At first glance there appears to be little correlation between football and gambling. However with just a bit of scrutiny, the skills needed to do well at both become fairly evident.


Football players have achieved some fairly impressive results at casino games. The media has given a great deal of attention to current and former players who play poker either professionally or at least on a serious level. This includes former players like Sam Trickett, who grew up as a “huge Manchester United” fan, started playing after an injury sidelined his professional career. He is now one of the world’s top earning poker players. The skills that Trickett and others have learned on the pitch and taken to the casino apply not only to poker but to all casino games.


Learning the rules

Whether you are playing online roulette, blackjack or baccarat or playing in a land based casino, the first step is to learn the rules. Football players have the rules down pat and spend a good amount of time studying them, even after spending years playing the game. Regardless of the game you play you should have a very thorough understanding of all of the rules of the game. Not only will this help you play better, this understanding will prevent you from making mistakes that can turn a win into a loss.


Exploit the odds

Football matches are often won by the team that exploits small edges. In the casino, you have to know the odds for every wager you place. Knowing the odds will allow you to play correctly and will also give you the best chance at a favourable result. It will also allow you to manage your bankroll and to choose games that best shoot your attitude.

Risk versus Reward

Football players quickly learn when to take risk. Good players know that making a risky move is foolhardy when the play could turn a victory into a defeat. They are also keenly aware of the times when a calculated risk can result in a victory.

At the casino tables, this applies to the type of wagers made as well as the amount. Roulette provides a perfect example of risk versus reward in the casino. Single number bets offer the highest payout with 35-to-1 odds. Betting on red/black or even/odd offer basically even money payouts, but with far less risk. There are numerous wagers between this two ends of the payout structure. Most players spread their wagers across a wide range of numbers and possibilities, rather than simply betting on one single number.



Few football matches are won in the first few minutes and in most cases are decided within the last few minutes. Patience is a key component of casino play. While most players dream of instant wins, the better players make it a point to exercise a great deal of patience. They use their understanding of all of the items listed and play for the long term results, not instant gratification. This makes the gaming experience far more enjoyable, and prevents the player from making wagers out of frustration instead of from a well-thought out approach.