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Fletch: Keano Taught Me The United Rules

Darren Fletcher has again paid homage to Roy Keane.

“When I lost the ball, he used to tear me to pieces,” said Fletcher. “He’d scream, ‘Control the effing ball, watch your effing passes’. I remember one day when I was looking at messages on my mobile with him alongside. He annihilated me. He humiliated me all the way to the gym. The rules we follow at United are the ones he laid down. Like meeting half an hour before set times, being on an exercise bike 15 minutes before training, not looking at your mobile in the dressing room. Roy Keane is the guy who made me. I have known professionals who applied themselves, but Roy was something else. The first time he screams at you, you panic and lower your head. Then you understand it is for your own good. Now it is our turn to ensure the youngsters respect the rules, that they do the jobs given them.”

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  1. Costas says:

    If he picks Hargo tomorrow I am going to tear my house down, lol.

  2. redscot says:

    If he picks Gerrard, as I am little Red Riding Hood am gonna blow my hoose down too,
    On form eh Corneto, get outaa here.

  3. willierednut says:

    The Glazers won’t break the bank on wages, no surprise there then.

  4. come off it mate says:

    a lot of paper talk about The Great One of Ginger going back… rubbish? it has to be… i fucking hope so. thoughts?

  5. whiteside85 says:

    just read that myself………dont know what to think of it……in some ways we shouldnt pay over the top in wages…….fukinell 100k+ aweek is plenty……..but if we’re to compete then again we might have to up the anti…….if you wont/cant pay it Glazers go & FUCK right off…….we didnt need your debt before & we dont need it now you Yankee bastards. will some1 just go & get a hitman out on them…..seriously

  6. Shak says:

    Keano! Fucking legend as a player. No peers to his all round game n mentality!! N didn’t he make some lovely crunching tackles!! Mgr at united, stuff of dreams (n one I dream about) has got the mentality of to do it. Why cudnt he be our pep guadiola (if that’s spelt right)? He doesn’t have to worry about the set up n the other shit he’s had to elsewhere, as fergie has created foundations in so many of the former utd lads being involved n trusting them to deal with areas he first dealt with.

    As for carrick n the others, couple of things to take into account- squad sizes next year, n wen it’s time it’s time. So many great players that we loved moved on for the good of the team.

    As for wages ( not that I can justify them or is this an excuse for the cunt glazers) but they’re paying 50% tax, so £120k a week, whereas before 100k a week they’d get 60k ish.

  7. Wakey says:


    The article mentions CIty and Chelsea but they really aren’t the problem. English clubs all have a problem with wages even with Spain shutting some of the loopholes as the players will usually negotiate on an after tax basis and with our tax rate already being higher than places like spain and this rising further with the 50% rate and potentially further still if the NI rise that’s been announced comes in. Also the weakness of the pound alos comes into play. All this means to match a wage being offered elsewhere in Europe costs English clubs a lot more.

    Also United have generally always been pretty strict with wage structures as they have to be because if you break these massivly you risk having to increase the rest of the playing staffs wages signifcantly, especially as some players will have clauses that require them to be on equal pay or within a certain range

  8. Shak says:

    Meant to say 120k/wk gets u 60k/wk, whereas before100k/wk got u 60k after the taxman

  9. MG says:

    Roy Keane taught Fletch

    Fletch becomes one of the best midfielders in world football

    That is totally understandable

    But who the fuck taught JT

    Big difference – correct?

  10. Schmuck says:

    Keano to brainwash Rafael, anyone ?

  11. PissedOffRed says:

    Sorry if someone has posted this. but apparently, the SUN says EVRA wants to quit Old Trafford for Inter or Real Madrid!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. says:

    watched Mexico play against Senegal in a friendly today. Chicharito was playing too….missed an absolute sitter though from less than 5 yards out! Anyway, he does look good and has the speed and skills, but finishing will need some work….Anyway, if anyone can make him better, it is Fergie.

    Saw the same article about Evra, dont know how true it is, it states that he wants a new challenge? OK easy, how about Evra as our captain next year!

  13. yooney says:


    No chance mate. He loves this club more than anything else. Has he ever said anything other than how proud he was to be playing for this club? Typical london based ABU media

  14. PissedOffRed says:

    I might loathe the SUN, but that tabloid seems to hit the nail in the coffin most of the time.
    Beckham…….. Ruud, Ronaldo.

    I hope it is not true about Evra and he does love the club. He is getting 80k a week!
    Should Real Madrid come pestering again, I hope we get Higuain and Van der Vaart for Pat.

    We haven’t got any leftback at the moment.
    O’Shea would be a step back towards the time before Pat and Fabio is unproven..

    I HATE MADRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & GLAZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. afromanc says:

    Aaaah, How I miss Keano!

  16. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Keano was a great player but sorry his man management skills are pretty caveman like. Its no accident he has failed at each club he has managed. Yes Fergie gives the old hair drier treatment but he knows how to talk to players too, something if all the stories are right Keane is failing to do.
    Next United manager? He needs ten years experiance first and will have to stop belittling players.

  17. theboogeyman says:

    PissedOffRed- No chance in hell mate, don’t worry yourself.

  18. bchilds says:

    There truly is only one Keano!

  19. Schmuck says:

    Fergie sign a young English striker to partner Wayne up front.

  20. yooney says:

    I’am afraid he’s not even make it into next season’s reserve let alone 1st team..still unproven untill he gets his 1st step. LOL

  21. PissedOffRed says:

    okay theboogeyman & yooney.. let’s hope we sign some top talents this summer.

  22. kel says:

    It’s scary. If this is done to Berbatov. He will be off in a season.

  23. bigphil2003 says:

    When did Carrick ever have 3 “great” seasons? I saw two and a half decent ones. No more than that.

  24. Costas says:

    Isn’t there something our club can do about this Hargreaves thing? How can someone who has played 90 seconds of first team football in 20 months even be included in the 30 man squad? He would have been better off if he used this free time to work on his fitness.

  25. stretfordend ryda says:

    hahaha keano’s fuckin magicccc lol even yorke said in an interview whos more scarey?? fergie or keano??

    “oh deffo keano, because if you play shit he’ll wanna fight you” hahaha

  26. 0161-Jon says:

    Potty Paddy Evra is going nowhere.

    He knows how much we love him, he knows he is at the best club in the world, he knows we will be back next season. Even if he wanted to go (which I 100% believe he does not), he wouldn’t go until he had helped win the league back to restore his personal pride (which for me doesn’t need restoring).

  27. nsc mufc says:


  28. Wakey says:


    TBH it might be in our favour. International games are alot slower than Prem matches on the whole and a full summer of training and perhaps some playing time could help him be ready to hit the ground running next season

  29. King Eric says:

    Off topic but some fans do amuse me. “Adam from London” called the Paddy show last night and said we should sign Silva, Villa AND Benzema. Yeah thats gonna happen .

  30. Costas says:


    Yeah mate, but there’s always the danger of Hargo suffering a recurence of his problem. Remember what happened with Michael Owen in the 06 World Cup. If I was a Newcastle fan during that time, I would have been seriously pissed off.

    Anyway, I hope that he doesn’t get selected. His comeback has to be on his own terms and not forced in any way.

  31. Wakey says:


    If he is going to break down it could happen any time and imho he is more inclined to break down due to lack of playing and conditioning than anything else as long as Capello shows a bit of sense and doesn’t expect him to play 90 miinutes every game

  32. bigphil2003 says:

    @Costas, no need to worry now mate :)

  33. Costas says:


    Lol, yeah just saw it in another thread. Common sense prevailed. It’s good that our players that had injury problems this season, like Nev, Brown, Hargo and Owen, will get 7-8 weeks’ rest until the next season begins.

  34. denton davey says:

    fze123 @ 22:36: “Up until Olic scored at OT, he was magnificent against Bayern too and looked to be coming back into his best. It’s a shame he failed to prevent that costly goal from going in.”

    I think that it’s unfair to blame him for that – keep in mind that he had had “his bell rung” a few minutes before and was probably not 100 %. But he was shoved back onto the pitch in the hope that he would get through until half-time. It didn’t work – SAF’s gamble failed. It happens.

  35. denton davey says:

    Fred @ 23:13: “Carrick let Fergie down in Rome but at least he had the entire 09/10 season to bounce back and prove himself. Unfortunately, he hasn’t made any progress at all.”

    I don’t think that Carrick “let Fergie down in Rome” because the midfield was littered with casualties – Fletcherinho banned, Hargreaves injured, Anderson got injured – he subsequently missed some international games with Brazil – and Carrick also seems to have been injured and missed some international games in June.

    More to the point, though, is that his game has dramatically regressed this year. He’s still too diffident. He does not play with confidence or gusto – and that’s magnified when he’s been paired with Scholes to whom he always (always !) defers by passing sideways or backwards.

    On the other hand, I thought he did pretty well in central defence during the awful period when he was called upon to play there. IF UTD played with some sort of “sweeper” then Carrick would have a future with this team – but that isn’t an option so I’d move him on which would be better for UTD and for Carrick, himself.

  36. rossa says:

    us paddys’s take no shit lads if messi played for ipswich he would be twice as good! haha

  37. manchuchu says:

    “Control the effin ball. Try running for a change. Stop pouting your face will stay that way. You’re too poor to afford a barber so you wear a hairnet?

    IS this fucking McDonalds? Are you a fucking midfielder? Do you actually know where this ball fucking goes?

    Can you loping around like a fuckin’ Michael Jackson video. Do you even know HOW to shoot a ball?”

  38. King Eric says:

    Manchuchu – What?

  39. Royan says:

    Carrick is mainly useless for United. In the majority of games you would not know he was even playing. An odd time he will get you a goal or hit a 30 yard pass but generally useless and non-existent.


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