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Fletch: We let down the manager and the fans

Darren Fletcher has spoken about the players’ disappointment after losing 2-1 to Swansea at Old Trafford and being knocked out of the FA Cup.

“It’s a really disappointed dressing room in there,” said Fletcher. “It’s a massive blow, let’s not kid ourselves, this is a bad result. There’s a lot of angry, hurt players and we feel like we’ve let the manager and the fans down. I thought we were the stronger team in the first half and that was the point where we should have gone on and finished the game off, or definitely taken the lead. We never managed to do that and the red card gave them a great boost in the last 10 minutes, and they went on to get the winning goal.”

The players have an opportunity to redeem themselves though with a League Cup semi-final against Sunderland ahead. The bonus of this competition is the semi is over two legs, so at least we get the opportunity to play away from home.

“It’s a League Cup semi-final, if you can’t lift yourself for that then it’s no good,” Fletch continued. “We have got a great opportunity, we are away to Sunderland and we’ve got to recover quickly and lift ourselves. That’s a massive game now.”

Fletcher also praised the attitude of United’s supporters inside Old Trafford on Sunday, with many fans cheering the Reds off the field despite the fresh sense of disappointment at the result.

“They’re really sticking by us and that’s great to see – we’ve got to repay that,” he said. “When we got to the Stretford End there were a lot of fans clapping and singing for United. The players have got to see that and know that the fans are behind us and put performances in for the them, the manager and the staff. It’s got to happen sooner rather than later and there’s not better occasion than the semi-final on Tuesday.”

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  1. Tommy says:


    Theirs been an inquirey which has been rebuffed no firm offer has been made as yet

  2. Only 1 Utd says:

    Cabaye and coentrao would be decent in January for 30-35 million.

  3. Mark Reid says:

    Breaking news Lovie Smith appointed as new head coach of Tampa Bay.

  4. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Seriously why aren’t we approaching Newcastle for Cabaye? Why are we going after impossible targets when there’s one right here in England under our noses? What’s the worst Newcastle could ask for 25 to 30 million plus? I would pay that for Cabaye right now. We cannot be choosers any longer. We have left the midfield far too late for any rubbish about value in the market. Give them a big offer and i’m pretty sure Cabaye’s head can be turned.

    As far as Cleverley is concerned I will say it and say it again till he proves me wrong. Tom Cleverley is not good enough to start a game for Manchester United right now. He should not be starting games. PERIOD. He’s not good enough. He can be a squad player no problem with that but starting for United? Absolutely not and nobody can tell me otherwise. The only person who can change my mind is Cleverley himself and he’s doing a very terrible job of changing my mind so far.

  5. Fletch™ says:

    Rumor that Rooney will be in the squad v Sunderland, so much for resting 2 weeks. Desperate times it would seem.


    Cheers mate. We talking about Shaw I assume? Agreed, we won’t get Shaw until summer earliest.
    Mixed stories on Contrao. Rujmors that only Ancellotti is standing in the way of that deal ATM.

  6. Tommy says:


    Yea I think we enquired to saints about Shaw and was told no way is he for sale, whether we come back with a bid is another matter

  7. Only 1 Utd says:

    Agreed. A proven premier league player and full international who actually plays in the position we need and fits in the style we (fans)want to see. Also he’s a very realistic option who would easily improve on the current midfielders. Carrick,Fletch(when fitness hopefully returns)and Cabaye looks a lot better than Carrick, Ando and Cleverley don’t you think?

  8. Nicky-Craig Shaw says:

    Tough times at the minute! For the first time in, personally, my lifetime before every game I don’t feel comfortable, can’t see us getting a result. Which does my swede in!!

    Desperately need signings. I’d like to know the exact figures of “significant transfer funds.” We’ve nothing going forward in the middle of the park. Need a Mata type of player. Personally, thought we had it with Kagawa, but just not happening at the minute for him IMO. Every touch seems heavy, every pass doesn’t reach, or trying to force it too much at times.

    *Hugh sigh*

    But, I’ll keep believing, and that’s all we can do. Need to tie up a few contracts i think aswell. I know Rooney isn’t a favourite for many at the minute, but our best player this season, by a country mile. So that needs tying up.

    But, let’s see where we are on last day of transfer window, and please god, no last minute buys such as Fellaini, for daft money like it was.

  9. ys says:

    “sir matt martin says:
    Lolzzz… the story continues.
    in other news i think moyes shuld act fast in the transfer window, so wil get the signings wil truly want. the likes of Fabio coentrao, is available for £12m. Cabaye atlist £16. Rose bacly £18. that guy from brazil £11. then a CD. Ilkay Gundogan £20 to£25. then offload young and get Iker Muniain. send clevarly on loan he can be the next Andre Tansend.”

    Really? where are u gonna get all these players at such rates from ? Tesco ?

    Andros Townsend is a winger, a really fast one , Cleverly is midfielder , makes lots of passes n tackles ( check stats if u dont believe , specially vs Swansea in the FA cup )

  10. sir matt martin says:

    BREAKING News…. I dont see david moyes signing any player, in January The reason is pretty simple really and comes down to David Moyes’ DITHERING and lack of ruthlessness in the transfer market. It sounds odd to say that about a man who acquitted himself so well at Everton for over a decade.
    His one area of weakness was that too often he failed to capitalise on a good season by reinforcing his personnel early enough in the transfer window and much of the progress that had been done the season before was undone. In any event United are a rather different kettle of fish. The huge weight of expectation does not give him the luxury he had at Everton to have those ‘my way or the highway’ type conversations with the chairman or the fans. Rightly or wrongly success is expected, even demanded, by fans who have been over-indulged in the pleasures of victory for 20 odd years. Everton fans will tell you that it was usual during the Moyes era for the whole transfer window to pass without a signing and for there to then be a flurry on deadline day. Sound familiar United fans? In the summer there were regular noises from Old Trafford about this target or that target and yet no signings materialised. Then on the last day, as an act of desperation as much as anything, he paid over the odds for Marouane Fellaini from his old club.

  11. sir matt martin says:

    ys says:
    “sir matt martin says:
    Lolzzz… the story continues.
    in other news i think moyes shuld
    act fast in the transfer window, so
    wil get the signings wil truly want.
    the likes of Fabio coentrao, is
    available for £12m. Cabaye atlist
    £16. Rose bacly £18. that guy from
    brazil £11. then a CD. Ilkay
    Gundogan £20 to£25. then offload
    young and get Iker Muniain. send
    clevarly on loan he can be the next
    Andre Tansend.”
    Really? where are u gonna get all
    these players at such rates from ?
    Tesco ?
    Andros Townsend is a winger, a
    really fast one , Cleverly is
    midfielder , makes lots of passes n tackles ( check stats if u dont
    believe , specially vs Swansea in the FA cup )

    does £12, £16, £11 and £25. you saw up there are Millions not Thousand. that means clearly u dont knw anytin about football..
    And for the Cleverly statement i mean goin out on Loan like Andros Townsend did with diffrent clubs and see what he become this season a first choice in the England National team. So you clearly dont understand what u read.. peas out.

  12. tallestreD says:

    Guys should stop down playing the managers’ ability. Granted he is no Ferguson, he makes mistakes like everyone else. I mean Ancelotti is 3rd in La Liga with the host of stars they have.

  13. Fletch™ says:

    Good Read:

    Mark Ogden of the Telegraph Has some straight shooting views on Manchester United’s transfer options.

    Note to you footy manager types. There are virtually ZERO First Choice Options that would be available now. With the likes of Contrao looking 3rd favorite for the LB spot on his list.

  14. Fletch™ says:

    Second thought, that Mark Ogden piece is in the bin.

    Joleon Lescott or Thomas Vermaelen – Available ???

    Seriously?! Wenger would pass a stone if we took his 2nd Captain in 2 years. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Might feel good to flex some muscle and nab the Arse captain when they were at the top of the league :roll:

    Do move along Marko!

  15. tallestreD says:

    @Fletch.. Nice article but its just a wishlist as most of them are not gettable at least not in this window. I for one would feel we are covered at CB and Striker but short else where.

  16. Only 1 Utd says:

    I don’t get it wen all these people say that Rafael is a good attacking full-back but doubts remain over his defensive capabilities. Do they even watch Rafael these says? IMO he’s a very good defender and is only going to improve. Evra is the one who can’t defend. Some of the tackles and blocks he’s made in his limited appearances this season have been world class.

  17. Only 1 Utd says:

    It’s scary wen u look at how many players we need to become a top top side again. A right back to cover Rafael,2 left backs, 2 central midfielders,2 wingers…

  18. ys says:

    @sir mat martin :

    clevarly on loan he can be the next
    Andre Tansend. ”

    Lots of room of interpretation, Also, please respect their names and type correctly.

    About players being cheap

    On Ross Barkley:
    ‘Fifty million? We wouldn’t let anyone out on loan in January,’ Martinez joked. ‘We are in a strong position financially.

    What was ur evaluation ? 18 MILLION

    I bet u cant get those players u have mentioned at those prices even on Transfer Manager ( or Fantasy football , whatever the game is )

  19. sir matt martin says:

    My first language, is not English is spanish and i speak french too, so anyhow i write or pronounse, the the bristish Names is realy not my fault, so Andres Tansend is how we pronouce it with my tongue. And dont you think i can buy alot wit £18m on Tesco?

  20. Mark Reid says:

    The Glaziers own Tampa Bay Bucs who just had a 4 and 12 year the joke of the NFL does anyone honestly believe that they care about losses.

  21. Tommy says:


    Whislst the man signing the cheques has changed the football club is run exactly how it was in 1986. The only way Moyes is sacked is if Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton agree to it, Of course Malcolm can go over their head if he had a death wish that is, If they sacked him without SAF or SBC say so then their positions would be untenible and the glasers would have forced the 2 biggest legends this football club has seen out of it. Which would in turn rile the fans, theyve already tried to run Glaser over, I dont even want to think what some fans would do to him if he forced the 2 legends out! The glazers are not stupid people they leave the football to football people!

  22. Mark Reid says:

    Fair point.I really hope we can turn this around though not sure if we are going to dabble in the January window I’d love to see Moyes do well love to .Starting to have my doubts I hope I’m left with egg on my face.

  23. sir matt martin says:

    La Sexta believes that Coentrao wants
    to leave Madrid despite signing a new
    contract. Reports in Portugal said the
    bid was around 12 million pounds.
    For the Red Devils, this signing means
    that the Left Back position has been
    settled, and it should rule out any
    more interest/pursuit of both
    Leighton Baines and Luke Shaw.
    United’s bid for Shaw was rejected
    today anyway. In other Red Devils
    transfer news, an answer is expected
    very soon from Gundogan

  24. gra mar says:

    I don’t know why so many people are mentioning Coentrao. He’s not that good.

    it’s very difficult to buy quality in January but we should be looking now to build for next season.
    That’s the god’s honest truth. Now’s the time to make deals to make sure players that sign for us are available to us as early as possible and not on the the last day of the transfer window. The WC complicates things though.

  25. BerbaGod says:

    Morning fellow Reds,

    Well it’s been a while since I posted, alot of the regular posters seem to have disappeared. Just a few thoughts…

    I don’t think our squad is far away from being a very good squad, there is no need for wholesome changes but nonetheless changes need to be made and I mean that with the tactics as much as the players. Moyes tactics need to be more dynamic and with him offering different ideas and not just sticking to the standard 442, getting the ball down to our wingers to cross and score, if this is plan A then it clearly isn’t working, whether this is due to the players not being good enough to play this way or tactics not being good enough the jury is out but we need a plan B where we can change our style and not be so one-dimensional.

    With regards to the January window – Cabaye, who I’ve said for the last 18 months would be the perfect midfielder to compliment Carrick, he has the bite in his tackle, can spot a pass and gets his fair share of goals -whats not to like ?! Surely if we are willing to pay £27.5m for Fellaini then we should offer that for Cabaye who is much better player for our system.

    So looking at our squad and if we wanted to two quality players for every position, these are the players I would want and I think we could get in January.

    De Gea > Lindegaard

    Rafael > Fabio
    Evans > Smalling
    Jones > Vidic
    Evra > Coentrao ?

    Carrick > Cleverley
    Cabaye? > Fellaini/Fletch

    Januzaj > Valencia
    Nani > Young
    Rooney > Kagawa

    RVP > Welbeck > Chicha

    I know there are some players I haven’t mentioned like Rio, Giggs, Buttner and Ando – I don’t see these guys having much of a a playing future at Old Trafford.

  26. shaan says:

    The look of Sir Alex Ferguson’s face said it all after the Swansea defeat. He seems to be equally upset and surprised with the results are any other fan.
    What surprises me the most is why the hell Moyes is not giving opportunities to the other players when the so called regulars are not performing.

    What is the worst that may happen if the youngsters play? I am not saying play all eleven at the same time but atleast try one, two or may be three in a game. Let one start or atleast have them as subs.

    He certainly has not helped people’s confidence (Fabio, Anderson, Zaha etc). Nor is he doing anything to make the talented lads sign their extensions (Fabio, Lingard and James WIlson to name a few).


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