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Foster: I’m Happy To Commit Future To The Club

It was reported that Ben Foster was about to be offered a new four-year-deal which would double his wages back in June and today our keeper put pen to paper on the contract extension.

“I’m really happy to commit my future to the club,” he said. “The team spirit here is fantastic and working alongside Edwin and Tomasz has been a great influence on my career.”

Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed that Foster is the man to replace Edwin Van der Sar, something 40% of RoM readers thought should happen this coming season, 45% thought in 2010/2011, whilst 15% thought he wasn’t good enough.

“We are delighted that Ben has signed a new four-year deal,” Ferguson added. “Ben is seen as one of the best young goalkeepers in England and we genuinely see him as a successor to Edwin Van Der Sar.”

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  1. Jack says:

    United boss Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed that he expected Foster to eventually become the first-choice shot-stopper with the Premier League champions.

    He added: “We are delighted that Ben has signed a new four-year deal.

    “Ben is seen as one of the best young goalkeepers in England and we genuinely see him as a successor to Edwin Van Der Sar.”

  2. OTRed says:

    Thank heavens. Now Gibson next.

  3. ancha says:

    he is damn good..according to me….

    even though he raised doubts about him being successor to evds..with this on and off performances last season…..i think he will come in to the slot….if given a good run of games..

  4. ancha says:

    *his …not this

  5. alsoKNOWNasGREAT says:

    i’d rather like to se akinfeev in our club even though foster is also quite good :)

  6. N667 says:

    why do people keep claiming foster as the next best thing since sliced bread? coz he’s english?? he ‘s just bout an average keepr, can get better , imo he’s only a touch better than kuzczack.. may be he can better in time, nothing more., if he was tht good, he would already wrestled the no.1 jersey from vds n fergie wouldnt have made a request to vds 2 stay for another year..

  7. ancha says:

    its his injuries…thats worrying me….

  8. willierednut says:

    Foster deserves his chance.

  9. Altonian says:

    @N667 How can you expect Foster to have realistically muscled out VDS? He’s been our best keeper since Schmeichel. He’s hardly put a foot wrong, the odd mistake but overall he’s been great, certainly nothing that’d warrant him to get dropped.

    I’m glad he’s signed on, wouldn’t have suprised me if he looked elsewhere for 1st team football but he’s pretty much guaranteed to suceed VDS, not sure whether he will this season but if not definetly next.

  10. NorwegianDevil says:


    and you are clearly a keeper yourself? in a perfect position to judge his ability?

    I am one myself and I know a good one when I see one, and I can tell you that if Foster is given a solid run in the first team he will probably become the next best thing since sliced bread.

    Foster has all the attributtes to be a great GK. He’s fast and agile even tho he’s a big lad. He’s good with the ball at his feet (most of the time. Better then the average GK) and got a great long kick. His positining is good.
    Only thing I can say is that his areal ability could be better, but that will probably improve if he plays more often.

    And as my name suggests, I’m not English so he don’t get extra credit from me based on nationality. I judge on current and potential ability alone.

  11. ancha says:

    @norwegian devil.

    hope this piece of your comment…”if Foster is given a solid run in the first team he will probably become the next best thing since sliced bread. ”
    become true!

  12. davetian says:

    I reckon Big Ben will be a right fucking cracker, if he stops flapping at balls in the box. I still reckon he should be sent on loan this year to give him a chance of going to the world cup as number 1, then back to us as number 1.

  13. Macheda is GOD says:

    Amos is a brilliant goal keeper!

  14. Red-Manc says:

    Foster IS class, i couldnt care less if he’s english or not i’d only be biased if he was Mancunian ;)

    After his displays for Watford when he was number 1 all season i have alot of faith in him, he’s a good shot stopper and looks safe. alot better than kuzczack

  15. N667 says:

    @NorwegianDevil @Altonian
    all i meant is tht there’s unecessary hype over him. i did write tht in due time he may prove to be good, for nw he’an average joe just bout better than our pole in the goal…

    n bout bein best since schemichael is pushin it… best since .errr .. well may be the best since vds…

  16. MUFC the Religion says:

    well he’s better than Kuszcack. Kuszack is poor at best. Has to go. His catching and especially kicking is dreadful.

  17. King Eric says:

    Jack – You have just quoted what Scott had already done mate! Glad he is seen as the next number one and not PIG.

  18. sean_m11 says:

    15% said he isnt good enough!?! que…..

  19. redevil1878 says:

    thank fuck! i like him alot and its not just because hes english, he is a very good keeper, much MUCH better than kuszack in my eyes!

  20. cantona7 says:

    i dun really know how to judge a GK, most of the times i only look at their reflects, one-on-one, handling and kicking… i know they must also be good at positioning and communication with the back four but i dun know how you judge that.

    So i cannot judge Foster’s potential, but i think currently he is above average for his age. And I kinda like him too. So i do hope he will be given a chance to play for a longer run.

  21. unitedgirl15 says:

    I like him cos he waved at me :)

  22. dre says:

    promising foster hes next is not going to motivate him to get better.


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