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Fletcher > Fabregas and Humiliation

At Republik of Mancunia, we couldn’t let the opportunity to take the piss out of Arsenal pass us by, so we’ve had several new designs to the shop in honour of our brilliant 4-0 win over the gooners at the weekend.

Fletcher better than Fabregas


William Gallas


Missing Fletcher


Wenger humiliated

Before the match, William Gallas called United arrogant and believed we would have a hard time knocking them out of the Cup. “They are a strong team with lots of experienced players,” he said. “But, sometimes, they think they’re too good. Too arrogant, yes. It can make you complacent. We understand that problem. We know we have to score goals, be strong in defence and kill teams in the first half. Our squad can win things. And I know that it will be difficult for Manchester United to win.”

After the 4-0 thrashing United dished out, Wenger spent much of his post match interview talking about the state of United’s pitch and the disgraceful behaviour from Nani, who dared to juggle the ball at 4-0 up, claiming there was no need for Nani to humiliate his team. I’m not quite sure whether he was talking about the ball juggling or the several times Nani managed to rip apart Arsenal’s defence without breaking in to a sweat. Surely losing 4-0 is the greater humiliation, Arsene? As Oliver Kay from The Times correctly stated, “surely there can be no better time to exhibit your talents in such a manner than when 4-0 up against one of your fiercest rivals, but Nani’s ball-juggling antics earned him a full-blooded challenge from Mathieu Flamini, a deliberate kick from William Gallas and a warning from Gilberto Silva about flaunting football’s unwritten code of conduct.”

Some of you may be puzzled as to why I’ve brought Cesc Fabregas in to this, considering he wasn’t even on the park on Saturday. I do however have to refer you to the BBC match report which says that Super Cesc was actually on the field for all but the remaining 20 minutes, witnessing all but the final goal. Who’d have known?

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  1. Sol says:

    funny u mancs go on about fabregas being missing in this game. even tho ronaldo didnt play today, whenever the big games come, he ALWAYS goes missing – fa cup final, semi final vs milan last year where kaka stole the show and wenever he comes up against one of the big 4. and the pitch was shit, the ref was shit and the assistants were shite as well.

  2. Arthur Smith says:

    have you looked at the league table recently! you can have the FA cup, unless you face chelsea of course.

  3. Sam says:

    Guys, guys.

    These are just a bit of fun. We don’t really believe Fletcher (our 5th choice central midfielder) to be better than Fabregas!

    They are brilliant, hats off to Scott.

  4. Sagar says:

    hey you should have a t-shirt of Nani doing the seal dribble…an animated tshirt to do that would be even better although I don’t think technology at this time wold allow for that.

  5. jsos says:

    haha silly gooners. your own bloggers missed the ghost of fab on saturday. as did your fellow supporters. its hard to admit when you’re wrong, surely. but your spineless performance, violent tempered fouls, and overall lack of energy got you exactly what you deserved this weekend – complete humiliation. looking forward to seeing who will dish you humiliation #3 this season. only a matter of time until you ran out of steam eh? ;)

  6. gary says:

    did we all go out and buy tee shirts when Arsenal thrashed man utd 4-0 in the carling cup a few seasons ago????

  7. Eddie says:

    Love them, absolutley love them! Amazing thoughts to make them, I think Im gonna buy one.

  8. Mahdi says:

    There is no excuse for our performance it was crap we deserve all the critisism perhaps its a good kick up the butt.bu In the past out of the two teams who ever wins the cup game usually looses the league game. End of season Arsenal will be CHAMPIONS MAN U fans stock up on cleeex tissues.

  9. jimmy Bob says:

    Ronaldo goes missing in big games?
    hmm he has already scored in an fa cup final a champs lge semi final and if memory serves me right against arsenal several times are they not big games?

    keep up this tripe gooners gives us all more reason to laugh at you

    ps did wenger see adeybayors pathetic dive? no comment on that today surprise surprise

  10. the little mozart says:

    haha ronaldo goes missing as soon as he comes up against a decent fullback.
    clichy has had him in his pocket so much @ the grove th@ he had to change flanks. and then sagna had him in his pocket!
    @ the end of the day, id rather be in our position than yours, you must be feeling pretty silly allowing our rubbish players to be top of the league, especially as you spent 60mill in the summer and we sold henry.
    have our trophy delivered to us in a couple of months ok?

  11. Ingar says:

    #little mozart: Don’t believe all the sums figuering in the press and didn’t we sell a certain Ruud Van Nistelrooy last summer? No Manc said “this is the of the Arses” after you lost Henry.

  12. VDO says:

    Its funny how people say Ronaldo goes missing in big games, Cliche this and that…What i do remember is that goal and assist at the emerates stadium.

  13. jsos says:

    haha little mozart – callin your own players rubbish? now now. thats a bit harsh ai? you lot just PLAY rubbish, and cowardly, and mistake skill for humiliation. the only people who caused your humiliation was your own club.

    and to agree with jimmy bob – no comment for the comical adebayor dive – no? must have been another thing wenger didnt see. tsk :D

  14. PG says:

    Okay have your day in the sunshine. End of season we will know if you guys can turn this every time of asking. If you do, then hats off – but remember that just as Man U has had off days so have the Arsenal. So u beat us fair and square and for most part, none of the arsenal players showed themselves willing to fight. was it simply to avoid any stupid injuries before the Champs League ? I guess we would only know at the end of the season, right ?

  15. ridge says:

    this is a game, u lose or win depending on who turns up more for the game, united played better, arsenal didnt fight n eventually it turns out arsenal lost, dont you think we shd look at it this way

  16. Eddy says:

    If in 12 weeks time Arsenal lift the Premiership Trophy,Wenger will be judged as making necessary sacrifices in sending out an unmotivated,weakened team that produced a display so poor against our Manchester United that a lot of Arsenal fans are left speachless.If Arsenal now go on to flounder because of a humiliating defeat then some people will quite rightly believe Arsene is largely to blame.Two big ifs,so let’s wait and see but in Wenger most Arsenal fans trust.

  17. Eddy says:

    sorry should not have read “our Manchester United”…Iam not from Surrey!

  18. Tom F says:

    Glad the comment on which I pointed out here:

    Made it onto a Shirt.. I hope to see a few of these at Old Trafford come April.

    Good Work.

  19. kramer says:

    ffs, i used to think arsenal fans having a stick up their arses was just a stereotype.

  20. Dan says:

    Same old gooners! Always coming up with shite excuses when they get battered…. battered 5-1 by Spurs and then battered 4-0 by Man U!
    You were shit… end of!
    Fellow Mancs….raise a glass for AC Milan who, I’m sure, will be next to humiliate the dirty gooners!

  21. miguel says:

    buenas tades signor como estas I like cesc but know he killing the team so wenger have to do something before the crush I think you knows what i mean please do something we miss the trophy very much with all my respect from Ethiopia.

  22. Paul says:

    is it a coincidence that the two cup games we played we got killed yet none of these teams can beat us in the league? Did the double over the spurs, draw with Man U and i think we will beat them at OT especially if RVP is back. Just seems like a pattern. its obvious that Wenger has prioritized this season and these cups pale in relevance to the PL and CL. Just seems like that to me. Think about it.

    God Bless!


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