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Gary Neville Becomes Sky Sports Pundit

As was widely rumoured after his retirement in January, Gary Neville has now signed up to be a pundit on Sky Sports.

He will take up the role as football expert and co-commentator from next season.

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  1. ciewkui says:

    now we’ll do our talking on the pitch as well as in the studio.

    If RedNev gets the liverpool gig, then Sky had better mute his mike

  2. willierednut says:

    Costas – The thug being out is an excuse for the dippers, but I’m hoping Carroll and Suarez can expose Arsenal at the back.

  3. Unitedfanatic says:

    His unwavering passion and aggression should make the ABUs get cold feet. Wonder what this means for all the talk of him taking up a managing / coaching role?

  4. Costas says:


    I am sure King Kenny’s modern style of play of Carraher hoofing the ball at Carrol’s head will cause them a few problems. :)

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Sam Cheers mate. There is a similar read on FOX

    The police chief sounded the complete fool. What a moron. But I find it more interesting the later part of the interview. Ferguson directly stating that Lee Mason is under incredible pressure and directly doubting the fairness of the system. Thinking that Fergie must be enjoying his view from the stands as this type of comment could see him put there on a more regular basis.

  6. kiccha says:

    Wow !! good news for us :) .. am sure Gary will put those fuckin scouse ass licking bastards and all the ABU cunts in that sudio in place ..bad news for those ABU cunts :D
    the hargreaves’s story is more satisfying.. hope to see the lad playing for us ..
    and that policeman(some midlands bastard) put away by fergie ! EPIC !! :) .. thats Sir ALex Ferguson for you ! :)

  7. Jaandsdad says:

    Nice one Gary, would have preferred he hadstayed at Old Trafford.
    Looking forward to the ABU pricks shitting their pants when they get put down by THE NEVILLER

  8. Kings says:

    Rai – Hello mate. This is great news in that we have another ex-united member on Sky Sports, in addition to Yorkie and McQueen. We need to get more in if possible to counter the ABU cunts that are already on Sky Sports and in the media spewing bile against United, especially Phillnoccio Thompson the dirty scouse cunt. Being that he is passionate about United and is not afraid to show his emotions – look at the win over Liverpool in 2006 and Owens derby winner last season – hopefully he will fight our corner as and when necessary.

  9. singh says:

    congrats gary! hope to listin to your voice and seeyour critiques over the next pl season

  10. eddieTheRed says:

    Dwight Yorke mostly gets the better of Jamie Redknapp in an argument because he knows what it’s like to play for a team that wins everything; Gary Neville is surprisingly articulate and his passion for the game and honesty will shine through.

    It’s about time Sky revived it’s flagging football shows and this is a step in the right direction!

  11. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @slim, LOL! I was not serious mate. It is always different in front of the camera as a commentator than a player. I was just trying to hype up Red Nev. No hard feelings.

    As I said, I don’t think this is permanent for Nev. I sure hope he works on his coaching badges (Giggs already has I believe) if he has not yet and maybe come back to United to work with the kids in a few years. Sir Alex has already talked of his desire to hold on to our special players and I am sure he will have something in mind for Gary.

  12. willierednut says:

    Not too hard to get the best of Jamie Redknapp, he talks cack!

  13. billybowlegs says:

    Jamie Redknapp….did he ever,truly play football….? one wonders,the hilarity of it all,even his wife must laugh at the cunt at times…..playing with his wii etc…the only time he`ll ever win anything the fuckin` dos cunt…

  14. willierednut says:


    He’s the definition of a sick note. He was on the treatment table that much, he actually considered proposing to the table. He pulled out though, after he got splinters in his ass!

  15. FULLARD says:

    Gary’s a lot smarter than people give him credit for. I reckon he’ll make a great pundit. Plus i’m sure they’ll be a video or two leaked of him jumping around in the commentators box, and that will make it all worthwhile.

  16. billybowlegs says:

    lol@Willie,fuckin class,but I think the table might have been a better option…louise bores the fuck out of me…miss goody goody…nice tits etc but thick as 2 short planks,I wonder if the kid is actually his….I don`t think he`s capable of fathering a child let alone givin` her a fuckin` good seein` to the fuckin` wimp,he`s just…just….ermmm…simple?? yes that`s it,simple.fuckin` girl he`s almost akin to ladyboy…

  17. RedLife says:

    I hope he does himself proud. That he be unbiased and honest. If he does that and says what he thinks, then maybe commentators might be interesting again.

  18. 90+Until We Score says:

    Can’t imagine Neville’s reaction in the box when United win against City or Pool….I hope he comes back in the support staff….would prefer that

  19. smartalex says:

    “Gary Neville is to take on an ambassadorial role for the Club. Gary will join Sir Bobby Charlton and Bryan Robson in a position which sees great legends of the game represent the Club …”

  20. King Eric says:

    Nev has also been given an ambassadorial role at united so NO he hasn’t sold out. As for handling himself of course he fucking can. He has done ingerlund boycotts and is a union man. He will have no medal cunts like southgate and big nosed rentboy townsend for breakfast

    Cannot wait for his testimonial.

  21. Faheem Mumtaz says:

    He deserves it . I love the way he speak

  22. bchilds says:

    Should be interesting!

  23. aol lfc 4 ever says:

    Do Sky realise what they are doing? That probably means at least 75% of footie fans will be unhappy about this. Why didnt they conduct a poll from their subscribers.
    As a lpool fan – GN is the most obnoxious,arrogant person ever to wear a und shirt.

  24. Wilkinson1 says:

    If Garry has got coaching badges ,i would love him to Manage Arsenal/.


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