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Fletcher Out For The Season… Career Over?

Manchester United have confirmed that Darren Fletcher has been ruled out for the rest of the season. Fletcher has had planned surgery to resolve his Ulcerative Colitis condition. Fletcher needed a period of sustained good general health before he could have the operation, which the club believe he has shown by training with the team regularly and featuring in some first team games.

An official club statement reads: Whilst it is frustrating for both Darren and the Club that he won’t be able to contribute further during this campaign, this decision has been taken with our full support in the best interests of his long-term health and we look forward to him returning next season with this problem firmly behind him.

Hopefully he will be able to return for the pre-season and get himself in good shape for the start of next season. However, with him turning 30 next season and having not played regular football throughout the season since 2010-2011, there will obviously be question marks over whether he has a future at United. Fingers crossed. If not, you imagine he will be offered a role within the club and work with the youth.

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  1. Toms says:

    Fletcher is a dramatically underrated player. When he is in form he is a fantastic destroyer. Massive loss.

  2. andromeda says:

    In our postmodern era, there are many people out there playing football, but Darren Fletcher was a true footballer.we will miss you very badly.such character and persona are rare nowadays.

  3. Bobby Charlton's combover says:


    They finished 10th last year, Atletico Madrid finished 6th.
    Ask yourself this…where have Bilbao been the last 20 years? Where are they this year?
    They had one ‘good’ season where they were insprired against us and we frankly weren’t up for it.
    They ended up with fuck all as they ran out of steam in the last few games.
    United are fighting on all fronts virtually year in year out and have been at the top of the EPL for 20 years running. Two CL’s and two finals where we faced who we faced. If you like Barçalona that much why don’t you follow them?
    The Spanish league is good but it’ not that good. I live here and see it week in week out. Frankly I find it quite dull and while technically it’s excellent it doesn’t have the excitement of the EPL.
    The only team that continues to be untouchable are your buddies Barcalona but other than that most of them are no better then premiership teams.

  4. andromeda says:

    Out off topic, but those who are doubting Rooney to be our consistent penalty taker, including Roy Keane should think more reasonably, of course I agree with many of you that Rooney had missed more than one penalty this season and this is not an absolute justification, but obviously Rooney this time perhaps was very emotional at time thinking about his sister death and those intricate family issue, besides when a top player comes from injury he usually wants to give his best on the my opinion that has put him under a lot of pressure.hopefully he will do better next time.

  5. Dave Malaysia says:

    From M.E.N website, Stuart Brennan.

    Manchester United’s FFP stance a bit rich.

    Stuart Brennan
    January 17, 2013

    United couldn’t beat City on the pitch or in the title race last season, so it seems they have hatched a dastardly plot to undermine them off the field.

    The Reds have teamed up with Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham to press for the Premier League to adopt its own financial fair play rules, specifically targeting clubs with rich benefactors – just like Chelsea and City, by sheer coincidence!

    United are suddenly worried that all this money being pumped into unnamed clubs is bad for the game, as it creates ‘inflationary spending’.

    They want to adapt Uefa’s new rules, aimed at stopping clubs spending beyond the money they generate themselves, to our domestic league.

    Of course, by a happy twist of fate, this would mean United – whose revenue is way ahead of everyone else in the league – could buy all the best players, give them the best wages, and win everything, from here to eternity.

    And, by another weird coincidence, it would also mean Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs would suddenly edge ahead of City and Chelsea in chasing lucrative Champions League places.

    We could even stop playing each other at football altogether, re-name the Premier League the Manchester United League, hand them all the trophies in August and fly off somewhere warm for the winter.

    This self-interested foursome are now trying to sell their idea to the rest of the Premier League, to get the 14 votes, out of 20, they would need to change the rules.

    “It’s a debate – we’re having a discussion on financial fair play,” said Gill. “The impact of the new TV money has clearly focused the minds. Seven or eight clubs are going to have to abide by UEFA’s regulations in any case.

    “The league are working on this and will put a paper together to be discussed at the February meeting. Whatever’s decided is dictated by 14 clubs.”

    United need to hope that, if their plan for world domination goes through, that the Premier League doesn’t start applying it retrospectively.

    The Reds were one of the main movers behind the Greedy League which aimed to concentrate the wealth in the hands of the few at a time when football was turning from a sport into a multi-billion pound business.

    As the richest club in the country, they drove the agenda as English football underwent the biggest inflation – of transfer fees, player wages and, as a consequence, ticket prices – in football history.

    They more than quadrupled the record fee paid by an English club – which they already held for the 1981 signing of Bryan Robson – in 1995 when they paid £7m for Andy Cole.

    They almost doubled the record by paying over £28m for Seba Veron in 2001, only to break it again a year later to bring in Rio Ferdinand.

    They happily paid top dollar to their squad of top players, forcing other clubs to either take financial risks to try and catch them, or simply be content to sit back and admire as United won everything.

    It was natural law, they thought. They were earning their own money and spending it. Only Blackburn, who briefly found a rich owner, and moneyed Arsenal interrupted their dominance, and they were just a temporary irritation.

    It was a great arrangement. Then along came Chelsea, and more latterly, City to mess up this perfect world, by finding wealthy foreign owners who were prepared to pour money into the clubs they bought.

    At the same time, United – despite a brave effort by a minority of their fans – found an American owner who did the exact opposite and began leeching money OUT of their club.

    Suddenly, clubs throwing their money around are doing a bad thing, says Gill.

    It is not their own money, so they shouldn’t spend it, goes the new mantra.

    But the market doesn’t care whether Gill made the money by grafting at a coal face for 12 hours a day, or was handed it by a friendly Arab.

    Spending more than the others inflates, wherever the cash come from.

    Leeds nose-dived, financially and in football terms, by trying to keep up with United, long before Roman Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour came on the scene.

    City and Chelsea have played the game by rules which United liked when it suited them. Now the rules suit other clubs more, United and the other three want to change them.

    If they truly want financial fair play, all revenue should be centrally pooled and dished out, preferably with the Football League and grassroots football getting a fair share.

    Chances of United going for something truly fair? Don’t hold your breath.

    What do you think? Have your say

  6. Bobby Charlton's combover says:


    Can’t say I agree with your points of view as to why Rooney might have missed.
    He had already scored so he gave his late sister-in-law her deserved dedication.
    Coming back from injury in no reason to miss either.
    He’s simply proving to be an unreliable penalty taker.

  7. Costas says:

    Success breeds plastic fans. As if there was ever any doubt, last night was living proof.

  8. Ash says:

    These M.E.N guys are hypocrites. But Honestly I love reading these kind of news.

    Q Who are Manchester City?
    A. A club who were always mediocre club but got one day suddenly they get 1 Billion to spend and now they think they are the best club in England and world.

    People always say we also spent millions. Yeah Agreed we spent but we didn’t spend crazy money. We spent our money. Money that we earned yet even after that we didn’t spend like Chelsea or City have done. How could anyone compare the spending that City does with ours. This is called jealousy. I can’t blame them they need to stir controversy and the best method is by targeting the Best and that is Manchester United. The Media guys and Pundits try their Best to prove Torres is not a flop. But from the moment we bought berbatov from Spurs for 30 Millions , Media and Pundits were bad mouthing Berba. Hell some even went on to say he was the biggest flop. This is called hypocrisy. Even today when they are asked who has been the biggest flop they will say Veron who I thought was not that bad. He showed his skills but It never worked. Same with Berbatov. For me there are more bigger flops than Veron namely Shevchenko, Andy Carrol, Robinho, Torres etc. Yet the Media never mentions these guys. Have you seen Media ever mention about Sheva’s transfer. NO. But they still have time to say bad things about a Raw talent Bebe. This is called pure jealousy and Hypocrisy.

    These media guys and reporters are very Much insecure that Manchester United are at their top and will win the league very easily if they have the same form through out the season. I can bet if RVP had failed to score in his first three games or so these ABU’S would be calling for RVP’S head and say he is a flop. Fucking Jokers.

    I fucking Hate Chelsea and City with Passion. They have spoiled the game and Their arrogance is fucking unbelievable. Thats the same Reason I never liked Real Madrid but atleast they are in our level so I can give them a bye but City and chelsea and also the likes of PSG should be banned. How can anyone respect these teams is beyond me. I dont have problem when some people hate Manchester United but I have a big problem when Someone defends clubs like Chelsea and City. PLASTICS

  9. andromeda says:

    @Bobby Charlton’s combover

    Well, sure mate.As I said that is not an absolute justification from my own behalf, he deserves another roaring hair dryer from Fergie, but just let us be honest.last season, he took two brilliant penalty against Chelsea at Stamford bridge under intense pressure from the fans, that should also to be remembered.there are few players who can do what he did.penalty taking as we all know depends on many factors as talent alone is not enough, a regular penalty taker should have accurate precision, the right psychology and mentality, the composure on the ball, the trickery factor, last but not the least getting help from the staff as how to deal with certain goal keeper at a certain all of these issues are statistical and probabilistic then there will always be penalty missing, but with Rooney its sometimes 50/50, perhaps due to his explosive emotional aspect.At this moment, I would rather say Robin Van Persie is a better penalty taker and next to him is Rooney but as I said with more future training.

  10. andromeda says:


    Success breeds plastic fans. As if there was ever any doubt, last night was living proof.

    Hello there.What happened mate?

  11. Costas says:


    Ah nothing noteworthy mate.Just look at most of Daniel’s posts.

  12. parryheid says:

    I would hope that there is a very good chance Fletcher will get a positive result from the surgery and will have an much enhanced quality of life as a result.Feel his career will now be in coaching as his age will make it hard to be other than back up,if that but his welfare is the important thing here.

  13. Andromeda says:

    Ah, now I can fully understand your point about “plastic fans”.not to put further oil into the fire but it seems as if we are in urgent need for a psychoanalyst here.

  14. slayer says:

    I can understand the pain of Fletcher and it is sad that he might not get the chance to play anymore. But the momentum to fight must go on and since the department is still lacking in players whether to injuries or age problem. United might have to go for another player to fill the gap. The likes of Keane, Scholes or Giggs wont be there, we’ll need to find one that could bridge the gap and bring stability into games whether in defense or linking attacks.

    Besides that, the number of candidates as United’s next manager seems to be down by one. Whether this is a good news or not, I dont know. And about Rooney penalty, I think it might be a bit harsh to hit at him. So long as the penalty is not crucial (which we might not know when), I think we shouldnt be too hard on him.

  15. knightsmith says:

    The main thing that matters is that surgery is successful, and he can get back to leading a normal life, the football is immaterial really and is not his main priority, but a bonus if it happens.

    The best thing we can do is wish him a speedy and healthy recovery

  16. Daniel88 says:

    The game versus Bilbao is an uncomfortable truth you are insisting on not seeing it.

    … sad really.

  17. ak47 says:

    It’ll be difficult. He’s in last chance saloon. It’s a very very bad illness he’s got. You could be fine one day and be down the next. If the op isn’t a success i think he should retire and just focus on maintaining his health. Football does not help this sort of illness, it has the potential to make it flare up.

  18. King Eric says:

    In what way is Sneijder a replacement for Fletcher? That fat lazy cunt only cares about the coin. Fletcher is or was a proper United player. Red to the core. The aforementioned is quite happy to go to the massive European force that is Galatasary.

  19. King Eric says:

    gazzer – Alright mate. 15 years since we won what? European Cup? Err no pal.

  20. King Eric says:

    Some SERIOUSLY underestimate Fletcher as a player. He wasn’t just a “tryer” he was a fucking good footballer who could tackle, read the game, chipped in with goals but most importantly he COULD pass. Very well actually. A top player who in 08/09 was first name on team sheet after Ronnie.

  21. StatesideAussie says:

    King Eric … g’day mate, how’s things? Fletcher is also a natural leader and a total competitor. If this is the end for him, he will be sorely missed.

  22. Ausnick2001 says:

    I’m a medical student and I can tell you that the only way to cure yourself of ulcerative colitis is to remove your entire large bowel and have a stoma put in place of it. I’m really not sure if you can feasibly carry on a professional sports career after having this sort of operation. It interfers with nutrient absorption and on top of that, you are excreting into a bag for the rest of your life.
    I love fletch so much, but I fear the worst
    for him

  23. NBI Red Onion says:

    That sounds awful. The excreting into a bag bit. Cant see him playing with that. Can he not excrete normally after an operation? Is that always the outcome.


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