Fred completed his Manchester United medical at Carrington earlier today and is now in London to sign the paperwork.

Compatriot Gabriel Jesus, who plays for rival club City, has claimed he thought the midfielder was going to play alongside him next season but will support

Fred’s future? We thought he was going to Manchester City but now I can’t say anything. It’s something up to him. If he joins United I can’t root for his team, but I will root for him on an individual basis.

Fred was in Liverpool yesterday for Brazil’s friendly against Croatia before travelling to Manchester this morning for his medical. Brazil’s manager, Tite, has claimed he’s keen for Fred to wrap his move up as soon as possible so he can focus on his country.

This is inevitable when we’re meeting up in the summer. Players are always thinking of their careers. What you say is please resolve it as soon as possible so we can get them focused back on the task in hand with the national team. If I was a club manager, I would be looking to sign him.