says:

    No that I’m complaining, but in the past month or two, i can count 6players who United were rumoured to be interested in and they said they were all fans of United…we’re quite popular, i must say

  3. OTRed says:

    Oh, yeah on the player…is he ready to be patient????? I hope he knows he’s not getting into the first teams of both clubs anytime soon…

  4. Bob Koh says:

    Sir Alex has to come out and say something about academy players that they’ll be given more chances to play for the 1st team. Otherwise they’ll not come for footballing reasons.

  5. james f says:

    “The new Daniel Agger”. Is this a good thing?

  6. PeeJay says:

    It still hurts that Ramsey picked Arsenal over us.

  7. Chris Ant says:

    I think we should offer this lads dad a job as maybe a caterer or gardener at united. it seemed to work for petrucci. we need staff on the burger vans at OT, they seem to all be scousers. Danish bacons nice!!!

  8. Coogie says:

    Ramsey picked Arsenal over us, because he was guaranteed a large slice of first team football this season, something that he knew he was never going to get at OT, he would have been put in the Reserves made the Carling Cup team and pending on injuries the odd becn appearance for the first team, and that was that.

  9. PeeJay says:

    No, Ramsey picked Arsenal because Wenger showed him around the training complexes and everything unlike Fergie who ask O’Shea to do so.

  10. OTRed says:

    @Peejay: Yeah it still hurts you probably(maybe cus you’re getting teased about it), but after watching him for Arsenal and Wales, i have no regrets we didn’t sign him. And no…Ramsey picked Arsenal cus he wanted 1st team football and had a better chance of that at Arsenal + we were gonna loan him back to Cardiff for one more year, which he didn’t want. Also it was Neville not O’Shea(get your facts right). You really think a player make decisions that could affect his future over trivial things like Wenger showed me around and Fergie didn’t, seriously try and be sensible on this.


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