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Gerrard Sticks The Knife In Rio

Following the disgraceful treatment of Rio Ferdinand by Roy Hodgson and the FA, our defender was finally called up to the England squad for the World Cup qualifying games against San Marino and Montenegro. Whilst it was clear the player wanted to represent his country again, the manager hinted that there might be some issues because of Rio’s personalised programme to ensure he avoids injury. In 2008-2009 he was fit for 24 league games, the following season just 13, and in 2010-2011 just 19. Thankfully, the medical staff at United have found a way of managing Rio’s back troubles, meaning he has been available for far more games over the past two seasons.

Whilst nothing official has been confirmed, it appears as though the club told Rio that he would not be able to take part in the two England games, leading our player to make the journey down to London to tell Hodgson personally.

“I’m disappointed Rio will not be available, but due to the detailed pre-planned training and medical programme he must follow it’s not possible,” said Hodgson. “However, I was pleased he called and asked to meet with me. It was important to hear from him personally about the way he must manage his body between games. This is not to say he cannot play back-to-back games – he can and has proven so. He’s out this time due to particular pre-planned details already in place for his programme. I must place on record how I was impressed with his commitment to playing for England and I look forward to hopefully selecting him for squads in the future.”

However, Rio’s decission to fly to Qatar, almost a seven hour flight from London, received plenty of criticism yesterday. He has travelled to Doha where he will cover England as a television pundit on al-Jazeera and to attend the Aspire Sports Academy.

“1) Flown out for some pre-planned downtime…with a bit of punditry thrown in for a game I would have watched anyway. 2) No different from what I done on the last 10day international break…thank you guys. Haters are gonna hate…also assume everything…although it must be the gospel truth based on assumptions!”

The country’s press and ex-pros seemingly believed they had the details of Rio’s pre-planned programme and laid in to our player for going on the trip. As somebody completely unqualified to comment, just like everyone else, it doesn’t seem the most sensible idea to be on a plane for that amount of time, but like everyone else, I have no idea what Rio needs to do to ensure he is in good condition and have no idea what he might be doing on the plane to help with that.

Rio’s decision to go to Qatar hasn’t gone down too well with the England manager, who, when asked whether Rio would be selected in the future, said: “we should just wait and see.” This is different to his stance on Monday, when he said he was “looking forward to hopefully selecting Rio for squads in the future.”

Asked for his opinion on Ferdinand’s trip, he said: “I don’t have any serious thoughts on it. The fact is I was disappointed when he couldn’t accept our invitation. What he actually does now and how he operates in the coming couple of weeks, that’s his business and his club’s business. I’m only interested in the players I’ve got here. That’s where I prefer to have my focus.”

Whilst Hodgson wasn’t prepared to criticise the trip, sensibly acknowledging that he has no idea what the club had planned for him in this time off, Steven Gerrard has been happy to stick the knife in, suggesting that Rio has chosen not to play for England as it is not a priority for him like it is for Gerrard.

It appears as though that unlike the fans, the Liverpool captain is a country over club man, claiming that representing your country is “pinnacle” of anyone’s career.

“Playing for England is the pinnacle of everyone’s career,” said Gerrard. “If I’m not playing [against San Marino], I’ll be very disappointed, which shows what it means to me. First of all, I don’t know if Rio has turned his back on it. I don’t know the details from his side. But that’s what I want to achieve; help take this team to a World Cup in Brazil. At my age, there’s no better stage for a footballer to play on. Especially after beating Brazil, on our day, with a full-strength squad, we’re capable of beating the best. I have my own personal programme I stick to, but that’s the same as any other player. Two days of recovery after a game, taking it easy so I’m fine.”

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Gerrard: Playing for England is the pinnacle of everyone’s career,” said Gerrard. “If I’m not playing [against San Marino], I’ll be very disappointed Says It All! :lol: :lol:

    Nice to have a white man, and teammate of proven racist Suarez, who has won very little with Liverpool (well there was the one thing) come out and level this at Rio.

    I would not be surprised if Rio does tell England where to shove it.

    United >>>>> England. Any day of the week.

  2. wabs says:

    gob shut you fucking gobshite cunt

  3. lawman10 says:

    What a Twat Gerrard is,
    hate to go to war with him by my side.

  4. Manced says:

    Always the victims, it’s never your fault.

  5. roadkill4u says:

    Gerrard is only too happy to play for England because he knows that there is absolutely nothing left for him at that shithole of a club that he wanted to leave only a few years ago.

    Rio, and others before him, has come to the realization in order to prolong their playing career and thus make more $$, he has to forego playing for his country. Good on him and fuck Gerrard and the rest who have no idea what the physios have in store for Rio to keep him on his game.

    United > England any day of the week.

  6. Marq says:

    Says a man who turned his back on his club until people start burning his figures that he stayed

  7. TheCANTONA says:

    Gerrard: “There’s no better stage”
    LMFAO! That’s bcoz u & ur shit club didn’t play in champions league anymore u fool!!

  8. Dan says:

    Gerrard isn’t sticking the knife in Rio at all. Did you even read the quotes you posted?! The only thing he says about Rio is, “First of all, I don’t know if Rio has turned his back on it. I don’t know the details from his side.” That’s it. Not criticising him at all.

  9. marksyinoz says:

    @TheCANTONA: Spot on my friend!!

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Dan…. ???

    born yesterday?! What an innocent wee thing you are. :lol:

  11. ahjs says:

    “and teammate of proven racist Suarez,”

    Except he isn’t. You think people are taken to courts and sentenced for being “racist”? Doesn’t happen. Even Evra has said he doesn’t think he’s racist. The word negrito means black. If you call someone black or white are you racist? No. There are genuine racists out there who probably never utter such words.

    “I would not be surprised if Rio does tell England where to shove it. ”

    I agree this might be best thing for everybody concerned, unless Rio does actually want to play in Brazil. Mind you, Hodgson probably needs Rio because England don’t look good enough in that position all of a sudden.

    And I don’t think the other poster was born yesterday. “STICKS KNIFE IN!” No, not really – pro footballer (and captain) is asked a question and has to be diplomatic. He didn’t stick it to Rio or Hodgson and also bigged up the San Marino game which, we all know is a waste of time, but 99.9% of pros go through the motions of saying we must take it seriously, it’s a big game, an honour etc. This is how it works, how the media operates in football and beyond.

  12. lordrt says:

    what to expect from a liverpool man and hudson faithful… Rio did well to step down and hopefully stays fit in the quest for no. 20.

  13. wayne says:

    Being picked for England when nothing’s been won since 66 doesn’t seem like a big pinnacle to me.Being part of something that’s been a lesson in abject failure makes him a loser if he believes Country over Club the pinnacle should be winning the World Cup not being picked against a country that any championship side could beat what a fucking wanker

  14. belfast red. says:

    @dan. If stevie me dosnt know the full story then wtf is he even commentating about rio for? If you ask me it was a slight dig at Rio. Trying to take the moral high ground and at the same trying to belittle Rio. Fuck stevie me and his opinions! The facts are that the medical staff advised him not to play as that means he would be playing 3 games in 9 days. 2 for england and then for us on easter monday. That could risk a flair up with his back. And tbh the medical staff know alot more than woy or any of us. They have worked wonders for Rio. When you think two seasons ago every1 was thinking he was done. So fuck any1 that says otherwise. As Rio said. Fuck the haters!

  15. Red Truth says:


    Saying “black” isn’t racist. Saying black to someone several times whilst pinching their skin in a “winding up” motion in heated confrontation is racist.

    I await your response.

  16. need to feel the love says:

    once again when a united player makes a decision the world and its wife have an opinion on it stevie g feels he has more chance of winning something with england(i would say that both liverpol and england winning something of note is pure fantasy) well done rio if u want to go off and do some punditary you crack on kid

  17. wayne says:

    Actually Suarez called Evra Negro about 10 times,everyone knows in this day and age Negro is a racial slur associating Blacks with slavery

  18. FusilliJerry says:

    Uninterested in Cesspool angle tbh. Disappointed that Ferdinand managed to turn a situation where Hodgson was perceived as foolish, to one where the defender is perceived as a player of tit-for-tat games. It’s not a question of he would have been watching and analysing the game anyway, so why not do that for television – it’s a question of how it appears. For someone supposedly concerned with his own brand, Ferdinand has shown himself to be no better at PR than the FA themselves.

  19. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Rio Ferdinand:

    Manchester United
    Won 5 EPL Titles and 1 Champions League title in 10 years
    Was also runner up 3 times in the EPL and never finished lower than 3rd over 10 years with United.
    Played in 2 other Champions League finals, playing in CL 3 finals over just 4 years.

    Won nothing have won nothing for 30+ years.
    Rio has played 13 years for England, winning 81 caps for his country.
    Rio was an England alternate captain from 2006-2010.
    Rio was named England Captain from 2010-11
    This year, Rio was publicly dumped “For footballing reasons” by Roy Hodgson & England.
    A decision that Roy Hodgson, in his infinite wisdom, shared with passengers on a London tube, but didn’t inform Rio about privately.
    The current team captain (Gerrard is it), instead of supporting one of the most significant players of the last 10 years, talks about himself.

    Says it all about Gerrard …..
    If Rio tripped and was lying in the mud….. Gerrard’s the type of man who would stiffen his leg, quicken his pace, and look away.

  20. wruth03 says:

    So Gerrard is having a dig at Rio. What a laugh coming from the most self centred individual that ever lived. One question for Gerrard how would he feel if the England manager supported a racist lout over his family? Of course silly question really since Gerrard is only interested in himself. Michael Owen an former Liverpool great announces his retirement and surprise surprise Gerrard far too self obsessed to even find a kind word. Owen recieved more kindness from Rory McIlroy and Michael Vaughan and they are not even in the same sport. Says it all about Gerrard doesn’t it more interested in his self adoration than he is in anybody else. I really hate this pathetic excuse for a human being.

  21. Rd54 says:

    Fxxk u Stevie me fxxk u are fxxking loser

  22. Little Red Ant says:

    Rio off on a 7 hour flight is not the same as the majority of us doing the same !! He will be stretched out on his fully reclined bed whereas we would be squashed up in cattle class get DVT

  23. tommy taylor says:

    “Playing for your country is the pinnacle of your career” is probably correct when it’s your debut but in this day and age when there are not too many good English players in the Premier League to compete for places in the national team that claim is a bit hollow. In fact if I was English, playing regularly for a premiership team, I would be very disappointed if at the end of my career, I had not won at least one ‘cap’ for my country.

  24. King Eric says:

    Fuck off Stevie Me you Romanian haircut cunt.

  25. King Eric says:

    wruth03 – Hi. You finish your post with Denise. Are yopu Denise Williams that used to post? Just wondered.

    Fusilli – God mate haven’t seen you on here for ages.

  26. karlmanchesterred says:

    fletch class mate, dan you’re a tool

  27. Ahmad says:

    Well done Rio. You’ve got even with Hodgson. BTW who cares what Gerrard says. Now let Woy call Terry for “defensive reason” in the England team.

  28. RedBorneo says:

    Romanian haircut cunt..? LOL…!!

  29. Canada says:

    @Dan – read those quotes yourself. Would make a hell of a lot more sense if he’d left Rio out of them completely. It was totally a Stevie Me moment and a dig at Rio.

    A bit like if Rio had said “I am withdrawing from England duty due to Ronnie Whelan’s niece……..I mean my back trouble.”

  30. Lee Martins Winner says:

    I personally like the ABU’s taking a pop at UTD for any and every reason. Its because we are one of the biggest, if not the biggest clubs in the world that we sell thier papers and people watch / listen to thier programmes.

    Fair play to Rio, he wants to play in as many UTD games as poss and England. He was a man about it and told Hodge to his face. I am also sure SAF had a little word in his ear. Contract etc.

    As for stevie me, people forget he was jumping ship to Chelski until the dippers fans told him in a subtle way that it was not his best idea. He was a great midfielder, who just never justified his game at Inetrnaltional level. It still pains me that the best CM of my generation (ginger prince) was popped on the left to accomadate Lampard with this fool.

    Let Stevie me say what he wants, do what he wants, if ENG dont quailify, it will be the last we see of him.

    Stevie, do me a favour, why dont you play show us your medals with RIO, Giggs, Scholes, Lampard, Becks, Wes Brown, Owen, even Anderson! lmao

  31. wruth03 says:

    King Eric yes it is me. I haven’t posted a lot of late I did post on the Nani sending off against Real Madrid but it wasn’t kept on. I expect that was because I felt like hitting the ref!!!! However I am writing again as this issue over England and Rio really has me riled. In my opinion Rio has beern treated disgracefully by Hodgson and the FA as was Anton. Now to put the top hat on it we have the foul and obnoxious creep St Stevie of me putting the boot in. Oh how I hate that sanctimonious self obsessed asshole. I hate all of them at Looserpool but I definitely hate him the most.

  32. RedHairedDevil says:

    “The word negrito means black.”


    Adding “ito” to any word or name in Spanish makes it diminutive (and/or patronising) in Spanish. Carlos (Charles) – Carlito (Charlie). Negro (black skinned person) – negrito (blacky). (Apologies if anyone is offended by this, I want to illustrate a point in English and that’s the closet term we have).

    And as for his claim that it was a friendly term or used in a friendly is utter bollocks. I’d like to see Suarez call one of his own team mates that and see if they think he’s being anything other than a dick.

  33. Barz says:

    I LOVE it when you Mancunian ladies get your panties all in a bunch over absolutely nothing. Grow up, for Christ’s sake…

  34. OAFC says:

    @ Wruth 03

    Is he worse than Granny shagging adulterer Rooney or another proven adulterer in Giggs?

  35. Raizzen says:

    First of all, Gerrard would know all about ‘fresh’. What competition is Liverstool still seriously in at the mo ? Secondly, when you’re not winning anything for so long, apparently even hitting the bulls eye with your piss could be considered a ‘pinnacle’

  36. wruth03 says:

    OAFC I have news for you there have been stories doing the rounds about Gerrard’s marriage and his adultery with other women. However none of this will ever be printed in the Stevie loving media. For pity’s sake they even tried to tell us St Stevie has the highest IQ ever the other day and they also claimed that every single person on this earth adores him. So the media are not nor ever have been interested in the truth. I personally wouldn’t waste money on newspapers they are full of lies and inacurracies and I see through their Stevie infatuation. According the El Hadji Diouff most players can’t stand him he is very unpopular. I believe that to be the truth of course Liverpool fans as we all know are complete strangers to the truth as the behaviour following the Suarez negrito shenanigans ably demonstrated and proved.

  37. OAFC says:


    Stories doing the rounds, as against actually happened then?

    You couldn’t sound more paranoid if you tried. Apparently you hate someone you’ve never met because he plays for Liverpool and you believe everything you read in the press.

    El Hadj Diouff says people hate him!! Is that supposed to prove something. Isn’t he generally despised by everyone.

    I’ve no idea what sort of a person Gerrard is, I’ve never met him, then again, neither have you.

  38. wruth03 says:

    OAFC clearly you never read my post at all. As I pointed out these stories HAVE NEVER APPEARED IN THE PRESS. Why simply because the press are so much in love with Gerrard to write anything bad about him it wouldn’t suit their personal agenda. These stories have been circulating around the internet for a few years now. You are quick to say that I don’t know if they are true maybe I don’t but having said that we also do not know that they are not. You also go on about Diouff being despised maybe he is but clearly Gerrard is as well. You say I believe everything I read in the press well if you read my post I pointed out that I do not even buy any of the newspapers or read them. I make my judgements on Gerrard by listening to him and reading his comments on twitter and he comes across as very self centred, very arrogant and very jealous of anyone more succesful than he is. Those are the reasons a dislike Gerrard. I also do not think judging by his actions and comments that he really has any understanding of team spirit he is all for himself. So in truth Gerrard is condemned by himself.

  39. OAFC says:

    @ Wruth

    Never appeared in the press? Are you sure that’s not because there is no substance to them rather than because the press love him. If they were true the press would be all over them, they aren’t in love with anything other than a story that would sell. Sorry, but you are totally paranoid if you believe otherwise.

    I’ll tell you what is true though.

    1) Rooney sleeps with prostitutes when his Mrs is pregnant and then tells her to “get over it”.

    2) Saint Ryan Giggs sleeps with his brothers girlfriend and then hides behind a super injunction and tries to lie to cover it up.

    Personally I couldn’t give a shit. As far as I’m concerned they are both great footballers and pieces of turd as far as being a human being is concerned.

    All I’m doing is pointing out your rank hypocrisy.

    You’ve slaughtered Gerrard over something you don’t know is true but assume is because he plays for Liverpool.

    You also slaughter Suarez over what he said to Evra. I’m not going to defend Suarez but, do you know what as far as I’m concerned calling someone black in the heat of battle is about one tenth as obnoxious as screwing a whore behind their wifes back.

    I’ve not heard a single utterence of condemnation from you over Rooney and Giggs and I know why. It’s because of who they play for. You can whitter on as much as you like about Gerrard but the 100% truth is you could not give a shit what someone is or does if they play for your club.

  40. wruth03 says:

    OAFC It seems to me that you are the one the believes everything you read in the press. Of course the media has an agenda why else do they claim that everybody in the world loves Gerrard when surely even you must see that is untrue. There are many people who dislike Gerrard yet according to our media those people do not even exist. Yet those same newspapers tell all kinds of lies ridiculing others simply because it siuts them to do so. Look at the treatment of the McCann’s and the Dowler’s. There have been many instances where the press have witheld true stories that cast one of the media darlings in a bad light. That is fact not opinion. As for What Rooney and Giggs have done I do not nor ever will condone that it was very wrong just as racism is wrong. However until the football authorities take a firm stance on it and ignorant people face reality I cannot see it ever being stamped out.

    You accuse me of being paranoid yet you yourself are far more guily of that than I am. You also point out that I have no right to criticise Gerrard when I do not know the truth well I really had to laugh at that one. Liverpool fans do not know the truth about why Michael Owen left the club yet still abuse him and threaten him and his family. According to Stephane Henchoz Owen did not want to leave but he was forced out by Rafa. Mickey Quinn also revealed on Talk Sport last week he had been told that too. Jamie Carragher Also revealed Rafa refused to sign him from Newcastle so Owen had every right to join Manchester United. If these stories are true then Rafa has been lying through his teeth for years. Yet you Liverpool fans are not interested in the truth are you?

  41. OAFC says:


    OAFC? I’m not a Liverpool fan.

    TBH you are just moving the goalposts around Denise. I’ve no interest in what Owen did or didn’t do, I’m sure Rafa did force him out but I don’t suppose Owen cared he went to Madrid didn’t he?

    All I said was that your critiicism of Gerrard was based on here say and was hypocritical given your lack of the same as far as your own players are concerned. All you have done is confirm that. I have no idea what sort of a person Gerrard is and I don’t care but even if what you say is 100% accurate he’s no worse than Rooney or Giggs but that doesn’t matter to you because they play for Man U and that is all this is about really.

  42. bombay_devil says:

    Fucking around on your pregnant wife – bad.

    Fucking your brothers wife – even worse.

    wanting / ‘not minding’ a transfer to chelsea – introducing stevie g, what a whore lol

  43. wruth03 says:

    OAFC As I pointed out Giggs and Rooney’s off field behaviour was wrong in fact it was deplorable and I will never condone what they did. However Garrard’s behaviour is also unacceptable there was the famous occasion when he got away with assault when the whole world knew was guilty but the court system let him get away with it simply because of who he is. He is also very self centred which his complaints in his book about Houllier supporting Owen when his wife was seriously injured in hospital when Gerrard’s parents were splitting up according to Gerrard was far more important. That to me typifies the kind of person he is totally self obsessed. However it was not only Rafa Benitez fault Owen left the fans behaviour over the years and numerous death threats they made meant Owen had probably taken all he could. Perhaps the truth is many football fans are divorced from reality and many players are no better.

  44. King Eric says:

    Stevie Me and Ronnie Whelans daughter or whoever it was.

    Alright Denise, thought it was you.

  45. wruth03 says:

    Hi King Eric I just had to write to put the record straight about Stevie Me. I know the press think he is some kind of god but you and I see him for what he is. An arrogant self centred asshole. Actually I really can’t stand any of them at Looserpool but Gerrard really is the worst. Put it this way I wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire. I am really getting angry about people having a go at Rio after the way Hodgson and the FA have treated him I wouldn’t play for England either. Personally I would tell them to stick England where the sun doesn’t shine wouldn’t you?


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