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Fletcher: I Don’t Want To Play For Anyone Else

There are plenty of United fans, myself included, who have been forced to eat their words where Darren Fletcher is concerned, following a good few seasons for the club, improving with each one. Whilst for the past couple of seasons he was more famed for his appearances in the ‘big games’, it’s hard to argue with him being given a starting place in any match, considering his form at the moment.

Ferguson recently revealed that Fletcher had been considering leaving in the summer, after possibly seeing Paul Scholes, Michael Carrick, Owen Hargreaves and Anderson all ahead of him for the two central midfield places. Ferguson convinced him to stay, thankfully, as injuries to our midfielders has left that area depleted, and we’ve also got to see what a good player Fletcher is developing in to.

Don’t forget, the lad is just 24-years-old, some way off his peak, signalling maybe we’ve been a tad premature in writing him off as a United player.

Ferguson has been widely criticised by reds for giving Fletcher too much time and giving him too many chances, arguably because of his nationality, but yet again it appears as though the manager has been right to afford Fletcher this time to develop.

Fletcher has no confirmed that this is where he wants to stay and that he is determined to keep his place in the team.

“Manchester United are a great club and I don’t want to go anywhere else,” said Fletcher. “I just go into every game and do my best in the hope it is enough to keep me in the team.”

He was also United’s top scorer at the beginning of the season and admits he likes seeing his name on the scoresheet.

“It’s great to add goals to my game,” he said. “I would love to sneak a few more as well but the most important thing is actually getting into the box and making the chances. The manager has been very encouraging and I have a lot more confidence to try my luck. In the past, I may have been a little too worried about holding my position and watching for counter-attacks. But now I am more selfish and a bit more adventurous.”

Does Fletcher have a future here?

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  1. Its in my blood says:

    Future captain! Gives a 100 %, has pride in the shirt and in Ole style doesn’t moan. True red!

  2. olusanjo says:

    i just love this guy. i have always enjoyed his game but i think he was my man of the match against stoke city. he won a lot of tackles and stood his ground against that NBA team.

  3. PeeJay says:

    To be honest I like his work ethic more than his actual quality but I can’t deny he has improved and, considering that we average an injured midfielder a month, that can hardly be a bad thing. With everyone fit I wouldn’t play him but that happens once a blue moon.

  4. Tony_Oldham says:

    Its Ok coming out saying Fergie was right to stand by him, but it was Fergie who persisted on playing him on the right when he clearly is not a wide player, i also think it set him back a couple of years aswell and why we are only seeing the best of him at 24. That is when some parts of the crowd starting getting on his back, i can honestly say i dont rember many games when i have been dissapointed with him when he has been played in the center, his true position.

  5. denton davey says:

    Fletcherinho is a curious mixture of the talents/qualities of Rino Gattuso – my number-one favourite player for any other club – and DirtyPatrickVieira. He has Gattuso’s gung-ho dynamism and energy and Vieira’s gangly awkwardness – but, alas, he lacks his heading ability. He has also lacked DirtyPatrick’s goal-scoring ability although that looks like it now might be remedied. Overall, a very valuable player – and a player who is getting better in front of our eyes, almost on a game-by-game basis. I’d like to see him paired on a consistent basis with Anderson; and Carrick/Scholes as the alternative partnership. But, I guess that SAF has other ideas and we ALL know who’s the genius !

  6. suhayl says:

    quality wise ofcourse he isnt as good as hargo, andy and scholsey….but work ethic, improvement to game, trying hard each game, wanting the shirt…all that you cant fault him on.

    Still believeif hargo and scholsey were fit, theyd be the middle 2. But you cant fault what fletcherino has done. Hope he keeps imroving and proving us all wrong.

    Blimey first time in 3 years im agreeing with a peejay comment

  7. SteRDLK says:

    I don’t remember personally criticising Fletcher when he played because I always thought was crap and was trying his best for the team.

    He is similar to Kieran Richardson in that if he gets a good run of games he shows how good he is, it’s just that Richardson was a lot more selfish and was booed for it.

    I don’t really see the comparison with Gattuso, he seems more like a cross between Vieira and Keano. If he turns out half as good as any of these I won’t complain!

    Hope Fletch stays for a lot longer, he’s a top player and Fergie has been proved right yet again.

  8. aaron says:

    Defo a candidate for most improved player in the league, I must admit I was one of those who wanted him out of OT. However since around post 05-06 season, he has shown that he is starting to develop into the type of player that is fit to play for Utd.

    He has grown on me tremendously the last 2 yrs and even though I feel he is at best the 4 choice cen mid (behind Carrick, Scholesy, Ando & Hargo), I no longer fret at his appearance in the starting XI, rather i feel assured that he has the quality to make a difference. Something I never thought would happen. Fletcherino has made me eat some pipping hot humble pie

  9. King Eric says:

    Developed in to a tough no nonsense midfielder with a great engine, can even see him as a future captain! Can t believe he is still only 24!

  10. TonyBee says:

    Still needs to prove he has enough bite to be in Hargreaves class… Jury still out I’m afraid

  11. TonyBee says:

    oops scotty try and re-adjust your submit post clock plse

  12. rotegzy says:

    fletcher was a joy to watch against stoke.i love his commitment and humility,he deserves all the accolades he’s getting at the moment.

  13. Failsworth Devil says:

    Fletcher has definately improved… a hell of a lot… and will definately be a very useful player to us over the coming years…. very much Phil Neville type player…

    Always ready to put in 110% even if he hasnt played for a few weeks.

  14. nagraj says:

    hard to believe im saying this but had he shuda been brought on instead of iggsy in a cuple of matches…


  15. DarkDevil says:

    Oh, how fickle us United fans are. Before the start of this season, we were all going on about how we didn’t want Fletch in the starting line-up. I’m glad he’s made us eat our words. He’s turning into a fantastic midfielder and he’s only 24!!! I thought he was at least 26.


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