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Fulham Fans To Wear Green And Gold

MUST have tonight claimed that the green and gold protests will continue this season and will start with tomorrow’s game against Fulham, with the away supposedly joining in.

“At the match tomorrow – assuming the Glazers’ security don’t try to suppress free speech – a significant number of Fulham fans will be taking Green & Gold scarves into the away section,” said Duncan Drasdo, chief executive of MUST. “Due to increased ticket pricing Fulham are only expecting to bring about 500 supporters but we expect one fifth of them will be attempting to bring in a Green & Gold scarf. That is an incredible gesture for away fans who naturally, first and foremost, want to support their own team. We didn’t ask them to do this. They approached us with the idea. It is is a tremendous show of solidarity. If a group of away fans can do this United fans should use it as a spur to up our own game and rebuild the powerful Green & Gold campaign over the coming season.”

Communications and Media Director of Fulham Supporters Trust, Dan Crawford, echoed this sentiment.

“Fulham fans are grateful for MUST’s support during our campaign to return Fulham FC to Craven Cottage,” he said. “Our own campaign has reached a successful conclusion, with the club being granted planning permission, expanding the stadium to 30,000. Like fans at many clubs I’ve become increasingly concerned by the activities of owners like the Glazers – abusing our clubs and the loyalty of the fans for their own ends. The fans are the lifeblood of any club and parasitic owners like the Glazers are draining that lifeblood away. Supporter participation in ownership is the way forward to protect our clubs and fans from exploitative owners. MUST has run a fantastic campaign so far drawing admiration from likeminded fans of rival clubs all over the world. The Green & Gold colours are such a powerful symbol – with their historical link going back to the roots of the club and showing fans’ desire to defend their club and its history. While we remain rivals on the pitch we wanted to show our solidarity with this campaign and encourage United fans and indeed all fans at all clubs to support each other in the fight for fans to reclaim their clubs.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Ironbrand says:

    Personally I know fuck all about MUST aside what I read on here and then most times its some long lengthy write up about financial jargon concerning the club, only to be countered by another poster. Leaves me utterly confused tbfh. Just bring on the friggin game so we see just how far we’ve come from our loss

  2. Robbo says:


    I bought a $500,000 house with money I did not have. It is called a mortgage. I earn $6,000 a month and repay $1,000 a month.
    I would rather have no repayments and pocket the $1,000 a month but I can live comfortably with $5,000.

    Many people and businesses operate like this, only on a much bigger scale. A bit like United.

  3. Paul H says:

    Great point about Soros from Dave Mack. 2 words to shut the IPO doom mongers up – George Soros.

    MUST (at least under their current leadership / guise) have a massive credibility problem. Nothing more than a bunch of whining cretins with a limp pipe dream.

    We get ST prices frozen again, 5 signings, including the so called big names that people clamour for. And a few numpties want to resurrect the ineffectual green and gold campaign? You MUST be joking, right?

    Anyway, back to more important matters. Getting behind the team and getting some points on the board.

    The only green and gold interested in today is seeing that fantastic pitch (looked in great nick on Wednesday morning when I was there) and making sure I don’t forget my Gold Season Ticket (a great idea of rewarding loyaty by the way, United)….might even use one of my complimentary vouchers for a free Singha – thanks again, United.

  4. Red in Taipei says:

    Maybe we’d have less debt if people stopped boycotting!! Forever and ever!

  5. Costas says:

    Sahin joins Liverpool for all you Sahin lovers out there.


    I saw it mate. Cheers.

  6. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Who would you RATHER have in charge of a business? A financial expert or a group of fans with a political agenda in mind? EVERY BIG COMPANY I have EVER known have SOME sort of manageable debt. For a business to grow to world class status, you’ve GOT to borrow some money at some point. You people talk like the Glazers are doing completely nothing to try and reduce the debt.

    People keep telling me that a fan run club is the best route to go but let’s look at Barcelona the supposed “epitome” of a fan-run club. They are in HEAVY DEBT if you didn’t know. And their debt is not manageable. Real Madrid have a SUPER RICH president bankrolling the club.

    AZnd why for the love of God are people mentioning leeds united, portsmouth, Rangers. Do they have EVEN HALF of the global reach we have? It’s almost like you WANT the club to go under. Concentrate on the football. the debt is being taken care of.

  7. Costas says:


    The club was run under a pretty good debt free model before it was bought in 2005. Unless we hadn’t attained world class status back then…

  8. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    @costas the reason we were debt free was because we floated on the London stock exchange in 91. It was form that flotation we were able to raise enough money to expand commercially and clear ANY form of manageable debt we had in the process. The Glazers don’t want a heavily indebted club which is why they are trying raise money to address that exact issue just like in 1991.

  9. shakshamboo says:

    Having debt is ok but only if it was taken for the betterment of the business. This club did not need any debt. It was doing very well without it.

    The non regulation of financial deals (involving debt) of big companies is what has brought about the recession in the world.

    I have no qualms with the Glazers. They are businessmen. They took huge debt. to own this club because they saw the deal as profitable for them.

    My problem is with the people who endorsed the deal. There should have been better regulatory control to stop such deals.

    We have grown financially because of our global reach. But that is because we constantly win trophies. What will happen when we go through a barren spell (which is not impossible). Remember, we still have to replace SAF.

    My viewpoint (or hope) of this protest is that even though it may not be able to alter what has already been done. It may become helpful to prevent similar situations for other clubs in the future.

  10. Costas says:


    That could be what happens a looong way down the line. I was just answering the question about whether a big company can thrive without any debts. And the answer is how the club operated from 91 until 05. It never needed a debt model to survive. I don’t know how or when the Glazers plan to make United debt free again, but it’s a process that’s also taken its toll on the club along the way.

  11. LA Red says:

    Didn’t see one green and gold scarf when watching the match on the telly. Definitely didn’t see any Fulham supporters wearing any.

    So I can take it that the protest wasn’t a stunning success then?

  12. Paul H says:

    To draw a line under this lamentable bollocks, I could not see a single Fulham supporter wearing G&G at OT today. In fact, I’d say less than 1 in 100 United supporters were doing so.

  13. OHH AHH Cantona says:

    New found respect for Fulham

  14. Wakey says:


    Just catching up with all the posts and comments I have missed as I have been away from here for a week. Now you may not read this but just wanted to say the following

    - Was the PLC debt free? The shares were a debt, the club borrowed money from the shareholders and in return gave them a promise of repaying this investment by paying dividends. So while it may be more ‘acceptable’ to many it’s not like a share offering is usually ‘debt free’ (The Glazers one is about as close as you get but even then there is an expectation like any IPO to return the investment by growing the business in value)

    - Could the PLC have been debt free in the modern world. The PLC was done at the perfect time but it struggled a little against a Sugar Daddy in Jack Walker and compared to the current sugar daddy owners we see around the world he was a pauper. It struggled against Abramovich initially and it needed a change of approach let alone with multiple of them


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