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Foster: I’m First Choice For England… Third Choice For United

ben foster englandBen Foster was again chosen to play for England this weekend but is disappointed not to get any outings for his club of late.

“It’s a weird one,” said Foster. “I am third choice for United yet I am playing for my country. It is very disheartening to not even be on the bench at United. Edwin is one of the best keepers in the world. I can’t really go knocking on the manager’s door and say he is not doing his job because he is.”

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  1. Stephen says:

    Nani has been poor when used, Ok he has not had a long run in the side but all players are over rotated in my view, personally I would have a first eleven and stick it for period of games, but Nani would not be in that side. When played he has not performed and throwing statistics at the argument does not wash for me, his decision making is poor, he goes down far too easily and shots from ludacrous positions and runs int cul-de-sacs he is young but not that young.

  2. Jay wire says:

    Are you saying stats are not applicable because you’ve got no logical reason to blame him? I brought stats to the table to support an arguement. Bring facts to support yours.

  3. Tufty says:

    GHTT, how can you say that “Obertan is higher up the pecking order”? As Nani has been sarting games, whilst Obertan was only a sub. That would suggest that Nani is actually higher up the pecking order!

    Nani has a lot more creativity than most in the United squad, at times when people blame Nani, they need to look at the bigger picture, for example who is playing at full back behind him, who is playing up front.
    Take the Bolton Game, Rooney was missing first alf and every time Nani broke with the ball, he had no option to give to in the box.
    Away at Stoks Nanin had a decent game, however with the score being 0-0, peoples frustration grew. There was two times that Nani could/should ahve gave the ball and didnt, Giggs came on, gave one pass and made it look simple, but in truth its not that easy to compare. Nani offers more of a goal threat and an attacking threat than Valencia or Park.

    As for Foster, the lad in reality is pretty in experienced compared to a lot of other keepers and has lost a lot of football through injury. The lad is still a top drawer keeper and will only get better. I wouldnt have an issue with him being our number one for years to come. The only reason the spotlight falls on him more than other keepers is beacuse he playes for Utd and because he is English.

    There are people on this forum who are very quick to slag players and write them off after one bad performance and who on the other hand are very quick to build players up after 30 mins on the pitch or in the case of Diouf/Llajic before they have even arrived at the club. I suppose thats one of the biggest problesm with modern day football fans and modern day United fans.

  4. reddarren says:

    100% agree with tufty – people are far to quick to write off players, as i have said so many times that its getting boring now, patience is needed with players, too many people are too obessed and expect immediate sucess with players. Development takes time, and by that i mean more than a handful of games at a time.
    As for Obertan, yes he has looked good with a few sub apperances but i dont think he is ready to make the 1st team place his own.
    Whats goin to happen if he plays 6 games in a row, after a few games he makes a few mistakes – ie wrong passes & shooting when he should have passed??
    I know what will happen – Everyone will be on here saying
    Hes not good enough, get rid, will never make it, why did we buy him, not a united player, we need to buy *insert any players name here*

  5. Stephen says:

    I want Nani to be a success but surely at 23 and over 80 games we now have an idea if he will make it a Old Trafford and how long do we give him? 100 games 200 games? He has been poor for a long time and for me it is obvious that we are probably too big for him, or we are not right for him facts or no facts I have eyes.

  6. Jay wire says:

    @ Stephen – Can you prove that Nani has been poor? I’ve proved and I think beyond reasonable doubt that he has been productive and effective. You haven’t.

  7. King Eric says:

    reddarren – It is a bit more than “6 games” though mate. He has been here 2 and a half seasons.

    Jay Wire – It is all opinions mate. You want to give him more time whereas personally I don’t think he will make it. I suppose THE only way to see is give him ten games or so consecutively.

  8. Steve99 says:

    When you think of some of the wide players we’ve had in the past like Coppell, Hill, Giggs (in his prime), Sharpey, Kanchelskis, Becks, Ronaldo, the current crop are no where near that level. Valencia is ok although certainly not special, Obertan i know its early days but he’s closer to bellion than ronaldo and nani just isnt going to make it. I understand where Jay Wire is coming from with regard to Nani’s stats but in my opinion stats only tell half the story. Ronaldo is 6ft+ and really bulked up and that power to make him almost impossible to stop. Ronaldo also obviously worked incredibly hard at his game whilst i’d doubt nani has the desire to put that work in. The biggest problem that the current crop of wide players is there is almost no goal threat. The previous wingers i mentioned would almost guarantee 10+ goals per season. Without goals from wide & midfield we are reliant on our strikers for goals and whilst Rooney & Berba are great players i don’t think they are 30 goals each per season. It could be a season of frustration where we drop soft points because we simply get the number of goals to kill teams off. I hope i’m wrong.

  9. reddarren says:

    King Eric – i dont think Obertan is ready to step into 1st team and play 6 games in a row, i still think nani is ahead of him and my opinoin would be to stick with nani for a bit of a longer run in team rather slate him after bein in and out of team

  10. Stephen says:

    Can I prove he has been poor? I watch him play mate that is all the proof I need there are “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” If you think he has been a success then I believe you need to open your eyes mate, he simply has performed well enough and no amount of talk will change that.

  11. RedDeviled Egg says:

    I have a hard time seeing how so many can claim that Nani is poor.
    If he is so bad then why are teams like Fiorentina, AC Milan, Inter, and Valencia showing interest in him.
    He is literally the only guy in our squad that has any creativity and flair. He’s willing to go at defenders and do it with some style and panache.
    Other than Rooney there are few that can take on defenders 1 v1. Valencia tries but he only has one move(fake left go right) because he only has one foot. It proved ineffective against a competent defender like Asshole Cole.
    If Nani was shown any sort of confidence in him he’d become the real deal.
    I’m positive that if we ship him out we will regret it

  12. King Eric says:

    “Style and Pananche”. Come off it mate he has been poor when given the chance this season. He has no style whatsoever. Just a flash bastard with no real substance.

  13. Stephen says:

    “Any sort of confidence in him?” He has played 85 games for us for fucks sake, and he has too much “confidence” in his own game rather than just get his head down and get on with his game and learn of players like Giggs.
    King Eric, Spot on pal.

  14. CROoney says:

    question – why is it ok to spit on nani and it’s forbbiden to do it on berba

    they both can produce flashes of brilliance and they can both be very frustrating to watch

    surely berba has imporved this season but he’s long way to go

    i say – stop being hypocrites – either criticise with gore both of em or stop doing it to both of em

  15. King Eric says:

    CROoney – You cannot compare Berbatov to Nani. Different league mate.

    Stephen – Spot on pal. Can’t understand how people are still siding for him. When Rooney, Giggsy and previously Ronaldo got the ball I get out of my seat in anticipation that great things will be done. When Nani gets the ball I just don’t get that, I am just waiting for him to run into a cul-de-sac or sky one over or get tackled and flap about. He is the THE most frustrating player I have seen at Old Trafford. He hasn’t really even shown glimpses of what he can do. I can count them on one hand. Spurs goal, Boro goal, dippers goal, Charity shield and Arsenal in the FA cup. Juggling a ball around and taking the piss is not talent. Even his goal celebrations annoy me. I just haven’t or ever will take to him.

  16. Demon says:

    Grow some fucking balls and fight for your place.


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