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Foster: I Want To Spend A Decade Or More At Biggest Club In The World

Ben Foster was Man of the Match against Tottenham Hotspur in this weekend’s League Cup final, making a couple of good stops during the match, as well as saving the first penalty in the shoot-out.

He has been unlucky with injuries in his time at United, but Sunday was certainly his chance to shine and show people exactly what he’s capable of.

Foster isn’t sure what role he will play with the club next season, but is sure that he wants to stay here for many years to come, lifting more trophies along the way.

“I don’t want to even think about leaving United,” said Foster. “The two years I had on loan at Watford, playing week in, week out, were great. I want that here. I’ve not spoken to the manager about next season so I don’t know how things will pan out. I have just got to keep doing my best and we will see what happens. I am at the biggest club in the world and I want to stay here for as long as I can. Hopefully, I’ll have a decade or more here and I want this Carling Cup to be the first of many more trophies to come my way.”

Sir Alex Ferguson has already claimed Foster will be the future England number one and our keeper made the first step towards doing that at the weekend.

“I’ve got my eyes on being in the England squad for the World Cup finals in South Africa next summer. That’s a big target for me, like any player,” Foster added. “David James is the England No1 but there are a lot of keepers scrambling for places underneath him — Green, Carson, Kirkland, Robinson, Hart. I’ve not been in a squad since Fabio Capello took over because of injuries. And I accept Capello can’t pick anyone who isn’t playing regularly.”

Forgetting England, will Foster be our number one next season?

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  1. Mr Shah says:

    It all depends on the fitness and sharpness of van der sar.

  2. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    when was the last time a united keeper was englands number1

  3. james f says:

    “I am at the biggest club in the world”. Yes, that’s the right mentality for a United player.

  4. Mila says:

    I loved when he said “We are United and we want to win it all” or something along those lines.
    I really want United to give hm mor chances, and was disappointed to see that Kuz was picked ahead of Foster against Blackburn. Maybe now, Foster will get more games and hopefully become United’s N1 keeper. But I really doubt it will be next season, as long as VDS is fit, Fergie will keep selecting him.

  5. Oooodz says:

    I don’t know. Fergie has never mentioned anything about his future potential at United, only his future with England.

  6. costas says:

    Foster has seen off Kuszczak as United’s number two.When VDS renewed his contract,Fergie said that next season he would be really challenged by whoever is his succesor.I really hope that he stays.After a long time,a United keeper will become the definitive England number 1.James has experience,but other than hin there is no one else.So Ben is the future for both United and England.I have supported United 15 years and i have seen the golden generation of the academy.And even though the academy has given us some glorious,wingers,midfielder and defenders,it has never given us a goalkeeper and a striker of United quality.Let’s hope Ben and Danny Welbeck will be those who finally make it.

  7. wazza says:

    Foster has wat it takes to be d no.1 at United.Fergie will definitely play Ben more against d weaker teams next season.Foster has a special feature that, he kicks wit his left foot & throws wit his right hand.Hope he signs a new long term contract soon :-)

  8. Androo says:

    He’s def better than the Polish flop. I am absolutely baffled at Sir Alex’s insistance of playing Kusczak. IMHO he is absolute bollocks.

  9. Hakan says:

    Foster has impressed me every time I’ve seen him, which Kuszczak hasn’t. On Sunday’s evidence Foster certainly looks capable of taking over from VDS. I hope he gets more chances to prove that next season.

  10. Giles Oakley says:

    I can see a defence based on Foster, Rafael, Evans and Fabio plus , maybe, Chester or one other being our bedrock for years to come. Brilliant.

  11. costas says:

    Apparently,Kuszczk thinks that the English Press are giving Ben preferential treatment.Normally i wouldn’t defend the press if my life depended on it,but he is wrong.Tomasz,just like Tim Howard,Roy Carroll and even Fabian Barthez before him has to realise when you have passed your best opportunity to become United’s number 1.He started in the best of circumstances(saving a penalty with Arsenal at home) but he has commited the same violation once too often.I don’t know if he is unlucky but he has been there at some of our worst times.3 come to mind:

    1)He was the goalkeeper that commited the penalty that knocked us out of the FA cup last year,spoiling a unique opportunity to repeat the treble.Even though that day our wasteful finishing is more to blame rather than Tomasz.
    2)He was in goal for the second half of the game at the Bridge.We were well on our way to breaking Chelsea’s unbeaten home record when VDS get injured and Kuszczak comes on.A moment of hesitation by him allows Kalou to equalise and Liverpool make a feat that should have been ours.
    3)Lack of communication with Rio allows Santa Cruz to score and end our run without conceding.Even though in my eyes,VDS still hasn’r conceded in the league.Oh,and VDS hasn’t conceded in 12 games in all(ever since the Osaka game).
    Anyway,i feel that Tomasz has had his chance and not it’s Ben’s time.Personally i have a special place in my heart for him ever since those two brilliant saves at Derby last year.Could Kuszczak have kept both out?I doubt it.

  12. invertedquestionmark says:

    He’s not going to be No1 for United next year but he’ll get even more practice, so in August 2010 he’ll be ready.

  13. King Eric says:

    Definately prefer Ben to Kusckac and has I have said on an earlier blog it baffles me as to why SAF insists on the pole. In addition to everything else people have mentioned, Ben gives the defence confidence which is lacking hugely when PIG in goal. That to me is very important.

  14. ronnyronnyjohnsen says:

    Just gonna say, Ben didn’t come from the United Academy we signed him from Stoke for 1 mil. Money very well spent, when i saw him on loan at watford i imediatley went down the bookies and put a tenner on him becoming Englands Number 1 by 2012. Looking good so far. I think he will definatlety challenge VDS next season. Feel a bit sorry for Kuszczak tho, the English media do tend to hype up any up and coming English player.

  15. SULLY says:

    Ben Foster will be at Manchester United for many years to come, and that’s all that matters to us as United fans. We ( well, certainly I dont ) dont give a fuck about Ingurland. I dont care a jot about Ingurland… They’re a gang of tossers the lot of them!!! The entire England set-up is anti-United. Southern Bastards

  16. davetian says:

    Wouldnt it be nice if Big Ben Foster went on loan next season, got an entire campaign under his belt in the premier league, went to the world cup, then returned to united as number one after VDS retires next season? I think there’s a very real possibility it could happen.

  17. davetian says:

    Oh, and i personally think Kuszczak is a pretty awful keeper. He’s already spoke about replacing VDS so he’s clearly not happy being number 2. What we dont want is a Howard / Carroll situation again where no keeper is the definitive number 1. It’s bad for the club and means the defence never really looked settled. What we’d give for another Van Der Gouw eh? An excellent keeper who never complained, but was always ready when we needed him. I get the feeling that when Foster is number 1, Kuszczak isnt gonna be happy occupying that position.

  18. five says:

    I’d like it when eventually VDS retires and Foster takes over(Come on Kuzkzhack wont make it)we buy an experienced and travelled keeper who’ll play backup without whining.

  19. dk says:

    i admit foster is a bit better than Kuszczak currently, but from the lst day ever since people keeps seems to judge foster based on his english nationality. i’m still not impressed with foster, he has never kept a clean sheet before the cup final. only few more matches will tell whether whose no 1. Costas , i see u blaming PIG for goals he let in, about about foster ? u seems to pointed out kuszack’s only two poor games. U failed to pointed foster ‘s poor games too. foster ‘s league cup game against blackburn is terrible. i wonder what people here will say if tomask Kuszczak is the hero in final instead of ben, i won’t seems some people prasing ben. Kuszczak is a decent keeper but the way u attack him seems biased. He isn’t a flop at all, i see him way better than barthez, carroll and howard .I don’t see why kuszack can’t be our no 1 if not for foster standing in his way. Foster seems to be a lot better in terms of his distribution and handling of crosses, but lost out to kuszczak on reflexes and height only. Foster seems to be relaxed to such extent overconfidence, the polish are nervous and determined. But for of them always give me A scare when they come out of line to deal with one and one situation. But foster haven’t give us clean sheet yet, few more matches for foster, then he’s no 1.

  20. Red fan says:

    I agree with invertedquestionmark,

    Next Season Ben will be given more games( He is just 25 now). I think he will be the 2nd Goalkeeper at the club. I think Foster is much much better than Kuszczak who i feel he hasn’t self confident like Ben. and don’t forget Ben Amos .. I watched him many times and he also has the potential to be 2nd goalkeeper after VDS retirement.

  21. NewtonHeath says:

    I think King Eric is spot on – the thing I noticed most on Sunday is the calming influence Foster had over the defence – it was very reminiscent of VDS.
    Kuszczak is an excellent shot stopper, possibly the best at the club. However, his decision making is attrocious and his handling of crossing is similar. Even when receiving pass backs, his kicking is always panicked.
    You could see during the Blackburn game, how his uncertainty spread throughout the team.
    Foster seems to be very similar to VDS in his all round game – I’d love to see him make it at United – my only concern would be that he seems a little injury prone – he needs to prove he can be relied upon to play regularly – if he can do that, he looks to have all the attributes to make a fantastic United keeper!!

  22. costas says:

    dk i would never discard a United player,especially a goalkeeper.Tomasz is a good keeper,but i think he has had the chance to prove if he can succeed VDS and he hasn’t come through.There is a definite problem with him coming out to collect the ball.Foster seems to have it to a lesser extent.But i do agree that we need to see more of him.Maybe Foster isn’t the right man either.At the game against Blackburn he conceded 3 but it was only his second game of the season.The fact is that as you said,Tomasz seems nervous.Like the United shirt never quite fit him.When Ben debuted against Derby and pulled off those 2 great saves,you felt like he was the real deal.However we should never forget that Tim Howard also started very promisingly.All i am saying is that at the moment,Ben should be given more chances to prove if he can succeed VDS.

  23. Jig says:

    Foster has the potential to be a much better keeper than Kuszczak but he needs to prove it time and again. He looked good in the cup final but has had a couple of dodgy performances so far this season – very nervous. Having said that, it will obviously take a run of games for his confidence to develop.

    I would agree with the ascertain that he gets preferential treatment from the English press, it’s only natural that English media get excited by a new prospect. It may seem unfair to Kuszczak but it’s fair to say that he hasn’t the skill to become the long-term no.1 – a very talented player but short of the high-standards set by Schmeichel and to a lesser extent VDS.

    Fosters’ status as future no.1 is not a certainty by any stretch of the imagination but he has a much better chance of making it than Kuszczak. Would like to see him used more often than Tomasz next season.

  24. ellioman says:

    I think Fergie will use next season to ease Foster into the nr.1 spot.

  25. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Its a quiet day in here today…

  26. Red-Manc says:

    Whenever Van Der Sar retires Foster will be ready to step it up and become our number 1, i think he’s a great goalkeeper not just going off the CC i kept an eye on him when he went to Watford and also i think he plays well whenever he’s got a game for us. Definatly should be our number 1 only when the mighty VDS calls it a day.

  27. costas says:

    North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row it is pretty quite today.I think that most United fans are nervous about the dippers.What if they win today?They will be right back in the hunt.Lol.Have you heard the latest one?The FSW blames the point gap on Torres’ absence.Of course United haven’t had any injuries at all right?

  28. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Yeah Costas, I heard the fat muppet blaming Torres injury on their dramatic collapse alright. What does he expect when he only has one striker? Im sure its Fergies fault aswell though that the scouse shites dont have back up for Britney, actually Im surprised it didnt make it onto his ‘facts’ list…

  29. costas says:

    North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row i have it on good authority that “Mr Ferguson” was the mastermind that convinced the Liverpool board to sell Robbie Keane back to Tottenham.

  30. King Eric says:

    Costas & North Stand: The man is a clown as we all know. Trying to put their failure down to Torres being injured. Even when he was fit he sometimes didn’t pick him anyway. He looks a shadow of last season. Absolutely dreadful first touch. I bet he is rueing the day he sold Keane without getting back up first. As we are all too aware Sunderland made it pretty hard for us at Home this season so I can see them getting 1 or 3 points against the dippers tonight as really can’t see them scoring. Wouldn’t be surprised if Portsmouth get summat out of Rentboys aswell. I see Fat Lumpard has been saying that they will claw back the lead on United. Yeah right!

  31. costas says:

    Last year if i had to choose between Tevez and Torres i would have picked Carlos.He is not as prolific but he has the biggest heart a footballer can have.King Eric are you going tomorrow at St JAmes’?

  32. King Eric says:

    Not too sure yet Costas. Just don’t fancy going up there on my own and sitting with the horrible Geordies. Still some tickets so may decide at last minute to go tomorrow. Only an hour or so away.

  33. Red-Manc says:

    King Eric, ive heard there should be a few spares going around for the United end, worth a go mate. I jibbed it last year and the pubs should be rocking i’d say its worth the trip up.


  34. costas says:

    Well even if you are among the Geordies,it should be a cracking game.I can’t remember the last time United didn’t play well there.A repeat of last year’s scoreline would suit me just fine…


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