Diego Forlan has given an interview with United Review, where he discusses the two goals in three minutes that he scored against Liverpool in 2002.

I remember those goals very clearly. They came at a difficult time for me. I was not playing so much and hardly playing in the big games. I didn’t feel like a footballer. I was training but not playing. At the start of my time at United, I was OK about sitting on the bench or even in the stands, but then I wanted to be playing 90 minutes.

That game against Liverpool was one time I played a full game. It was not an easy game to start in and the first half was difficult, I didn’t see much of the ball. Part of me was thinking that I was going to be substituted but it all changed in the second half. Gary Neville was the first to come up to me after the game as we celebrated. He looked me in the eyes and said: ‘They’ll never forget you here after that.’

I always remember that. I knew there was a big rivalry but I didn’t fully understand it. I was a guy from Montevideo, how would I? But I began to understand the importance after that, by the reaction of the players and the travelling fans behind the goal. And Gary was right.

It doesn’t get much better than scoring twice for Manchester United at Anfield. None of my other achievements earned me a special song like scoring at Anfield did!