After completing his free transfer to West Brom, Darren Fletcher has revealed the club didn’t want him to leave, but were keen to make sure that he could find the playing time he wanted elsewhere.

I spoke to the manager about not playing as much as I wanted and the club didn’t really want me to go but they respected my wishes,” he said. “The manager and Ed Woodward have been fantastic. I cannot speak highly enough of them. I have great respect for them and how they have dealt with this. They helped me as much as possible and made the move possible. I have to thank them for being professional and catering for my wishes. Tony Pulis, my new gaffer, has been fantastic. He’s a big reason why I am at West Brom. He really, really wanted me. I had many conversations with him and when you have a manager who believes in you and wants you, as a professional footballer, you want to repay him and it gives you great confidence.