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Finally! Some News On Wes!

After playing more games for United than any other player in our Double season last year, Wes Brown has barely had a game in 08-09. Battling to keep his first team place ahead of Gary Neville and Rafael Da Silva, Wes hardly got a game.

His last appearance for us was our 1-1 draw away to Everton back in October. Rooney’s badge-kissing feels like ages ago and it’s hard to believe Wes hasn’t been around since then, particularly with such little news on him.

However, it was been revealed today that he is recovering well from the ankle surgery he had in November and should be back in training by the end of the month.

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  1. corea says:

    end of month ? ( and another 2 weeks before he plays first team football.

  2. davetian says:

    You gotta love Wesley.

  3. BESHER says:

    we aren’t having proplems in defence now but i always feel that our defence is better when he is playing

  4. ellioman says:

    Agree with Besher!
    It will be very good for us when he’s back into the team.

  5. Stephen says:

    Good to have him back, now we have four top draw centre backs with Rio, Vida and Evans, will be good to give Vida a rest in Feb, he probably will need it by then.

  6. Costas says:

    He needs to come back as soon as possible.Evans and Vida have been fantastic but they can’t play together all the time.At some point they will need a breather.

  7. james f says:

    Now that Rio is missing, Wes will be extremely helpful. Let’s pray he returns to full fitness ASAP.

  8. Manutd24 says:

    Wes return is timely.

    Read this, Guillem Balague claims that Ronaldo is on his way:

  9. Costas says:

    The usual.SAF said that he expected that and doesn’t pay attention.I will say this.Should Ronald and Tevez go,it will be tragic for United.If we think about selling Ronaldo,then we know that we will have cash for Tevez.

  10. dk says:

    My only non favourite player in the squad. He’s going to have a hard time trying time trying to get into the squad with Gary back with form and Rafael. i rather wish wes be a left-back covering for injured evra than fighting for right back. i really don’t think he is back timely, bad timing to me. Really lose my faith on this guy since the liverpool match, i will rather fletcher and o’shea play right back than him. hope he can prove me wrong.

  11. five says:

    So because he had one bad match you would prefer a central midfielder and John O Shea over him?

  12. Red-Manc says:

    How can you loose faith over him because of the liverpool match? it was an accident which really Van Der Sar was at fault for ffs. He was solid ALL season last year even against Barca when they saw him as the ‘weak link’ not is he good defensively but he’s good going forward aswell he can put in a very decent cross. Solid Defender and gets the job done, local lad aswell.

    We’ve got Wesley Brown!

  13. King Eric says:

    dk: are you joking mate. Wes is an excellent defender and a huge asset to the United team. Great attitude as well, I have to disagree as I really do like the man. fletcher play right back? now you have got to be having a laugh.

  14. RedatHeart says:

    DK: U on drugs mate? He was immense for us the last season n I especially remember his momentous contributions as a centre-half at the UCL semifinal stages against Barca.
    Also could not forget the cross he put in with his left foot in UCL final for Ronnie to score after a neat exchange of passes with Scholes on the touchline. Plus has a great attitude to boot n is Manutd through n through. Top class professional.

  15. invertedquestionmark says:

    dk, you also forget that Wes is a central defender, not a right one. He started playing there because Gary was injured.

  16. Harun says:

    Orange! :D

  17. King Eric says:

    Harun: Orange??

  18. Davetian says:

    The defence is loads better when he’s playing. He’s a decent crosser when he gets forward too, but above all else he’s a fantastic defender. At any other club he’d be a guaranteed first choice centre back.

  19. Chris Ant says:

    when is wes going to be back. its been a long time since his injury now, whats happened to him?

  20. macha says:

    Wesley came on leaps and bounds last season. With confidence, his composure on the ball, attacking play and strength in defence should make him our #1 right back. I’d say his and Evra’s performance were on par, and offered so much attacking threat even just by their presence high up the field.
    Wesley, Rio, Nemanja, Pad defence is #1 in england, #1 in europe, #1 in the world. wouldn’t want to replace any of them.

    Credit to the lads filling in due to injuries though.

  21. olusanjo says:

    @ dk: you can see everyone is disagreeing with you. please have a rethink because you are not right in any way. did you just start to watch man united? i am asking because if you had watched him throughout last season where he had the most caps, you would not talk like that in anyway.
    we have wesley
    we have wesley
    wesley brown wesley brown
    brown brown brown brown

  22. Marq says:

    Ya, agree with most Brown was magnificent last season. Although he looks stiff with the ball, but he is much better than O’Shea. I cringe whenever O’shea has the ball and an opponent approaches him… Brown last season got up to support the attack many times, so u cannot fault him for endeavour. And in my opinion, apart from Vidic, Brown is the only other player in our squad who can deliver those clean crunching tackles which brings the whole stadium on their feet

  23. DiavoloRosso says:

    It’ll be great to see him back, especially as this will give Sir Alex more defensive options and the chance to rest any of the back four.

    Also, given the Club World Cup red-card for Vidic and Rio’s “not-doing-it-right” back problems, his return will be a relief ahead of the Inter Milan matches.

  24. DiavoloRosso says:

    P.S. : for DK … Please don’t take offence, but I believe most of us on this thread think that your interventio is a bit of a ridiculous bit of thinking on your behalf :

    A team could a team “carry” a bad player for a couple of matches in a winning season, but to play more matches than anyone else in a League & CL winning season means to me that he was (and still can is) one of the corner-stones of our team.

  25. john ferry says:

    To me Wes should play ahead of both Neville and Rafael. Wes, Neville, and Rafael in that order. Rafael needs to put on a little more muscle and improve his defending.


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