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Fletch: I Feel Fine

Darren Fletcher was plagued with illness earlier this year which meant he missed out on the end of last season as well as our pre-season.

His recovery from the virus hasn’t been smooth though, with the midfielder having a set back and missing further games this season. However, the International break came at the right time for him, with him getting a couple of games under his belt to aid his match fitness.

Fletcher’s form has been suspect this season and he still looks underweight, but the Scottish midfielder claims he feels fine now.

“I feel fine. I knew I would be,” said Fletcher. “My natural fitness is always very good. I never had a problem with that, and I worked hard with the fitness coaches whilst the rest of the lads were away on tour. I reached my level fairly quickly, then it was a question of matches because the more you play, the more you get your sharpness back and awareness back. I was lucky in the respect I was able to get a few games for Scotland before I played for United, which definitely helped me. I have played 10 games so far this season and I feel as though I am back to the level I should be at.”

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  1. voice of reason says:

    He looks a little light weight, maybe my imagination. We need him at his best. One of the experienced heads to blood the youngsters.

  2. Bishopville Red says:

    No Fletch, you’re not back to the level you should be at.


  3. Park Life says:

    Funny he feels playing for Scotland is a warm up to United! ;)

  4. Costas says:

    Still not quite the Fletcher we saw in 08-10. Hopefully he’ll get there.

  5. denton davey says:

    “I feel as though I am back to the level I should be at.”

    Not yet. Maybe never – a few years ago he was a “football genius”, but less so in 2010.

    In professional sports – regardless of what game is being played (just ask Tiger Woods !)) he only constant is change/evolution/development.

    Maybe we’ve been fooled by that blip in DarrenFletcherinho’s form in 2008/9; perhaps he’s reverting to his “normal level”. If so, that would be a sad day – losing Owen Hargreaves to injury after the CL win in 2008 was unfortunate, losing DarrenFletcherinho to staleness/slippage would be tragic.

    I take consolation that SAF has obviously believed in this guy for a long, long time and isn’t likely to be as fickle as me – or you !

  6. wayne says:

    Needs to get his focus back aswell as his fitness,made lots of bad passes this season

  7. Kevin says:

    Fletch you are my favourite, I would like to see you have a ay in a match. Play and drive till you are dead tired, hassle then, get in their faces and of course drive up the field

  8. WillieRedNut says:

    I’d like to see Tiger Woods on a football pitch, denton? Heard Fletch is a bandit on the golf course. ;)

  9. denton davey says:

    WillieRedNut – if I didn’t know you’re a piss-taker then I’d think you were taking-the-piss. Figure that one out !

  10. maltamanc says:

    Unfortunately very much below par compared to other midfielders in the football scene and sometimes I’m a bit surprised to see him make starting XI week in week out. He and a few other of our players have to raise their game if they are to be deemed worthy of a place in the starting XI. So if Fletch is feeling at his best right now, his best won’t do for Man Utd. I’m sorry to say this but hee would be decent for some mid table clubs maybe but not at the greatest club in the world.

  11. LoneStarRed says:

    For a while Fletch looked like one of those runway models who look so gaunt they wouldn’t get a second look in cannibal country.

    They look so bad you want to stuff a few meat pies in their face and force them to eat it.

  12. Andooo says:

    Fletcher has been disappointed for over a season now, if we had better options in our midfield i don’t think he would be anywhere near the first team.

    But we dont.

    If we look at the top 7 right now, i dont think Fletcher would command a starting role in the centre of midfield for any of them.

    I still feel Ando/Clev are our best 2 albeit Anderson has been disappointing of late but when hes on song he leaves the rest in the shade, just needs more consistency.

  13. NBI Red Onion says:

    Agree with @ Denton. Fletch only produced for 18 months and during that time he had better MF partners in Scholes, Hargreaves, Ronaldo, Giggs…when he plays with less outstanding players he becomes very average. He is way below the level of top team MF’s.

  14. Myter says:

    seriously i dont think he back to his best…quite anonymous on the everton game…have to be very focus to notice he actually there in the game…


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