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Foster Situation “Unfortunate”

Ben Foster’s Manchester United career has yet to really take off, following time away on loan, coupled with a shattering cruciate ligament injury.

The lad made a promising début against Derby last season and embarrassing enough, was our man of the match against arguably the worst side to ever play in the Premiership. He kept us in the game, saving well from a Kenny Miller striker, before Ronaldo sealed the points for us.

Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken out about Foster’s progress, which isn’t the promising news we’d all like to hear.

“You can suffer this kind of thing from time to time when you have had a cruciate operation,” said Fergie. “We are trying to manage the swelling but he is not ready to take part in any games. It is unfortunate for the lad because he was looking forward to the new season.”

Edwin Van der Sar has announced he is retiring at the end of this season, with Foster the man we expect to fill his boots. But he’ll need plenty more game time under his belt before he’s entrusted with a starting place in our team.

Do you want to see Foster starting 09-10 as our number 1?

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  1. tel says:

    he can get a few games against the weaker teams but vds has to start the important ones

  2. Alan Hansen (true manc) says:

    If Foster gets a few games this year against the weaker teams i still think he won’t be ready as i believe for top competetions you need an experienced keeper and foster is about 8 years to young at the minute.. when Edwin goes i think we should look at another keeper in his 30′s if we could get our hands on Buffon he would be spot on!

  3. Eyepopper says:

    VDS is one of the best keepers in the world. If fit and on form he should start end of story. One of the things that won us the league and CL last year was out defense, unless there’s an injury or a prolonged drop in form from one of them then I wouldnt start changing it.

  4. Drew Vader says:

    I think you missed the point, pal. VdS is not going to be around for the next season. I agree though, let Foster get some game time this year instead of Kuz, then in 09-10 Foster will be England and United’s number one. Its important to hang on to a future england international i think.

  5. n667 says:

    why is ben foster thought of as the next thing, coz he’s english??, i feel he’s over rated, he hasnt done anythin spectacular nor has he done any harm nor has tomaz kuzczack for not being no:1 in the coming times..

  6. mathew ekin says:

    i think ben foster is ready to take the number 1 shirt aways from edwin van der sar. i think ben fosrter is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and think he will do well this season he has already shown us what he can do against derby. what he needs is more games then we dont need another keeper. i can tell you he has won my vote and i say he is ready for the number 1 shirt bye bye edwin hello ben

  7. azza says:

    theyr both shite!! wen edders goes wil need 2 bring sum1 in, maybe stekelenburg from ajax! or hildebrande from valencia, kuszak is farrr 2 clumsy, the pens against pompey n arsenal show that, and foster cant kik 2 save his life, seen him in reserves and live at derby, fair play made 2 top saves, but his kicks eitha flew for a goal kick or they dint clear the halfway line on more than 5 occasions! hes shit!

  8. Craig Mc says:

    Azza, you haven’t seen enough of him obviously. He is a brilliant goalkeeper, and he is FASTER around his goal area, more agile, and a better reader os the game than Tomas K.

  9. dickson says:

    i was under the impression that foster was an excellent distributor of the ball before his injury, contrary to the miserable kicks that we saw during the Derby game. I think he just needs to get his kicking sorted out again.

    I think we have excellent backup keepers in PIG and Foster. the PIG has yet to dissapoint whenever he is called up. in fact he’s had plenty of clean sheets! And Foster has shown his ability during his spell on loan.

    As for Foster being too young, Iker Cassilas was in his early twenties when he started keeping for Real! And i sincerely think Foster may emulate Iker

  10. Prasac says:

    Foster and Casillas in the same sentence!?Casillas was one of the best keepers in the world before his 20 birthday,something Foster will never reach in England.
    Both of them,Kuszak and Foster,are insecure and giving me feeling I didn’t have since Barthez has gone.
    And about experience….if that is true only keepers above 30s would be world class.But VDS,Buffon,Cassilas were VC in their early 20′s.
    And what is difference between Carson,Robinson or Foster.Oh…he saved our arse against Derby!Common!

  11. Gapi says:

    Yeah? From the chances he got, how better could he do?

    Ease up on him a little.

    I still think he could be a brilliant keeper for us after VDS retires.

  12. AlexofMancunia says:

    Is everyone forgetting how well he played in his loan spells at Watford?

    He was voted their player of the year in the last season he was there, and looking at what their fans were saying about him afterwards, they rated him very highly. I followed his progress through most of that last season in the premiership, and the amount of times he would spare the defences blushes each match was untrue! The reason Derby would conceed every game is because of the sheer amount of chances the other team would get, there was bound to be a shot or too beyond his abilities to save them. The only blatent error I can remember in that season was when Robinson lobbed him, but that was just sheer bad luck! Also, in those loan spells, his distribution was top drawer, so azza, basing your opinions on his kicking ability after a few games AFTER his bad knee injury (which I presume is what you are doing since I don’t remember his distribution being poor in the slightest before), isn’t the full story.

    Unfortunately though, knee injuries can recur quite a lot, I just hope that this won’t hinder his career as he does have a lot of promise in my opinion. Hopefully he will get the games this season too, as we will need to see if he can establish himself as our #1 next season, or whether we need to buy another to replace VDS.

  13. OTRed says:

    He’s starting to sound like the goal keeper version of Saha, and thats quite unfortunate cus he’s still young and no where near his peak and waaaay too much potential to get injured too often, we need him to be fit cus i seem to have more faith in him than Kusczcak. I can’t imagines VDS being injured and United starting a CL game for Barca with Kusczack as keeper.

  14. HuSsAiN says:

    I don’t think he is ready yet.. he needs to get games


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