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Foster: It’s Downhill After United

Ben Foster has today admitted that whilst he would like to stay at Manchester United, he wants to move on if he can’t get in to the first team.

After a frustrating few years with loan moves and injury, Foster finally had the chance to prove himself at the start of this season when Edwin Van der Sar was missing from August to October. Sadly for him, he failed to make the most of that opportunity and made several costly mistakes.

In all honesty, I feel fairly sorry for the lad. He has put his career on hold for more or less five years for a chance with United, despite him being capable of getting first team action at other Premiership clubs. Granted, he blew it this season, but you do have to think he will look back on his career and what might have been. Had he done a good job at the start of the season he could be the United number one and off to the World Cup, but as Foster acknowledges, it’s likely all downhill from here.

“You never want to leave Manchester United,” said Foster. “If you leave this club you are only ever going to go down, but I want to be playing football. I am not interested in just hanging around and I would go if the club wanted to sell me. If they are happy to accept a bid then you have to read between the lines and realise you are not really needed and move on. It would not be the end of the world for me.”

At the start of the season, with Foster playing more regularly for United, there was lots of talk of him going to the World Cup, however he concedes that is very unlikely now.

“I don’t think there is any chance of South Africa now,” he continued. “If he were to pick me it would be very unfair on some of the other goalkeepers. I have not played a first-team game for a good few months and some of the English lads out there like Joe Hart and Robert Green have been doing fantastic.”

Best of luck, Ben.

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    i just take this foster thing as it comes

    i believe the right des=cision will be made

  2. Julian says:

    real pity for ben. i was really backing him to be England’s No. 1. Guess those injuries he had when he joined Utd probably had an effect? will be sad to see him leave.

  3. parryheid says:

    Ta Ta Ben.

  4. mhihrh says:

    Honestly it looks like he isnt good enough. Kus didnt do too bad when he was given his chance so ben is third choice now. His kicking and decision making looks very shaky.

    I heard brum were interested in him. May turn out to be another tim howard but we dont have much choice if he wants regular football.

  5. AlphaRS says:

    He just didn’t take his chance like say Johnny Evan did.
    Pique had the same dilema but moved on and had the chance at Barcelona.
    There have been rumours that SAF is looking for a replacement keeper for VDS which leads me to believe he doesn’t have much confidence in Foster of Kuscak. I mean Foster was supposed to be the next big thing but I haven’t seen anythin to justify that to be honest. It’s a shame really but I think that perhaps United have too many promising youngsters at times and only a few get given the chance. For instance had Ronnie not been given the chance for 6 straight seasons their is no way he would have become the player he is today.

  6. Redrose says:

    I wouldn’t mind if we cashed in on Kuzschak too – and went for Kasper Schmeichel on a free.

  7. Costas says:

    I feel for Ben too. He had a great chance to make it at the start of the season, but it just couldn’t happen.

  8. Antipod says:

    when VDS was out…that was his chance, but he blew it.
    bottom line – he`s not good to be nr.1

  9. Marq says:

    Wish him well, and hope he do better somewhere else.

    Kuz had done decent enough, but he still lacks the air of someone who can command the defence. Buffon made some noise about prefering a move to England if he does move on, so maybe there could be a chance he could replace Van der Sar? That said, if Benitez really moved to Juventus, it would be hard to get him.

  10. bchilds says:

    I agree with mhihrhs assesment that he could turn out to be another Tim Howard – a ‘keeper with great quality but not good enough for United.

    Foster would be a top player for a Birmingham, Villa, Everton etc

  11. DEVILisRED says:

    think the pressure got to him when he got those chances at the start of the season. players, esp. keeper play on confident don’t they? but football is a funny game, things can turn around very quickly. he needed another break (vds injured again, not that i wish for, for god sake!). but have to admit doesnt look very promising now. let’s wait & see how things unfold. i for one, would like to see him have another go. Come on, do a nani Mr. Ben.

  12. stretfordend ryda says:

    he did blow his chance but since the city game, the few games he played for both club and country he actually played pretty good, i dont think its ability i think it was his nerves knowing how much pressure was on him also i think injuries have hamperd his progress, i’ve seen him a few times for the reserves this season and hes not put a foot wrong (apart from mondays game)

  13. parryheid says:

    For me I would leave Buffoon for others to squabble over and nab Gordon from Sunderland before The arsenal make the move for him.

  14. jespermoses says:

    I think we should try to bring Gordon to Old Trafford…still young and a tremendous all round keeper.

  15. bchilds says:

    And after VDS it’s downhill for United!

    Nah, not Craig Gordon for me – apparently Arsenal are more interested in Joe Hart than him, can’t help but feel if Hart goes to Arsenal he’ll be another Richard Wright.

  16. stretfordend ryda says:

    gimmie joe hart or gordon but it wunt hurt to have buffon either fuk loris he’s no better than foster and kushit akinfeev is good but abit over priced

  17. Wazza says:

    Feel for the lad. It must be noted that its easy for a lot of fans to just say the bottomline is he isn’t good. I think he was under immense pressure when he got the break in VDS’s absence. Pressure needs to be handled well, and at a club like United, we really can’t afford too many mistakes which is why he paid the price. Need to take this with a pinch of salt.
    @Redrose: Is Schmeichel really good enough? I know he performed well at city for sometime, but he’s been off the radar ever since, hasn’t he?

  18. Little Red Ant says:

    I think he has done ok but not a world beater. As they say “a good shot stopper” (but isn’t that his job??) anyway I think he does lack ability. Especially commanding the area as does Tomasz Kuszczak. He also cannot kick a ball very well – unlike VDS. We do need a good keeper but I have no idea who – leave it to SAF!!
    I think he needs a big pat on the back though for the loyalty he has shown

  19. Fred says:

    Better get your skis on then, Ben. Ta-ra.

  20. obertanthenewstar says:

    ben cant kick a ball very well?
    are u serious.. did u see that penalty he scored..smashed it top corner.. he has the best kicking ability.. maybe better than the legend vds… his kicks are great but nerves is his problem.. i dont think he’l ever make it at united as he gets too nervous and cant handle it.. other than that.. top keeper and would do great at brum… also just to add his height doesnt help him at all.. he doesnt know how to overcome that.. vds is blessed with height.. but i would want foster to go just yet.. give him another chance and we’l see

  21. Fze123 says:

    Sadly, he didn’t grab his oppourtinities with both hands – unlike Kuszack, who performed fantastically whenever called upon, and in VDS’s absence.

  22. MG says:

    Brilliant keeper but

    For whatever he’s had his goalkeeping mojo lost

    Much like Berba with his scoring mojo

    Sometimes you have to feel sorry for players

    Whether they stay or not depends on the gaffer

    After all the promise that he showed was phenomenal – but some of the mistakes he made were just diabolical – however no more so than anyone else

    Because some of the stuff – some of those saves were incredible

    Let’s wait and see – but players should not think of the WC first or at all

    If you play for United then it’s United or nothing

  23. King Eric says:

    obertanthenewstar – Ben CANNOT kick anything like Edwin. Edwin is the best distributor of the ball in Europe. Left foot or right foot.

  24. redscot says:

    I just dont rate him as a top keeper,but I wont critize him just very very sad.Thank you for your efforts Mr Foster wish you luck and to restore your confidence and the ability you displayed often.
    Good luck. all the best mate.

  25. ynnek says:

    I watched the game when he started against the Malaysian team. I was shocked to see him gave away the ball to one of the Malaysian striker! What a blunder…

  26. NSC says:

    he needs experience and vds needs to teach him about technique


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