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“Gary And Wes Are England’s Best… But Rafael Is Better”

Even before Gary Neville returned to first team action again, following over a year out injured, there were serious doubts over whether he would be able to hold down a place in the team. Wes Brown had played more games than any other in our Double winning season, meaning Neville was going to have to really work hard to get back in the team.

Had we been told at the beginning of the season that Brown would go on to suffer a lengthy period out injured, I can’t imagine many would have expected Neville to still be warming the bench. However, thanks to Rafael Da Silva, that is exactly what is happening, with Sir Alex Ferguson today confirming Rafael is his best right-back.

“Gary and Wes are England’s best right full-backs,” said Ferguson. “But they have a little problem because this young boy Rafael has really taken off. All the players, Gary included, are so supportive of him. They think he is fantastic. It is rare for someone to come through like he has done. When Gary did it, he had help. He was among six or seven young players all together, like a band of brothers. This lad doesn’t speak the language that well but he understands the football very well.”

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  1. k9 says:

    Watch the kid. He can’t tackle for shit yet (he commits too early) but he’s got the flair. And the passion. Hope he sticks around and makes it big. Take a bow Gary’o, you’ve done a lot and it’s time to enjoy that rare honour of being able to pass the mantle on…

  2. izzy says:

    Whatever it is, all of our right backs; Gary Wes and Rafeal are way better than that lad called Sagna playing for that certain London team. Heck maybe even Hargo and O’shea are better than him when playing that position.

  3. pypkmsrikanth says:

    This kid is amazing to watch, he gets caught out at times, is probably too attack minded, but with age in his side I would not be amazed if he becomes the best right back in the world in a couple of years time. Add to it he seems to be hardly bothered to feel the pressure of playing for the biggest club in the world

  4. invertedquestionmark says:

    I really do hope that Gary becomes good enough to be in the starting 11 again before he ends his career, even if it’s just for a couple of months, but still, Rafael is amazing.

  5. olusanjo says:

    rafael is class. i enjoy watching him. he is a joy to behold. has anyone noticed we r not comceeding since teh gu has started cementing his place in teh backline. i think teh gu has a bright future.

  6. RedMist says:

    He might be a bit suspect defensively at times, but he has improved no end in the few games he’s played – he is still head and shoulders above The Neviller, attacking wise and defensively. Unfortunately Gary Nevile has become a liability. In the few games he’s played this season he has been very lucky not to see red for several desperate lunges.
    Rafael might not be the strongest but he sticks his boot in when he needs to and if he fucks up he, much like Evra, has the pace to recover. Neville doesn’t. Not sure what Neville has left to be honest, other than to put his slippers and dressing gown on.

  7. wale says:

    rafael is d bomb,and pride of manutd ,i want sir alex to give boy more game to play so that he can show what is made of………………

  8. wale says:

    l fall in love with these guy when he played against ROBINHO and LENON he is a future player .i hope we can keep him.

  9. Oooodz says:

    He stopped Lennon so many times it was unreal in the Tottenham game and Match of the Day did not respresent that very well I don’t think.

    Feel a little sorry for Neville because he is awesome in his attitude towards the club. United through and through.

  10. corea says:

    yes, he gives our team smth special. i like him, we all like him.
    he will grow together with the team and at the age of 23 Real Madrid will anderstand that he is better than the guy called Ramos. ha-ha.
    Anderson to Inter, Rafael to Real.
    I am beginning to be cautious in that sence. they are brazilians and portuguese. Manchester is not Madrid or Milan and so on.
    hope it will not be the case.

  11. denton davey says:

    Corea’s point is well taken – Rafael (just like Ronaldo) has no particular loyalty to UTD, or Manchester for that matter. But that doesn’t mean that he will be off as soon as possible, although it has to be a major headache for whoever will be the manager of our club in the future.

    Like the rest of you, I have been mightily impressed with Rafael’s play; he was a revelation in that first game with Peterborough (rather like Ronaldo against Bolton !) and has shown a very marked improvement in his all-round play. He might not be the most savvy or strongest right back but speed does make up for his shortcomings. Of course, it’s going forward that this kid is special – very, very special. He has the attacking incisiveness of Patrice Evra, and that’s saying a lot. And, just imagine, his brother – Fabio, the left back – is supposed to be the better player !

  12. corea says:

    I didn’t watch Peterborough game but instead i watched Juventus game and it was amazing. Rafael was brave, fearless and very impressive.
    In his VERY FIRST game against the legendary opossition!
    It says it all. You just cannot be indifferent to this little boy.
    He is special and need this kind of players.
    But let us think who is responsable for bringing this brothers to MU ? Carlos ?
    Interesting days a still to come.

  13. Saad says:

    United > England again. lolz

    The kid needs to improve the defensive part of his game but with evra he can give us quite a lot of width in a system where our wingers like to cut inside

  14. Tom F says:

    K9, he is an 18 year old Brazilian.

    What more do you expect?

  15. tony-starks says:

    Cant’ wait till Fabio gets back to playing, feel sorry for him as he was supposed to be the better prospect.. imagine how good Fabio is!

  16. EastStandManc says:

    I fear for RedNev every time I see his name on the teamsheet now; every performance this year (apart from the 20 mins against Roma earlier this year) has dragged his rep lower and lower, which I can’t bear watching. I honestly can’t see how many more opportunities SAF will afford Gazza beyond this tourno in Japan.

    For me all 3 goals against Blackburn in the league cup would’ve been reason enough to bring him into the office and have “had a chat” with him, but that’s why SAF’s the manager, right?

  17. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    from what i hear his injured brother is betteer

  18. King Eric says:

    EastStand: Good post re: Gaz .

    Quality player, an outstanding prospect, can’t wait to see his brother play. On a different note I hear Berba is out of game tomorrow with a “virus”?

  19. OTRed says:

    ^^^Yep so says Fergie…

  20. themarkedman72 says:

    the kid has magic in his boots.
    I cant wait to see him and his twin destroy teams AT BOTH ENDS OF THE PARK!!

  21. malice_mizer says:

    couldnt wait when both of the da silva brothers bombing down the wings…like two rabid squirrel chasing the ball .. fast like f*^k!! they give opposition wingers nightmares.

  22. klauq says:

    There’s only one Rafa in the league, and his name is Rafael Da Silva. The Rafa is a Brazillian, not a certain stocky Spanish..

    As for Neville, I’m sure his happy enough to know he has a worthy successor in this boy Rafa. Let’s not mention any of Neville’s shortcoming as he has done tremendous for the club, he was our Mr Reliable.

    I just hope Rafa can learn all the tricks from Neville while Neville is still playing.


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