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Foster: I’ll Give My All For Biggest Club In The World

Ben Foster, who has been called up for England this weekend, has today spoken of his desire to do well for Manchester United.

It is certainly his performance in the League Cup final which caught Fabio Capello’s eye, given that Foster rarely plays for United’s first team.

“I did my cruciate and that put me out for nearly a year,” said Foster. “Then I came back and broke a thumb and twisted my ankle. You learn to sit back a bit and realise when you’re playing first team football just how fortunate you are. I do a lot more work in the gym, even before we go out to training. I have changed my whole life pretty much, the things that I eat, the things that I do now. Now I’ve just got to calm it down and focus about being able to go out on the training pitch. I’m at the biggest club in the world and I don’t want to lose that. You probably do only get one chance of playing for the biggest club in the world. I’ve got to give it my all.”

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  1. Neli G says:

    tell ronaldo

  2. suhayl says:

    future utd keeper for 10 years after vds goes

  3. alex says:

    i love ben
    could u just kick some of that up ronaldo ass for everyone’s sake

  4. Revanth says:

    i rate this lad
    he has a bit to learn but he can be the United #1 if he keeps away from injuries

  5. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    englands number
    englands number
    englands number 1

  6. King Eric says:

    An excellent keeper, just wish SAF would put his trust in him more and let him start more games.

    Also do we really need to slag Ronaldo in every post? Unnecessary.

  7. the Count says:

    hope ben doesn´t take shiltons advice and put being Englands no.1 before being Uniteds no.1…

    @king eric I agree lets give the Ronaldo slagging a break!

  8. Kingston_Red says:

    Neli G – spot on. Ben’s definitely the future. Good attitude.

  9. costas says:

    With Villa and Porto so close to each other,Ben should get the nod in one of the two.I think that VDS is not at fault for any of the goals we have conceded recently,but he shouldn’y be playing 2 games in 48 hours.As far as Ben goes,i have said it before.I have a special place in my heart ever since the Derby game last year.He really saved our necks there.

  10. keanesmagichat says:

    well said lad, he will be numero uno next season

  11. five says:

    A defining moment in a cup final at Wembley. He’s already achieved more then so many others…I have faith in him being our next number one for years to come.

    Also hope Edwin goes into a coaching role!

  12. Tom F says:

    Ronaldo has the opinion that he can go to any club in the world, because he’s one of the stand out players in the world.

    Ben Foster, for all of his ability has yet to play more than 3 games in a row for United. I do however, look at the likes of Berbatov and Evra, even Tevez has said it: They love playing for the biggest club in the world and wouldn’t dream of changing it.

    I used to think foreign players in general are all hell bent on playing in the sun, but when you hear those above, and others talking about their pride for playing for this club, it shows.

    Ronaldo is definately proud, though you would never bet on that. He likes to be the centre of attention far too much.

  13. tewelde says:

    u deserve to be england number one player. please tell ronaldo what you mean

  14. ellioman says:

    Love the attitude he seems to have!


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