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Free Tickets For Carling Cup Final

Fancy being at Wembley to see United pick up their first silverware of the season in the Carling Cup Final? Betfair is offering you the chance to do just that.

It could be a classic when the Reds go head-to-head with Aston Villa on Sunday February 28th. Having failed to beat Martin O’Neill’s men in two attempts already this season, United might need your support to make it third time lucky.

With Wazza in unstoppable form United’s number 10 could well fire them to victory. Or will a goalkeeper be the hero as Ben Foster was when the Reds beat Spurs to lift the trophy last season?

Whatever happens, it’s going to be a great occasion. So don’t miss out – click here to place a bet with Betfair by midnight on Wednesday February 24 and you could be cheering the Reds to Wembley glory.

Everyone who places a bet by Wednesday night will be entered into a draw for the Carling Cup Final tickets – and the winner will also be part of a follow-up ‘a day at the final’ feature.

Click here to bet and enter the draw.




    oops ! My mistake, thought I had come on to a Uunited blog but turns out its a bookie`s website.

  2. Dimitar Berbatov is King says:

    I don’t really mind, since it is kind of a necessary evil. Unless Betfair somehow becomes a Glazer.

  3. Xusen says:

    READ CAREFULLY WHAT I …. There are bills they probaby need to pay, a post or two before each match helps. I am sure scott’s articles are worth few adverts each month.

  4. Adopted Scouser 10 says:

    Where is Scott


    I know lads, a necessary evil. I just wish that the revenue came from a straight forward traffic link ad. I object to a betting advertisement masquearading as a hot discussion topic.
    I am certainly no quaker type against gambling or anything, enjoy a flutter myself occasionally and know where to go to place a bet.
    I just wish they would keep their product offer out of the forum. Blogs are distinguished by the quality of the blogger. The people who blog need a forum but a forum does not need the advertising revenue to be achieved through product placement pretending to be a blog. I for one would happily make a small donation towards Scott`s overheads if it would keep the content pure. I have no idea what the running costs are and whether anyone else would want to contribute. I do not know if Scott sees this as a forum first and a business second or if he has ambitions to earn a living from this – that is entirely his choice.

    It is still the best United Blog and Scott is still the best blogger in my view and I am sure many of you aswell.
    My little strop is probably a reflection on missing Scott`s article when Mr Bilal is touting for punters.
    If I want a bet I will google a bookie. If I want to hear informed opinion and have a rant or gloat or generally chat shit then I come to the Republik of Mancunia.

  6. 20moscow08 says:

    i’ll be there anyway 20,000 green and gold ballons have been bought for this game dont for get to bring yours

  7. m14ufc says:

    RCWIS – I couldn’t agree more mate! I love this blog and read daily without always posting and I direct many reds over here. I voted, along with many of you to say that this was the best football blog and Scot rightly won his awards but I unless there is a new catagory next year of best football betting blog then I might have to hold off voting!

    Now, off to find a football story thread from the front page and have a good read!

  8. Chris20LEGEND says:

    Anyone who was chubbed tickets for the final check out an email a member of red cafe got hold of from the club…

  9. scholeses ginger pubes says:

    10 alsations…walking down the street,
    there were 10 alsations… walking down the street,
    and if ji sung park, should fancy one to eat,
    ther’ll be nine alsations walkin g down the street.

  10. scholeses ginger pubes says:

    9 alsations…walking down the street,
    there were 9 alsations… walking down the street,
    and if ji sung park, should fancy one to eat,
    ther’ll be 8 alsations walkin g down the street.

  11. scholeses ginger pubes says:

    8 alsations…walking down the street,
    there were 8 alsations… walking down the street,
    and if ji sung park, should fancy one to eat,
    ther’ll be 7 alsations walkin g down the street.

  12. trevor says:

    Id love a ticket for the Game!>…….. Anyone got any spare?

    Although im not for the green and gold campain i would convert for the day!

  13. Olegunnar says:

    I do agree, i mainly come here to read and do enjoy the site but i also see this as a bit of a no lose situation for trying to get tickets.

  14. KevKev says:

    Ive already got my tickets. But im from Birmingham, my Dad is a massive villain. So in with the Villa fans for me. Keep an eye out for the Green & Gold in the sea of Claret and Blue guys!! Should stand out on the sky cameras!!


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