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Gaitán On The Way For £25m?

Portuguese paper, O Jogo, has today claimed that Manchester United have agreed a £25m deal for Benfica star Nicolás Gaitán.

Gaitán’s current contract expires in 2016 and has a release clause of £45m, which means that United are likely to offer players as well as cash. Macheda, Bebe and Petrucci are the players tipped to be of interest to Benfica.

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  1. kanchelskis says:

    As for your bumming of Rafael, I could cherry-pick moments from his Utd career that make him look like a catastrophic buffoon and a liablity, far more than I could with Jones.

    I happen to think Rafael is becoming a fantastic player. But guess what? It took a good few years of stupid sendings-off, poor positioning and overly-cavalier attacking before he became even close to looking dependable. You remember, back when he was erm.. 19? Like Jones is now?

    Fucking stupid reactionary attitude, which I’ll be more than happy to remind you of if you crawl back on here in a few years’ time when Jones is fucking bossing whatever position Fergie asks him to play of a Saturday.

  2. orez says:

    Would have been great to read a blog about yesterday’s game not some garbage rumor.

    It was a horrible day yesterday. Not only the players but the fans and even SAF got complacent. Why wasn’t Scholes not even on the bench I will never know?

  3. James21 says:

    Jones is also to blame for this pissy weather too.
    Can’t actually understand it we lost a game of football and fans are screaming for heads to roll. Phil Jones has just arrived at the club, I mean fair enough if he’d been here for years and wasn’t pulling his weight but come on FFS. Carrick comes in for unfair critisism, Gibson had to go but again very unfair to a Utd player what he had to go through , DDG well enough said, although someone still probably thinks his Gran can play better in goal,Evans proved all the doubters wrong and so will Phil Jones. Rally round Reds and stop this stupidity of slating your own. I’m wondering how many of these slaters actually sat there when Shitty got their 6th and how many who did stay booed the team?

  4. max says:

    I actually have not slagged Evans off once surprisingly. When all my United supporting mates were having a go @ Evans I was not on their side. Evans is a top defender. He can play with both feet, pass, get forward, header etc. He’s done really well this season + has been a really solid performer for us ever since Nemanja got injured. He’s been @ United for a long time and he knows what its like and what it means to wear the red shirt. I don’t think the same can be said of Jones.

  5. kanchelskis says:


    Gonna respond to my point about Rafael, or just the ones that suit you?

  6. James21 says:

    I am very supprised you haven’t slagged Evans and will indeed have to take your word for it. The way you are tearing into a player who is still finding his feet at the biggest club in the world is totally insane. Imagine the pressure on his shoulders at 19. Is there any chance you didn’t slag off DDG either.

    I still thank Jones for his goal against Villa away, the team was under par after the Shitty Mauling and Big Phil stepped up. His injuries haven’t helped him get established either so maybe cut some slack on this one take a deep breath and wait and see.

  7. James21 says:

    *Still Under Par* Bloody keyboard.

  8. Vilhelm28 says:

    Ad. Dave Malaysia

    I still believe that money through wages is the most important factor when a player decides to join another team, then the possibility of winning trophies and CL, then the actual club. I am talking about established players that are sold ala Gaitan, Eriksen etc.

    I also believe SAF has drawn this conlusion and this is the reason for working harder and spending more time finding young talent to develop through own system, because then United can build loyalty and skills.

    I might be wrong

  9. Zibbie says:

    APRIL 12, 2012 AT 13:33
    smartalex says:
    Hello Guys.

    Its great to see My dear friend CedarsDevil’s exceptional post.. Really missed this blog. But I felt I needed a big break from here. Only my true mates will know how Tough was it for me to post during that sachu fiasco. I will be back permanently when I am free with work.

    Take care Guys, and Don’t forget to keep our Red Flag High.

    20 will be ours.

    Hello man. Waiting for your work to lighten.

  10. Denton Davey says:

    Max @ 15:58: “Jones was at fault for the goal as well. Even though it never looked like a corner, where was he to close down + mark maloney. He went past Jones like he wasn’t even there. Shambles! ”

    I think it was TheWayneBoy who was dozing and then realized – too late – that he had responsibility for marking Shaun Maloney. Rooney was by-passed and Maloney found that pocket-of-space that gave him a clean sight on goal. OOOPS !

  11. ChrisW says:

    Forget £45m. Release clauses are always silly money, no one ever pays that much (isn’t Ronaldo’s release clause a billion Euros?)

    I don’t see why we should pay more then £20m for anyone. Over the last few seasons lots of very good midfielders have moved clubs for less than that. This year we should buy one. Or maybe two.

    The fact is that we don’t need to be too fussy. Any decent central midfielder would improve the team a lot. Sell Anderson to make room (I love the guy and it hurts me to say it but he’s just crocked).

  12. Iceman says:

    I actually would prefer Gylfi Sigurdsson at Swansea over Gaitan. Fits perfectly into the English Premier League and is still only 22 and has proved he can play at Premier League level.

  13. Northwalesred says:

    Reports say our Portugese scout Tonihno Cruz has sent glowing reports about Gaitan. The last glowing report he sent, was about Bebe, a glorified sunday league winger. I hope SAF has had a
    good look himself this time before he splashes the cash.

  14. Union Jack says:

    @ mancdub.

    Not everything Eric Cantona stars in is good. Have a look online for an impulse advert starring him, It’s cringeworthy

  15. ScholesForGoals says:

    Probably not the most convincing vid on account of all the clattering and rolling around. Can’t see Fergie paying that much for him, he’s far too astute for that. The lad’s got flair though, I’ll give him that. That last volley was slightly reminiscent of the ginger prince. I think Fergie will surprise us yet as he has managed to do the past few seasons with acquisitions. Whoever comes in has big shoes to step into and needs to be world-class for us to pick anything up in Europe in the coming seasons. Pogba (if he’s still here) needs more time to run out, and it’s game over for Ando in my estimations. He’s had plenty of time to make a difference and performances have been far too inconsistent, unlike his injuries. I’m all for getting the lads out of the reserves but you need a nice mix of young and old, experience and genius to win trophies in the modern game. If Scholes could only roll back the clock eh! I’ll reserve judgement on should woulda couldas

  16. ScholesForGoals says:

    ..until our new signing is holding up his new shirt at Old Trafford. Fergie keeps you guessing, I wouldnt like to put my finger on ins and outs just yet. Let’s get the small matter of killing off this season first!

  17. CedarsDevil says:

    13:33 Seems a bit fishy

  18. mara says:

    I think Eriksen is the best choice for our midlle..and one of those guys from Bilbao midlle….

  19. mara says:

    Barca debt is 578 mils and Real s 589 mils…great…LIke Hoeness said…EU pay for Messi and Ronaldo and then we admire to their football…hahahaha..he hit the spot :)

  20. jaschadavid says:

    GAITAN a great talent but buying him will invite the biased comments of ref award decisions in favor of united. LOOK at HOW easy Gaitan fall down each time being tackled?

    and, what will happen to Nani and Young if Gaitan comes
    -David Lee, Klang, Malaysia.

  21. msuvn says:

    I watched him vs Chelsea. He is definitely a United type of player, though whether he’s good enough, only Sir Alex knows :D

  22. Red Devil says:


    Hi mate….so nice to see you here once again…you’ve dissapeared completely off the track…no facebook…etc How are you? Hope you’re good.

    About Smartalex, dont worry mate, he used to abuse a lot of people but only because he was a nutter red at heart. I certainly liked his sense of humour and the ability to manipulate words…Him and Willie could bring the house down with their one-liners one after another…

  23. bayoRed says:

    A few weeks into the summer break … BREAKING NEWS… City sign longstanding target Manchester Utd target Nicholas Gaitan after paying his 42 million release clause……. Rene’ … genius!!!

  24. bayoRed says:

    Sorry Rene’s man is Hazard not Gaitan, my bad!

  25. bayoRed says:

    Hazard story now on sky! Conspiracy to distract Utd wingers!

  26. ToniVHatesAgents says:

    They can have berbatov….I want Petrucci to stay great lad, attitude & footballer

  27. ssj4gogeta says:

    @bayoRed.: Agreed man . that would be awesome cause i think he is way overrated . He was not at all class against Chelsea and more so he was not fantastic against us apart from a few dribbles and some dart runs. ( Tony V outclasses gaitan)

    from the comment or rene i think united will look at strootman and eriksen . Personally i would love to have strootman in a united shirt .

    PS Hazard would be a good buy as well , ( But would prefer a natural left footed left winger to sign for united …….united really missed out on shaqiri(well according too me that is)

  28. denton davey says:

    Mara @ 22:50: “Barca debt is 578 mils and Real s 589 mils…”

    Let’s not forget that their wages-bills are also astronomical, out of any sensible relationship to their incomes.

    Say what you want about UTD’s debt – it’s been red-circled and is only connected to the purchase of the club. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the relationship between income and wages – that’s an entirely separate set of calculations.

    Yeah, yeah, I know that if the Glazers hadn’t bought the club then there wouldn’t be any “debt” but let’s not forget that they spent 275 million quid and THEN took on debt to finance the rest of the purchase-price. They’ve significantly increased the level of “commercial revenues”, too.

    PLUS, of course, even the post-PLC club was going to “fritter away” tons of money on dividends to shareholders. So, there’s a lot of swings-and-roundabouts concerning UTD’s debt-load but the salient point is that it seems to be under control – who is “paying for” the Glazers’ purchase is quite another question. AND, it seems to me, that the only alternative to “long-term investors” like the Glazers would be a sugar-daddy like Abramovitch or the Sheikh of Eastlands. The reality is that UTD are a huge, multi-national marketing machine whose base used to be a “club” but is now profiting from satellite television and the internet rather than match-goings Mancs. We may not like that reality but in the capitalist world order of the early 21st century what reasonable alternatives are there ?

  29. denton davey says:

    ssj4gogeta @ 13:50: “Hazard would be a good buy as well , ( But would prefer a natural left footed left winger to sign for united …….united really missed out on shaqiri(well according too me that is)”

    I haven’t seen much of Hazard – is he the real deal or the flavour-of-the-month ? – but his left-footedness is intriguing. (Shaqiri, too – but that ship has sailed and Bayern really got him on the cheap @ ten million Euros).

    However, all the discussion of Gaitan, Hazard, Shaqiri, Goetze, Eriksen, and even Muniain is slightly off-sides. UTD currently have three very, very good wingers in Nani, Young and Valencia. They are all in the prime years of their careers. Valencia is very one-footed (so is Young) but Nani has shown that he can be a devastating force (when healthy and his mojo is ticking-over) on the left side of the field.

    Furthermore, not one of Gaitan (et al) really addresses the big issue with this UTD squad – since DarrenFletcherinho’s health has disintegrated (after Owen Hargreaves’ knees disintegrated) there is no ankle-biting, box-to-box midfielder. That absence has been extraordinarily evident in a series of key matches – the two CL defeats to Barcelona as well as the “humiliation” inflicted on UTD by Bilbao and any other team that is willing to play a high-tempo, pressing game (Wigan the other night, for example).

    I hear promising reports about Ryan Tunnicliffe – and Paul Pogba, too. BUT for this particular assemblage of players to even begin to think about regaining the level of the 2008 CL winners there is a black-hole in the middle of the park that just MUST be addressed. The Scholes/Carrick partnership can paper-over that black-hole against inferior and/or passive opposition but TheGingerNinja just isn’t mobile enough nowadays – and SirRyanGiggs is simply not the answer.

    IF money is going to be spent then it has to be spent on a ankle-biting, box-to-box midfielder UNLESS MrJones’ career as a defender is ended and he is re-tooled into that role. He’s just a kid – 20 ? – and it simply can’t be good for his development to shuttle him between central and wide defence as well as midfield. He a great young talent – but the key word is “talent”; to be a great young “player”, he needs more than talent. I’d be very disappointed if SAF persists in tinkering with his talent rather than making a commitment to making MrJones into that successor to Keane-o/Hargreaves/Fletcherinho that is UTD’s number-one priority.

  30. izzy says:

    i dont care who we buy as long as its someone proven worthy for a first 11 start.

    The way i see it, we need another worthy striker (to fill berba and owen who are finished, and macheda + diouf not proving anything yet)

    and one really solid attacking midfielder to play where rooney is playing now so that he can be brought up front where he is more effective.

  31. ssj4gogeta says:

    @denton davey

    Yeah that role will be perfectly filled by strootman … check his videos on youtube…he well could be our star midfielder and he his leftfooted.

  32. denton davey says:

    ssj4gogeta – This kid, Strootman, has been mentioned by other people, too. I know nothing about him but I don’t pay much attention to YouTube videos; they could make “me” look like a fourth-division player and I’m 65 !

    It’s good to hear that he’s left-footed – the squad is currently imbalanced with only two natural left-sided players (Giggs/Evra) and I’ve got no idea if any of the kids (apart from the full-back who played a few games in the winter) has that in his tool-kit.


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