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Foster: United Fans Shouldn’t Worry About Glazers

Ben Foster, who has just made a £6m move to Birmingham and whose transfer fee will not be spent to buy a replacement, has told the fans to stop getting too involved with protesting about our owners, who have made the club with the biggest revenue in the world to a club with the most debt in the world.

Sir Alex Ferguson has today claimed that he likes to see our protests but for some reason Foster has opted to get involved and take the opposite stance.

“There’s maybe too much made of it by the supporters,” Foster said. “They are obviously passionate about Manchester United, but sometimes they need to focus on supporting the club a bit more than getting carried away with the technicalities of who’s in charge. Personally, I think the Glazers have always put money in to Manchester United to buy players when needed. Having said that, I don’t think the manager needs to buy too many players there anyway. They have a lot of good youngsters coming through the ranks.”

How do I put this nicely? Shut the fuck up Ben and concentrate on finishing in the top half eh? And we’ll concentrate on trying to stop our club being swallowed by a black hole of debt.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. mo says:

    Scott, im just fed up of people turning on sir alex and united players, everything hes done in the past 24 years has been to the benfit of the club. The day that Sir Alex says that United are doomed publicly, is the day i will fully embrace the must campaign. But frankly who would you rather believe Sir Alex and Sir Bobby or a bunch of businessmen who are suddenly United fans ( how much do we really know about the red kinghts apart from one of them was invilved with the collaspe of goldman sachs). So excuse me for being a little cynical. Any united fan who turns on Sir Alex should fuck off and support City. Not in modern day football has one man dedicated himslef so much to one club in a mangement role than Sir Ales has done.

  2. Scott the Red says:

    Marq – Don’t be so pedantic. Ben Foster doesn’t have to pay more and more for a season ticket every single year, Ben Foster hasn’t been priced out of supporting his football club in the ground, Ben Foster doesn’t see the money he spends watching his team go in to a black hole of debt and Ben Foster doesn’t have to worry about the future of his club, so I don’t believe he’s in any position to tell our fans what we should or shouldn’t do. If a United fan who gets ripped off year upon year has a negative opinion on the protests, then fair do’s, but what United fans do has nothing to do with Foster and for him to so patronisingly claim we are “making too much” of the fact we’re almost £1billion in debt is an insult and I do believe he should shut the fuck up. What does he know about having the bottle to face these situations like our fans are? He certainly doesn’t have the bottle to be a United player.

    Mo – You said “fuck you” to me because you thought I was turning on Sir Alex and United players? Where on earth did you get that idea from?

  3. sir82 says:

    eat my shorts ben!

  4. arijc says:

    @ Scott
    Its his opinion. If I don’t agree with yours, do I come on this forum and tell you to shut the fuck up. I don’t. Thats because you are entitled to your opinion, even though it might be misguided. Don’t bring in his ability to play for United into this. Its not even an issue in this discussion. And don’t use the excuse that this your personal blog and so you can write as you please. Its in the public domain and its open to rebuke.

  5. Scott the Red says:

    Arijc – I didn’t go up to man in the street and tell him to shut the fuck up, I said it on a blog. I highly doubt Ben Foster is reading, but if he is, I hope he thinks twice about patronising our fans… fans who cheered his name on when it was read out every week, despite the fact that some of his fucks up cost us the league this season.

    So, if you told me to shut the fuck up, that would be rude, because you are talking to me. I’m hardly engaging in a conversation with Ben Foster here.

    I’m not denying Foster an opinion, I’m merely reacting to him patronising us. We’re paying about £1000 a year these days to follow our team because of the Glazers. Who the fuck does he think he is telling us we’re “making too much of it”. This blog didn’t get on Ben Foster’s case (feel free to browse through the articles on him by clicking his name) when he was doing his best Roy Carroll impressions, but I will get on his case when he talks down to our fans, like he thinks he is in any position to comment on us or what we’re doing.

  6. james21 says:

    Oh listen to you lot. Why does everybody have to get so enraged over somebodies opinion?
    Every person on this Earth is allowed their opinion. SAF will never say that the protests are wrong because it goes against his Militant Labour beliefs. He actually Lied to His Union members and took them out on Strike so don’t ever expect SAF to say anything against it.
    Chill and wish Ben Foster all the Best he was asked the question and he gave his opinion.

  7. arijc says:

    My point is what you’ve written is rude and disrespectful irrespective of whether it is written in a blog or said straight to his face. I just think you are over reacting to his comments. You have a loyal community of readers reading your blog, many of whom might form their opinions based on yours. Thus, I expect more responsible comments from your side.

  8. Scott the Red says:

    arijc – And I believe what Foster said is disrespectful. I pay around a grand a year to watch United play because of the Glazers so if someone is going to patronise me about being pissed off about this, then I am entitled to respond as I wish. If other people agree with me, then brilliant. I can’t imagine there are many people who spend so much money watching United play who have much respect for Foster saying what he has here. To belittle the fans of a club who supported him regardless of his title-costing fuck ups is shameful and he could be told a lot worse than to “shut the fuck up” on a blog.

  9. mo says:

    im a knob and i apologise for comments

  10. Dan says:

    So Ben as well as being overall a shit goal-keeper* you’re also a bit thick?

    * being a shot stopper does not make you a great goalkeeper, if you can’t i) command the box ii) deal with crosses iii) kick a football for toffee.

    Enjoy your time in ‘England’s second city’ (ho ho!) – as a manc exiled in Birmingham for work reasons I can tell you it’s a fucking dump, the birds are munters and your average Brummie about as charming as shit on your pillow. Chin up!

  11. brett1985 says:

    Fair play to Ben Foster for voicing an honest opinion.

    This green and gold nonsense should stop now.

    How these people can on one hand claim to have these views about the glazers and on the other populate the megastore on a saturday afternoon is beyond me. It is the most laughable and appauling contradiction but no one bats an eyelid about it.

    Time to get back to just being football supporters and leave the politics elsewhere. That is more damaging to the club that anything the Glazers will do. I mean I don’t mind politics if it yields a quick outcome. Five years later the glazers are still here. Give my head peace.

  12. Scott the Red says:

    Brett – The green and gold protests went on for four months though, not five years, and in those four months have done more good than anything over the five years as a whole. Prices have frozen for starters, which is a direct result of the Glazers starting to realise that things are changing (don’t forget we were the only club to raise prices last season and they didn’t give a shit what the fans thought then). We have drawn attention from our first serious buyers and whether this comes to fruition or not, it is progress. We have drawn more media attention to our feelings on the Glazers and this has gone global. You’ll have fans in Asia or Scandinavia thinking twice about buying a Manchester United lunch box or bed spread now.

    Time to get back to being football supporters? Well, I want to still be watching my team live when I’m in my 80s, my kids and grandkids alongside me. That is what football support is to me and that will not be a possibility if the Glazers stay for the duration, unless I’m watching my team play in League 2, which I’d obviously rather wasn’t the case.

  13. brett1985 says:


    The truth is the freeze is more adequately explained by a pure business decision based on supply and demand. The glazers have increased prices bit by bit for several seasons. This has unfortunately priced some people out. The waiting list has gone down gradually. It is now at a threshold where the price is just right. There is no more waiting list but enough buyers to take up the full number of tickets.

    Ignoring G&G for a second- last season we knew the waiting list was gone. Would you have made the decision to put prices up this year?

    In the end Scott the Glazers have not done anything bad enough yet to invoke a more militant type of protest which in my view renders the protest pointless and people should just get behind the team. I don’t understand why people so often responsible for a poor atmosphere at old trafford can be expected to protest meaningfully anyway. It’s a bit of a bandwagon and a sham. A gutless protest with people wearing the protest colours in the commercial mecca of the club- the megastore.

    I know I am part of the argument which divides but I’d rather it went away completely and instead the fans could focus purely on football matters.

  14. King Eric says:

    brett1985 – For one of the first times pal I have to agree with your last two posts. Spot on.

  15. welbz19 says:

    @brett1985 – spot on mate, I must admit to having a green & gold scarf but will next season go back to my red & white scarf, as the more I read about the red Knights the more I would prefer a Glazer stay!
    Also will leave the boring politics and stuff to the suits and I will be concentrating on the football which sadly wasnt always the case last season.


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