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Foster: We Always Want To Beat City

Ben Foster had a howler against City in September, gifting them two goals with bad goalkeeping errors. Strictly speaking, he wasn’t helped by the United defence though, with the first goal coming from a lack of communication between himself and Rio, the second goal coming from United giving the ball away, and the third goal from Ferdinand ridiculously trying to chip the ball over Bellamy’s head at the half way line and failing.

Ferdinand won’t be playing in the League Cup semi-final on Wednesday, with hopefully the more assured Vidic-Evans partnership on show, with Wes at right back.

Ben Foster is obviously hoping for a chance to redeem himself, with Tomasz Kuszczak filling Van der Sar’s gloves whilst he’s been away.

“As well some important league games, we’ve got big cup matches coming up against City in the Carling Cup,” says Ben. “Like the fans, the lads are really looking forward to it.”

Last time the teams met, Craig Bellamy thought he had robbed a point for City when scoring in the last minute, until Michael Owen showed up deep in to injury time to score the winner.

“People will talk about that game in the build-up, but I’m not sure how much bearing it’ll have on the tie,” Foster continued. “That result will have hurt City and they’ll want revenge, but the bottom line is City always want to beat us, and we want to beat them! Hopefully we produce a good performance – we’d love to go to a final again because we want to defend the trophy, and getting to Wembley gives everyone a boost.”

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  1. aig alex is god says:

    Sorry, but i have lost all my faith in Ben. He is just not United class as he cant handle the pressure of playing for United. he is good enough for a mid table club but not United.Kus is better and has cemented his place as the no 2. Great to hear that VDS will be back soon. He really makes me feel comfortable with his commanding presence in the penalty area.

    You mentioned rio giving the ball away for city’s third goal but you didnt mention that the angle was tight and Foster dived too hours early,otherwise it was a comfortable save for him

  2. TonyBee says:

    Foster has no chance of getting the gloves off the Pig at present…….wouldn’t be surprised if SAF didn’t bring in another goalie soon…..

  3. devil@singapore says:

    if foster get selected for this game (personally, i hope he get é nod!!), it’s his big chance to turn his free-fall around & most importantly get é fans behind him. é emotional & circumstances we going into this match could not be a bigger stage. Put on a performance of ur life, ur stall old trafford career definetly will get a big re-start; flung it, it really might be difficult to hang around. watever, muz get é nod from SAF first!
    Come on Foster!
    Come on United!
    Stuff è fucking bitter!!

  4. bchilds says:

    He has a lot of work to do to begin to restore fans faith in him. Personally I don’t think he’ll make the grade at United now. Who knows though, we all thought that about Darren Fletcher but we seem half a side when he’s not on the pitch nowadays!

  5. devil@singapore says:

    simply burning inside to see one of our own turn his fucking fortune around! proves è critics wrong, proves è manager wrong & fucking prove é fans wrong!!! Do it foster! show nani it’s possible!!
    come on!!

  6. Xyth says:

    Only a big performance and elimination of Shity can make up a bit for the disappointments so far this season. I hope lads have learned a lesson from Leeds scum on how to fight for your club.

  7. kshetrajna says:

    I sometimes wonder how much these matches means to these players…Over the last couple of years we have had some horrible performances against our rivals and I wonder if this is due to lack of understanding of what these games means to fans.I would have expected our players to show more grit in these matches.

  8. Mic says:

    We better fucking plough them, i’ve never been so angry as I was after the Leeds match, the fucking scum and their shitty fans. I hope we pound City to make up for it. We need some bragging rights.

  9. mikekelly12 says:

    Foster has had plenty of chances, more than most have had, he just isn’t up to it. Far too many mistakes from a position you can’t afford to make any! Roy Keane has never been replaced in terms of someone who will let his team mates know exactly what is needed in these big games! Hopefully we will show a better spirit against City on Wednesday, and a lot more quality on the ball!

  10. dEVJE says:

    I’d rather see O’Shea in goal than Foster

  11. Muggaz says:

    To be truthful, Ben Foster is one of a handful of United players who I hope and pray don’t play tonight.

    It pains me to say this, but the way we are playing at the moment, the fact we are capable of abhorent defending and losing to the likes of 3rd division Leeds scum, for the first time in recent memory, I actually doubt the ability of the team to win anything at all this season… it’s a sad state of affairs that I have become too used to success and find it hard to accept anything but… It’s actually quite depressing.

  12. jack says:

    bens quality, hope his our number 1 for the future.

  13. Tony Starks says:

    bad news people… just heard the game is off 2moro

  14. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Not directed at Foster but shame you dont “Always want to beat Leads Scum!”

  15. Big Bad Wesley Brown says:

    @Jack – nice one, I needed a good laugh!

  16. andsolskjaerhaswonit... says:

    Ever since he saved our asses at Pride Park 2-3 yrs ago, i hav had a soft spot for him.
    Wouldn’t mind one bit, if Ben gets the nod tomorrow, bar the City fuck up he was immense in some games i think, kept us in the match with some vital vital saves ! a la Spurs, Brum, Arsenal etc.
    Fergie likes him, i don’t have any problem with him at all.

    Upwards and Onwards now.

  17. Long John O'Shea says:

    games off tomorrow… looks like we will be playing the 1st leg the week we should of being playing the 2nd leg…. bollox!!!!

  18. paddy says:

    1st leg 19th second leg 27th

  19. Costas says:

    Why was the game cancelled? Weather problems? It’s sunny over here in Greece. :P

  20. Costas says:

    The good news: We have a week’s rest before the game at Birmingham. The bad news. The Arsenal game is 4 days after the second leg. I think Hull will come at OT the Wednesday after the Arsenal game.

  21. kel says:

    I am disappointed with foster too. He had drain all my faith in him now. I guess he needs to wait or loan out to other team for 2 years. Right now, when he is playing, there is fear in all of us whenever opponent attacks. I’m not sure whether he will go on to prove us right. But right now he is not united quality. Maybe in the future yes. Kus is the better option right now.

  22. andsolskjaerhaswonit... says:

    Craig Cathcart loan has expired, i think ?
    Is it extended or what ?

  23. obertan fold em says:

    One part of me tells me ben won’t make it here, the other part says we should be patient and give him a chance.
    What makes me think he wont make is that……..
    1 -at 26 surely we cant say he is a “promising” youngster many keppers his age already first choice for their teams (i.e cassilas,cech.Hart…….)

    2 – he has lost the confidence of both the manager,teamates and the fans.

    3 – his main priority seems to be the national team after stating he is englands first choice and united third choice.
    While my second thoughts are………
    1 -he has the qulities to be a great shot stopper only if he can learn to handle the pressure at united.
    2 – he hasnt given up hope to make it here and believes he can win back the fans and the managers trust.
    3 -if he can be that good we can except to have a fully commited kepper for many years someone who wont nag us with “i want to go back home” crap.

    Like i said ben needs to deliver and do it as soon as possible.
    Besides he is a lucky chap at united you dont get the second chance

  24. Long John O'Shea says:

    Costas…. Snow the whole north of England is snowed under

  25. kel says:

    Oh my. The game is off tomorrow. Gonna wait for few more days to watch. I can’t wait!!!

  26. Long John O'Shea says:

    Costas, Can you send some of that Greek sunshine over here please? it fucking freezing in Dublin

  27. MG says:

    Oh well City were saved by the snow – lucky for them

    Birmingham next Ladies and Gentlemen

    Chin up

  28. Costas says:

    @Long John O’Shea

    Sorry to hear that. It’s actually a “sun with teeth” as we call it over here. It’s pretty chilly in Greece too. But no snow though. It rarely snows over here…

  29. Costas says:

    Wenger recently moaned about our cup exit and how it would benefit us in February. Of course he forgot to mention that we had 2 (and possible 3) more League cup games to deal with than them. And now the fixtures until the Milan game will pile up…

    Why couldn’t they rearrange the game at the Wastelands for next Wednesday? Neither us nor City have any FA cup replays to play.


    Hey guys Foster needs to be more dominant in goal and should stop being calamitious bcos it has cost us time and time again. i think the carling cup semi will be his final chance to prove he can cut the grade at United, me thinks. anyway i hope to see more of mame biram diouf. he seems to impress fergie alot in training.
    hey mate. what’s the news on the postponement of the carling cup game? has it been confirmed? if so foster will have to wait a little bit longer to feature for United as i think Kuscszak will play against the brummies.

  31. obertan fold em says:

    Off topic
    i was looking at chris mann list of the most fiersts/violent derbys in world football and din’t help but wonder where the hell is united-shitty, arsenal-spurs ?
    Besides imo the el-classico is the most overrated overhyped derby in world football. The press are quick to begin the countdown to matchday only for one team (notaby madrid) to be outplayed and humiliated infront of either fans.

  32. Costas says:


    Hi mate. Yeah it’s confirmed by our website. We will play on January the 19th and the return leg is pushed back to January the 27th.

    At this rate, I don’t know if Ben will ever play, lol. Thankfully for Edwin, his wife is better and he will be returning soon. Thank fuck for that, as Scott would say!

  33. obertan fold em says:

    Sorry guys but kenya has the perfect wether :)
    long john oshea mind a visit ?

  34. Aig alex is god says:


    hi mate

    shitty play blackburn in the league next wed,thats why cant be played next week.

  35. Costas says:


    Thanks, didn’t know that. I didn’t remember they had a game in hand. Makes sense then.

  36. rooney the new king says:

    remember people his name is richard he is from manchester and he is a TWAT, I think his name is richard twat. Anyone thinking fergie should go is a spoilt plastic united fan check this pethetic article out, well they do say kick them while they are stil down.

    people forget we are still the premiership champions for the past 3 seasons and we can still make it 4 in a row it is a 2 point gap.

  37. Dimitar Berbatov is King says:

    May the bitters burn badly then.

  38. rooney the new king says:

    Dimitar Berbatov is King – someone said on it is open season at united everyone wants to shoot united at the moment. but I got to ask this question where in the fuck did so many people who work for the media find out about what that (twat Richard from manchester) said, and why were they parading his name on a lot of articles? like his comments were almost a right assesment of where fergie should be? for me it was almost a way for the media to say fergie is past it, Richard from manchester must be a spokesman for the media. fergie is GOD and only fergie I will trust who can turn this lot around.

  39. Giles Oakley says:

    I really don’t know about Ben, but I wouldn’t write him off. On his day he’s good, but he had a pretty torrid time in the autumn. If he’s got the guts to come back from that he’ll be OK.

    Just one point, one I make at regular intervals, we did NOT ‘all’ write Fletcher off in his early days. I have always rated him and said so at regular intervals. More to the point, so did Fergie, and not just because he’s a fellow Scotchman. The real test is what team-mates think of a player, and Scholes, never one to dish out praise normally – or indeed dish out words of any kind – raved about him after his performance in the FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal in 2004 and made it clear he regarded him as having a very big future at the club. But even if most people did write him off in the past, the lesson to be learned is that even top quality players take time to really make their mark, whether those coming up through the ranks or bought in. We need to be patient when someone has an off day (including the manager, who cocks things up too, sometimes) and allow players to gain experience, including dealing with failure and defeat. This tough patch will make or break certain players. Too early to say who falls into which category…

  40. King Eric says:

    rooney the new king – Good point mate.. How the fuck did the media find out about this bloke “Richard”? Every paper is running pretty much the same story. Wish I knew where he lived. Would love to get hold of the plastic cunt.

  41. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric – the article done by that idiot daniel tayler was a way to kick united while they are down it was a shocking article especially when the rest are even worse. I am not going to deny the fact united have been shocking at times everyone knows that, but united are still premiership champions for 3 seasons in a row, with an injury list longer than the TITANIC, and a loss of ronaldo it is a miracle they are still in the title race. United can still win it again and propably will.

    look at the rest of the teams are they any better? it puts into perspective what we are up against? which for me I will not lose any sleep over and confident may 2010 we are still champions.
    we have dads army
    the lightweight trophyles london kids
    the spanish jokers
    and dont get me started with the arib clowns down the road.

    when people have a good look at the situation in the title race all of them are just has bad or even worse than united, as long has we win the league thats all that matters.

  42. rooney the new king says:

    if the writing gramma is bad well that’s the best I could do since I am not great with writting

  43. King Eric says:

    rooney the king – Don’t worry about your spelling and grammar mate. It doesn’t matter a fuck. I Like the names you have given the other teams.

  44. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric – well like the fat spanish waiter says its a fact.

    The funniest part of this season which I will look back on this season is our title challengers are a joke here is why.

    chelsea – they are the hybred of madrid and milan of england, they have that milan look about them, they are getting older slower and worser but they change the manager every season which is just how madrid work someone even had the nerve to call them europes strongest.

    arsenal – no trophys since 2005, when they look great everyone thinks they are great, but in typical fashion they are just to lightweight and are just has poor has last year, with kids that half of them will never make it. If I had every pound on how many times the media have said they are the future and the next big thing I would be richer than the shitty owners.

    liverpool – 3 words that describes this lot (the villiage idiots). What else needs to be said about this lot, rubbish players relying on a buckeroo forward in torres, and a aging steven gerrard who is on a downward spiral his goals tally is a sign of (5 goals).

    man city – there is this saying they have more money than sence, hilerious costs for carlos tevez and santa cruz. One wants go back to argentina and the other has not even got through 10 games. robinho sums up the joke of city. Man city and Liverpol would make a great comedy act because we dont know which would give us the bigger laugh.

  45. King Eric says:

    “the village idiots”. nice one.

  46. manchuchu says:

    I got a pair of ticket for Nani and Foster on the “Fuck off” train.

    First class.

  47. Ruud, Ronaldo, Rooney - R3 says:

    Have no understanding why people seem to enjoy ‘writing-off’ Foster after having a mediocre-bad run of games @ the start of the season.

    As supposedly United fans, shouldnt we have better faith in Fergie?! And if Fergie trusts Foster, who the heck are we to vilify Foster to the ground?

    Imagine if Ferguson is as fickle-minded as we were..loosing faith so fast just cos a player had a couple of bad games, would we have an awesome player like Fletch today? I bet half of the Utd fans worldwide didnt think much of Fletch (thank god i wasnt one of them =)) in his earlier days in Utd when he wasnt all that flash..look at who we would have been missing now?

    And mind you, comparatively speaking,the type of higher-calibre first-team exposure Foster has had in his ENTIRE Utd experience could probably be summed up in a tea-cup! Surely we cant compare him to greats such as Casillas, Buffon who were thrown into the thick of things at a much younger age!

    My point being..stop slagging off at Foster already. Right, he had a run of unimpressive games this year which might/might not have cost us the league, thats pretty undeniable..but I still trust in Fergie..and if Fergie continues to trust in Foster, so will I. Nuff said =)


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