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Fletcher Ready To Follow Neville?

“It’s a squad game,” Fletcher said ahead of the Champions League final against Chelsea in May. “Nobody likes not playing – and I definitely don’t – but I accept it. That’s down to a few different factors and the form of the team. There’s a lot of competition among the players. It’s a Champions League final and I’m training hard to show the manager I’m worthy of a start or to be involved in some way. You saw that in the final in 1999 – it was the subs who made an impact when they came on. There is such a great team spirit. Whoever is selected in the starting 11, the rest of the lads will get fully behind them. We all want to achieve success for Manchester United and no matter who scores the winning goal we will all be delighted.”

Fletcher sat on the bench throughout normal time, extra time and penalty, watching on as his team mates claimed the third European Cup title for Manchester United.

Earlier this month, I asked whether Darren Fletcher was important to United, following yet another interview from Sir Alex Ferguson praising our Scottish midfielder. I was quite surprised when 65% of the voters thought that Fletcher deserved equal rotation with our other midfielders. However, 21% felt Fletcher’s place at United was as a sub or against weaker opposition. Although only 3% wanted him sold.

Today, Fletcher has been linked with a move away from the club and I will not be surprised if he is interested.

The press today are suggesting that David Moyes is interested in signing Fletcher for as little as £4 million, which I imagine Fergie will laugh at. Kieran Richardson made United £5.5 million with his transfer fee last summer, so there is no way our manager will let his precious Scot go for the pitiful amount being mentioned.

According to reports, Fletcher brings home £25,000 a week, which is something Everton could at least afford to match.

After seeing the success of Phil Neville at Everton, transforming from a bit of a joke in this country to established club captain, I’m sure Fletcher would be tempted by the same move.

If Fletcher is to be sold, what should our asking price be?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Patrik says:

    I wouldn’t sell him for anything less than 10 million. But I believe it would be very hard to find a similar player, that accepts the bench and that really love United. I really hope he stays

  2. David Quinn says:

    Fletch is a big game player, he was fantatic against Arsenal and the 7-1 trashing of Roma. I don’t think his performances are consistant enough to warrant a place in the starting 11 however if he’s happy to be a sub then I don’t mind him staying.

  3. jsos says:

    I do NOT want him to leave. He loves our club and he is important to it. We need players like him and I hope we do all we can to keep him around. With the kind of season we had last year, we really need to focus on maintaining our current squad. While some changes are inevitable always, I think the loss of Fletcher, losing that flexibility, would be more detrimental than good

  4. Jak says:

    He can be fantastic on his day, and if he’s happy with his role, more power to him. But I also wouldn’t blame him if he looks elsewhere. It’s his career afer all. But as Patrik said, I wouldn’t sell him cheaply.

  5. denton davey says:

    Don’t sell this kid .

    He had terrible luck with injuries in his late teens and then was played out of position but when he has been given the opportunity to work as a defensive midfielder then he has more often than not come-up-trumps.

    Another thing to consider is that Fletcher is one of those gangly, somewhat-uncoordinated guys who seem to be late developers. Having spent a lot of time on getting him to the point where he is likely to have physically matured, it would be sheer lunacy to sell him.

    To be sure, Darren Fletcher doesn’t have Anderson’s innate skill or strength but he is a quality squad player and, like John O’Shea and Wesley Brown, he will likely get into about 40 games and not embarrass himself or the team. These guys are simply invaluable – much like Massimo Ambrosini at ACMilan.

  6. Drew Vader says:

    I dont want him to leave either, but if he wants to, who can blame the lad? And i think all of us united fans should wish him well if thats what he decides. It could also help us out because then Everton would start taking some points off of arsenal!!

  7. badger says:

    Fantastic? Please! Fletch is a good player and nothing more, he will never be good enough to command a regular starting place at United and will hold up the development of somebody with true talent, i.e. Possebon, by blocking his path into the first team squad. For all this talk of Fletch being a big game player he didn’t get a look in against Chelsea (league and CL) and others are far ahead of him – if Fletch starts more games than Anderson or Hargreaves (injuries withstanding) something is badly wrong at OT.

    Fletch would find his level at the likes of Everton just like P Neville did.

  8. austin says:

    does that mean only 3% of our fans are idiots?
    i,d really like to believe that but i reckon its a lot higher judging by some of the moronic posts iv read on various sites the last few years!
    p.s. hope he stays as i dont think his case is like nevilles. neville was older for a start but i also believe fletch has the potential to be a carrick, barry, hargreaves type player when hes older. if he,d played regularly for the last 4 or 5 yrs maybe he,d be at their level or somewhere near by now?

  9. Tom F says:

    Hopefully not but you couldn’t blame him, eh? I think Fletch does have the chance to grow in the next few years.

    You see the rave reviews Barry gets, he did fuck all for years (though did play regularly) I hope Fletch sticks it out. He is a great part of our squad.

  10. Gab says:

    Fletch is a good player to have in the squad. For now some may think he wont get too much chances but remember Anderson is going to the olympics for almoust a month and also Scholes isnt getting younger. After Scholes retires we will have 4 midfielders only, if we let Fletch go we will need to sign one midfielder again.

    He has matured since a couple of seasons and its gonna get more time of play, he may not be a starter in our team but we surely need him. He is 24 and has a lot of experience in the scottish team also.

  11. KingOfZamunda says:

    All the Fletch haters out there getting all happy about a paltry 4 mill bid from Everton, you really do live on a diet of The Sun/The Mirror/Teletext sports media don’t you?? Effin hell, get your heads out of your b-holes and get a grip- Manchester United FC is not the institution it is today for the want of having ‘superstar’ players in every position, it is for having the character and depth of squad, skill and versatility in players and style of football on the pitch as well as conduct off the pitch. There is a serious lack of respect for the likes of Fletch/O’Shea/Wesley and I think it is condoned by far too many of the Manc faithful(glory hunting numb nuts).
    I’d like to hear Scott’s explicit opinion either way in this matter- no an answer to the following question- Doesn’t it pee you off, folks coming up on your blog belittling the players mentioned? I understand it’s a matter of opinion and the whole point of blogging is to entertain ping pong posts but surely the lack of appreciation and understanding of what these players have done for the club, in big games or otherwise, individual and team contributions, their cult hero status and what they continue to offer the club irks you some? Or is it that you’re happy as long as there is website traffic and keeping a dignified silence encourages further uninhibited venting of spleen from the not so righteous amongst us?

    Tom F- Voice of Reason as per usual!

  12. OTRed says:

    Its not a matter of how much, but we shouldn’t even sell him at all. He’s one of our utility players like O’Shea and we need players like him, Fergie has come out in the press to praise him, so i don’t think we’re planning to sell.

  13. boolman says:

    I like the way he steps up a gear on the big matches unlike cristiano. I remember the goal against chelsea and the ac milan (3-2), roma (7-1), arsenal (4-2 and 4-0). We shouldn’t even think about selling a valuable sqiad player.

  14. luke says:

    just please leave the club. look at how we have to replace him and how easy it could be to sign someone else like him. whats this “hes a big game player”. if he cant make the selection against weaker opposition what chance does he have ion the big stage. we have 5 central midfield players id rather play ahead of him and we can field 2 at a time.

  15. suhayl says:

    bench ok for him….but he was to go reluctantly…8 mill to 10 mill..pref 10 would do it

  16. dickson says:

    Fergie will never let him go, not just because he is a valuable squad player that is ever reliable. A lot of people seem to forget about UEFA’s “home grown” rule that requires every club to have a certain amount of player brought up by the club/ from the club’s nation, etc etc.


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