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Forest Not Impressed With Martin

After a disappointing loan spell with Sheffield United, Lee Martin tried his luck with Nottingham Forest. His initial one-month loan was extended up until the end of the year. However, Martin will return to Old Trafford after his last game for Forest against Norwich on December 28th.

Amongst the Forest faithful, opinion on our 21-year-old winger was mixed. Whilst hailing his potential, they didn’t see enough of his skill and pace for consistent periods during his four month long loan.

Martin has now spent time at Royal Antwerp, Rangers, Stoke City, Plymouth Argyle, Sheffield United, as well as Forest, with his injuries having an impact on every stint away from the club.

After being named Antwerp’s Fans’ Player of the Season in 2006, Martin has gone from club to club, getting limited game time due to re-occurring injuries.

Better he get out now, rather than wait until he’s 23-years-old like Chris Eagles!

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  1. EastStandManc says:

    If the Tosic deal goes through, it’s curtains I’m afraid

    Sad, but as you say, better that he goes now so he can establish himself somewhere and progress, than stagnate here.

  2. free_kick says:

    Didn’t do too bad
    1 goal
    1 assist
    3og’s came from his delivery freekick /corners
    in what 9 games or so?

  3. Red-Manc says:

    He’s one of them players who are decent but you know will just never be good enough for United, shame though best of luck to the lad.

  4. Tom F says:

    what RED-Manc said…

  5. SteRDLK says:

    If he was given some playing time at Unite we could see how good he is, and if he isn’t good anough we can at least say he was given a chance, which should be the case with all United prospects.

  6. Rob says:

    Sterdlk, what the hell are you talking about? Give every United ‘prospect’ some games in the league or the european cup, so we can say they were ‘given a chance’. Even if the players in question are distinctly mediocre at best, and not fit to lace Darren Fletchers boots, and that’s REALLY saying something!!! Thank god you’re not in charge!!!

  7. Husky Red says:

    As a forest fan I’m sorry to see him go. He scored a wonder goal, had a couple of off games then seemed to fall out of favour and we havent seen him since.

    Paul Anderson from Liverpool has been better, but I’m sure Lee would have done well with a run in the side. I was raving about him after his first couple of games, so he clearly has the potential.

    If he goes somewhere with a better manager you never know what he’ll do.

  8. jkaemufc says:

    Hi all,
    I’m a manutd fan that now resides in Cornwall due to work, when i heard that lee martin signed on loan i was over joyed that the nearest pro club had signed a man utd youngster on loan. I saw every home game he played and i have to say he impressed me thoroughly. injuries could well be a thing that dogs his career and that would be a big shame. However i think and belive that he could do it in the preimership and that does lie away from old trafford. Like kieron richardson who is shinning at sunderland.

    At the moment we’ve left craig cathcart on-loan at home park. He looks good but i dont think he’ll cut it either.

  9. EastStandManc says:

    After SAF’s comments today, it looks like he’ll be coming back to take what would’ve been Tosic’s place.

    6 months with us as we challenge on 4 fronts should be enough to make an ultimate decision in the Summer.


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