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Fletcher Takes “Extended Break” From Football

Manchester United have today confirmed that Darren Fletcher will take an extended break from football for health reasons.

Fletcher has been suffering from ulcerative colitis for some time which has lead to long periods on the sidelines.

The club’s medical staff have advised that he takes time out from playing to give him the best “chance possible of achieving full remission once again.”

Get well soon, Fletch.

What is ulcerative colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the large intestine (colon) and rectum.

The cause of ulcerative colitis is unknown. People with this condition have problems with the immune system, but it is not clear whether immune problems cause this illness.

About half of patients with ulcerative colitis have mild symptoms. Patients with more severe ulcerative colitis tend to respond less well to medications.

Permanent and complete control of symptoms with medications is unusual. Cure is only possible through complete removal of the large intestine. The risk of colon cancer increases in each decade after ulcerative colitis is diagnosed.

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  1. Fred says:

    Michael Owen better than Torres :lol:

  2. Paco Rabane says:

    Welbeck >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Torres

    Actually surprised some still think the bitch has something left in him. He’ll end up at Malaga. They’ve got the money. Not us, though. ;)

  3. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    slim, Oh, and I completely agree that most arguments start because of pre-determined mindsets. That is why there debates. My mindset is simple: I don’t want Torres anywhere near United. However, my argument is because he isn’t a financially viable option. Some people will ask how I can state this. I draw my inferences based on what I read elsewhere and I agree with most of the assessments that have been made on our wage bills on the Internet. Hence, I utilize that line of reasoning as to why Torres is not financially viable given what he is currently earning at Chelsea. I don’t expect everyone to agree with that and that is completely fine by me.

    Leaving aside the issue of finance, I just don’t like him as a character. Like I said, I never liked Ronaldo as a character either. Some part of me still has an issue with Nani as a character and a large part of me is starting to have an issue with Rooney as a character. So, I am not particularly biased. Unfortunately the latter two play for us and require my unrequited support which I duly provide. Torres, on the other hand, does not. And I don’t want one more prima donna in the United squad.

    In terms of football, I think it is not form. I kinda agree with Costas in that he doesn’t have someone like Sir Alex in his ear all the time and that could be the issue. However, I am not sure. Part of me – again due to my mindset – wants to think that it has something to do with his attitude in general. However, no one can be sure of what it is.

    Maybe he will start firing like he did. Maybe he won’t. I don’t think it is worth a 20 million bet to see whether he starts firing or keeps misfiring.

    Either ways, I am definitely off. I just wanted to add that extra bit before I hit the sack very late.

    Oh, and all of these posts discussing slim’s original point are complete crap, since this is something that is not even a remotely possibly consideration. However, it is a nice source of discussion even if it is based a completely baseless hypothetical situation.

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Anyway the priority right now is bringing in quality midfielders or bringing through. We aren’t lacking in the striking department but with berbatov and owen soon to depart then it’s not a bad idea to bring in another striker or two because as a team, you can’t ever stop improving.

    Fergie seems to like macheda so the italian may well fill a part of the void if he can come back from his potential loan spell to a premier league club as a stronger and much improved player, i wouldn’t hold my breath on that but perhaps Fergie sees potential that others don’t….,-.

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    So Fred, Proper United legends there. If not for the fact that Michael won his EPOTY in a LFC shirt, that picture could have Owen it it for his accomplishments. It will never ever have Torres. Just sayin……. Owen as scored.

    BTW New tread up for those that are interested!

  6. slim says:

    Paco Rabane

    i concur. In a year or so the boy is going to be a beast

  7. Mr C says:

    First up, best wishes to Fletch and his family. Fletch is a young man so it must be crushing for him mentally as well as physically to be struck down with such a debilitating illness in his prime.

    Given the comments above from those who know about the illness, I doubt whether the nature of it was much of a ‘mystery’ at all to SAF and key insiders at the club. If this is so – in fact regardless of whether they knew the extent of the illness or not – it is to United’s and SAF’s credit that they stood by Fletch all this time, giving him every encouragement to regain his position on the team. Again, United has shown an all too rare example of loyalty and decency to a business that is overrun by inflated egos and money mad whores.

    It’s sobering to think that had Fletch been playing for the likes of City or Chelski or some similar despot owned shit-hole for mercenaries he’d probably have been thrown on the scrap heap at the first whiff of a problem. This is why I never wanted the likes of Sneijder and his piss taking, corrupting demands on our books. MF crisis? Marquee signings? Fuck off. It’s irrelevant at a time like this and we’ll get by even if we have to bring on the kids. We’ve won more trophies by keeping our values than all the Chelskis and Shitty’s combined.

    Good luck Fletch.

  8. StatesideAussie says:

    King Eric … “First liverpool player to get to a ton in the quickest time.” A ton of what, though, mate? Surely not goals. According to Wikipedia, he scored a total of 81 goals in 142 games for the dippers, including 65 goals in 102 PL games. In 10 full seasons in top-flight leagues (Spain and England), he has only reached or bettered 20 league goals once — that was his 24 in 07/08. At Madrid, his best league haul was 19. I’ll admit there was a time when I thought he would be a world-beater — but even then, I was thinking of it as something he would become, not something he already was. As in, “If this guy keeps going, he’ll be in the 2 or 3 best in the world.” But he didn’t keep going. Maybe it was injury that did him, maybe it was a change of club, maybe whatever. I don’t know.

  9. StatesideAussie says:

    Mr C … top post, that. I’ll put my hand up and say I wanted Sneijder — but I put my hand back down again pretty quick when I heard what he was asking. Of course, none of us really knows what he wanted — but all of the figures I heard were off the planet. And even if they were all wrong, I look at like this: it seemed apparent the club did attempt to get him, and it seems obvious that the sticking point wasn’t the fee but the wages. And any player who turns us down because we aren’t prepared to pay his wage demands, is by definition taking the piss. Good riddance!

  10. King Eric says:

    Paco Rabbane. Preferred the old Jazz and Kourous at school myself! Urgh. Ha. No mate I aint saying Lucas is any better than modric but I have never rated Modric. Ask Willie. Where the fuck is Willie? I just don’t buy this “creative“ player he is line. He scores and assists fuck all and rarely controls a game. Yes he is neat and tidy but that’s all I see. I really do want to like him but whenever I watch spurs I pay particular attention to him and to me he always appears ordinary. Nowt like worth the forty mill spurs want for him. That’s just my opionion of course as I know there are plenty that rave about him. Yet to see him boss a big game.

    Oooh. How harsh and slack was that of Fulham. Six seconds to hold on.

  11. Paco Rabane says:

    A ton of shit! Lol. Seriously though, he was class, for a few seasons. Never seen any striker make Vidic look ordinary, the way he did. He peaked in the 08/09 season. He, and Gerrard were mustard that season. Took United to the cleaners in the game I like to forget. Funny thing though, neither player has hit the same heights since.

  12. Paco Rabane says:

    @King Eric

    Stats aren’t everything though. If you always go by stats to judge a player, then Charlie Adam would’ve been one of the best players in the prem last season. Modric is a player who makes Spurs tick. He probably should be scoring more goals. If you’re judging him with the likes Scholes, Gerrard and Lampard, then his stats certainly don’t stack up. Goal wise, anyway. Carrick is a prime example. He doesn’t bang the goals in, but is anyone seriously telling me, he doesn’t serve a purpose for United? Of course he does. We all know how good Xavi is. Not known for his goal output though. Not comparing Modric to Xavi and Scholes by the way lol. Just making a point!

  13. Zibbie says:

    DECEMBER 14, 2011 AT 21:20
    wayne says:
    Zibbie no doubt would have earned more money at City.A lot of lads think Sir Alex put on an act when he went public,I think Rooneys actions really hurt the great man.
    Sir Alex had no choice otherwise letting him go to City would have been a sign of weakness,still think if the price and timing was right Sir Alex would ship him out

    I agree, Rooney fucked up he knew it almost as he said those hurtful things. A G. Nev story was linked some months back. Rooney comes in to the looker room and he says sorry to G. Nev and Gary said fuck you what are you doing here he heard Rooney out told him to say sorry to every one man to man he did they moved on.
    I liked the 30 some guys who showed at Rooney’s house that night. I do believe on the SAF pissed off thing, he was more upset with the Glazzers they did not offer more without threats from the Rooney camp.

  14. luv2lift92 says:

    I think it is time to try Ashley in the midfield. His passes are short, Cleverly like. Why not?

  15. smartalex says:

    “I know exactly how difficult it is and I wish Darren all the best because it can be dealt with,” Bath flanker Lewis Moody told The Sun.

    “I know how frustrating it can be because it can take quite a time to work out exactly what is wrong. And while there is no definitive cure you just have to accept that every case is individual.”

  16. T. says:

    Fuck!!! It is so unfair. Why doesn´t those how deserve it get those kind of diseases like Terry or Suarez or for that matter Rooney after last years debacle. NO instead it happens to the most down to earth, hardworking, making-the-talk-on-the-field-kind-of-players like Fletch. It´s fucking not right!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get well really really quick cause it´s already proven that Giggs and jones isn´t trustworthy in the center, and we can´t depend on T.C how seem to break down pretty often and we can´t play with Carrick alone in the center of the park, even do I think he will manage that too.

  17. smartalex says:

    I just got my third sms this month advising me of a £500,000 win in a compo I never entered.
    I’ll put all 3 x £500,000, being 1½ million Pounds Sterling, into the fund to keep Torres away.

  18. King Eric says:

    Stateside – Oh my mistake. I thought he had a hundred goals. He was the first to fifty then!!!


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