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Former Manchester United coach gets Fulham job

Rene Meulensteen has taken over first team duties at Fulham after Martin Jol was sacked today. The London club find themselves in the relegation zone having lost 6 of their last 8 games.

Having been sacked by Anzhi after just a few weeks, Meulensteen returned to England and took up the job of Head Coach, working under fellow Dutchman Jol.

“I have spent many hours talking with Martin Jol and we share a vision of how football should be played,” Meulensteen said when he got the job. “It is our job to make sure we can bring this vision to life on the pitch for the fans.”

It was reported that Jol’s sacking was on the cards and that Meulensteen had been brought in to take over when the inevitable dismissal took place.

“You can always speculate on things,” Jol said last week, when asked whether he expected Meulensteen to replace him. “For me that is not an issue. I know him well, for at least 25 years. He is a very good trainer and coach. He was not a manager before so I think his qualities are on the pitch in the week.”



  1. Fletch™ says:

    Good luck to Rene. Top coach!

  2. zibbie says:

    OK napped, had a shower, Pool loss cool.
    Hollow still.

    To many stupid fouls,

    Wazza on another plain.
    Only Henry has more Pl goals at one club


    Wayne spot on, Gunners to fumble.

    Wazza on the Gunners where would the Pl be?
    Careful what you wish for.

    FA, CL cups…

    Splash the cash and wait @ see, this time next year.

  3. zibbie says:

    I still take joy from them.

    To watch how this develops will be fun.

    A tough transition form Gill @SAF to new guys. Bad transfer window. Left MF holes.

    Rooney will be a 20-20 man.

    Turnover of 4-7 first team players in the next 14 months.
    Transition, made more difficult by a double change.
    1 or 2 shockers.

  4. Tommy says:

    Good luck Rene, it was always on the cards when Jol brought him in to be honest, Shame for Martin he strikes me as a decent chap and it would be good if he one day got back into English football!


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