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Get To Work…

“Wayne’s away at the moment, so there’s no recovery,” said the boss. “He did his remedial work before he went away, but thereafter we’re happy that he’s resting.” Asked if the three week prognosis still applied, Sir Alex added: “I think it may be longer.”

After already missing Fulham and Everton away because of his personal life, Wayne Rooney is missing Spurs (h), City (a) and Villa (a) through injury. At least this time he’s admitting he is injured though, rather than trying to make the manager look like a liar. Although, I’d admit I was injured if it meant I got to spend a week in Dubai instead of on the treatment table…

Get to work!



  1. kunal4622 says:

    I think he’ll be sold in summer for good amount of Money…

  2. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Scott the red i agree with your comments apart from the last one – Get to work.
    Id prefer it if it read Get Fucked.

  3. redarmy75 says:

    Have a look at this. ‘Wayne from Manchester’ causing trouble again….It’s ‘Special 1 TV’. Used to be on Setanta before they went tits up, now it’s on BBC3 it seems.


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