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Fryers Didn’t Sound Homesick Last Month…

Tottenham Hotspur have excused their signing of former Manchester United defender, Zeki Fryers, by claiming he was homesick and wanted to come home. They have dismissed Sir Alex Ferguson’s suggestion that they have manipulated the rules to get Fryers on the cheap.

However, Fryers was interviewed for Four Four Two magazine last month and didn’t sound in the least bit homesick, but instead, was looking forward to what his new club could achieve at the end of the season.

“United offered a three-year contract but I rejected the offer,” he said. “Spurs were interested but the fee [Manchester United requested] was too much. Then Standard Liege arrived with a good opportunity for me to play regular games and get experience. I thought it was the right time for me to leave and get experience playing in good league. I made the right decision for me. For me, every game is more experience. It is a new challenge for me but I think I’m doing well as far as now. The Belgian League is different, but there is a lot of quality. It has developed some great players that are now in the Premier League. Standard Liege is a top club in Belgium who want to be in the top three every year. We’re not doing so well at the moment but are getting better and better. With the play-off system, the end of the season is the most important period.”

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  1. Manc Harvin says:

    Blimey, only just logged on. Thought I’d got on to a Tottenham site (do they have one?) by mistake.

    What’s all the fuss about?

    Years ago, Gordon McQueen left Leeds to sign for United, and said that 99% of footballers would love to play for United, and the other 1% were liars. A classic quote.

    Fryers might go on to make it as a footballer. But he won’t make it at United.

    Let’s not pretend that there’s a rivalry between United and Tottenham. Personally I don’t mind them, they’re never a threat and you can’t compare the history or success of the two clubs. Let’s leave the proper rivalry with United’s biggest rivals Liverpool. 8 more days to go till the Dirties turn up at Old Trafford, leave with nothing, and leave us closer to a 20th title.

  2. United Till I Die says:

    More fool us for sending him to Portugal.

  3. WeAreUnited says:

    I put this stat earlier, but I found an other even deeper one. Which breaks the myth of Chicha being only a supersub and contributing more from there. Not saying he’s not good coming from the subs, but he’s better when he starts.


    2010-2011: 45/20 ~ start: 27, goals 12 ~ sub: 18, goals: 8 ~ scored in 17 games = 37.7%

    2011-2012: 36/12 ~ start: 22, goals: 10 ~ sub: 14, goals: 2 ~ scored in 10 games = 27.7%

    2012-2013: 21/12 ~ start:12, goals: 8 ~ sub: 9, goals: 4 ~ scored in 9 games = 42.8% Overall:

    starts: 61, goals: 30, scored in 23 games = 37.7%

    sub: 41, goals: 14, scored in 13 games = 31.7%

    102 games, 44 goals, scored in 36 games = 35.2%

    11 assists ~ 2010-2011: 4, 2011-2012: 3, 2012-2013: 4.

  4. WeAreUnited says:

    that looked abit confu a bit confusing at the end, but it’s the assists he has made

    11 assists ~

    2010-2011: 4,

    2011-2012: 3,

    2012-2013: 4.

  5. King Eric says:

    fitb – Hello mate. You well? Oh I agree completely on Carrick and Cleverley. Perfect balance and to be fair they are getting the credit . Especially Carrick who the media have been banging on about. Taken them years to realise how good he is though!

  6. King Eric says:

    Costas – Hello mate, you OK? Spot on about Redknapp. He is at it all the time. Infact he spent his entire press conference yesterday taking questions on which players he would like. However the media love it. Tapping up at it’s worst. Fuck off Beetroot cunt.

  7. King Eric says:

    United Till I Die – Alright pal! Liege is Belgium!!!

  8. fergie is the boss says:

    King Eric – what I do not get is the stick cleerly and young get, when I feel after the way they performed against shitty, they have proven to me they can go into the big games and show everyone what they are worth, also it was the same midfield of carrick cleverly valencia and young that beat chelsea at SB

  9. Gee says:

    Why is it the spuds fans keep going on about Berba getting tapped up, he WANTED to leave coz you were shite and he WANTED to play for Utd. You got a shitload of money and life moved on, its not our fault you didnt buy a decent replacement and as I said we paid you a shitload and WHAT YOU ASKED FOR, so were is the connection here?? you didnt pay the amount we asked for. Anyway I worry not as SAF will get the FA to enforce you paying us 6m as compo lol COZ YOUR SMALL TIME and WE DO WHAT WE WANT!!

  10. PJ says:

    We are going on about Berba because utd actually broke the rules, we on the other hand bent them but didnt break them.
    Your manager comes out to the press and asks for the FA to trace phone records and emails…lol
    Lets go back a few years and start tracing phone records of players you signed, if you think Levy shafted you here, wait until his team really get to work on ya, lol ask Karren Brady and the Olympic committee :)

    Were a proper football club at Spurs so I wont slate utd for the sake of it, great club great fans on the whole, but you really cannot be serious defending Fergie and his previous antics with regards to how utd signed there players.

  11. E. Fryers says:


    The Gunslingers stood twenty paces apart,
    Could have heard a pin drop or a squeaky bum fart,
    Big Red had never been beaten at this test,
    Some say Dan is the fastest gun in the West.

    Not a movement in sight just the steely eyed stare,
    Psyching each other out with a glare,
    Big Reds fingers flinched as he chewed on his gum,
    But Daniel held firm, didn’t reach for his gun.

    Then in an instant Red went for the butt,
    Dan had a feeling way deep in his gut,
    He moved to the Right as he drew from his belt,
    Two shots rang out, the hands had been dealt.

    Big Red clutched his chest as he fell to the ground,
    Daniel moved forward without even a sound,
    As the pool of blood beneath Red grew and grew,
    Dan shot him again…..To Dare is to Do.

  12. Little Red Ant says:

    @drv3011 – read the post – yes it was humour – basically not a top team – doh !!

    Levy and Spuds tap up or unsettle players all the time – Scott Parker etc and that’s fine with them – when it’s the other way he kicks off and cries to the Premier League – pricks

  13. Gee says:

    @ PJ – Right I see what your saying. So when Redknapp was in charge and sat in press conferences saying we want this player and that player, that wasn’t tapping up because he didn’t do it on the snide?? LOL Do me a favour!!

    And do you really think you haven’t been tapping up Holtby for the last 6 months at least to get him to sign?? You announce, pretty much as the transfer window opens, that Holtby is signing on a free in the summer but the laws state you can’t speak to a player until 6 months before their contract is up, and you honestly believe you haven’t broken any rules in getting him!!

    The fact is you didn’t want to pay the asking price for Fryers and did a snide trick to get him for less, where as we did exactly what you have done to get Holtby with Berba, so stop with the moral high ground bollocks because we both know its completely different with regards to Fryers. Its a shit trick, so to even compare it to the Berba situation is ridiculous and shows you for the small time club you really are lol.

  14. Mash says:

    Wow, spurs of all clubs is taking the moral high ground on transfer business.


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