How many do you fancy us to beat Sunderland by tomorrow? Who do you reckon will score first? Reckon anyone will get a hattrick?

United to finish first this season, Chelsea second? Blackburn to be relegated?

Have an opinion? Put your money where your mouth is!

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Here are some of the following bets you might want to use your tenner on for the Sunderland game.

Final scores
1-0 to United. Odds 6/1. £70
3-0 to United. Odds 6/1. £70
4-0 to United. Odds 9/1. £100
5-0 to United. Odds 20/1. £210
5-1 to United. Odds 20/1. £210
6-0 to United. Odds 33/1. £340
6-1 to United. Odds 33/1. £340

First goalscorer
Ronaldo. Odds 3/1. £40
Rooney. Odds 7/2. £45
Berbatov. Odds 4/1. £50
Anderson. Odds 20/1. £210

Ronaldo. Odds 10/1. £110
Rooney. Odds 12/1. £130
Berbatov. Odds 14/1. £150

Other bets
United to win the league. Odds 7/4. £27.50
United first, Chelsea second. Odds 7/2. £45
United first, Chelsea second, Liverpool third. Odds 4/1. £50
Ronaldo Premiership top scorer. Odds 5/2. £35
Ince’s Blackburn to be relegated. Odds 9/4. £32.50

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