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Get Your Mad Rafa Fact Sheets!

If you’re going to the match on Saturday, download the Rafa Fact Sheet or simply click on the image above to enlarge it then print, to take along with you.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. costas says:

    Well said.By the way guys,has happened to Stevie Me’s trial?Forgotten hey?

  2. King Eric says:

    Excellent Scott! Costas I have a sneaky feeling Saint Stevie’s court case is at end of March sometime. Conveniently after the Champions league and United games.

  3. costas says:

    And of course he will be harhly dealt with hey?Just like Rio?

  4. Stenhousemuir_Red says:

    LOL nutter

  5. Liam says:

    Stevie is going to pay the other 2 guys off to lie for him. He wont get jack. £100,000 each in hand and he’s off

  6. jamos9 says:

    Print up thousands and stick them all over the seats…..someones gotta hand one to Rafa!!

  7. bob fuller says:

    As a chelsea fan i`ll be wanting a draw….but if you`re going to beat them stuff um….i`ll be seeing you all in london on sunday no doubt

  8. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    video for rafa:)

  9. ridwan says:

    can u rewrite the website please in one of the comments (that proves pool has worst fans)

  10. kevin says:

    I like the idea of the factsheet – but I’m sure you can do something better for number 7 -there are plenty of other things to pick and it will only encourage Munich references from them

    I think we should have more class than that

  11. Scott the Red says:

    Kevin – at Munich, our fans didn’t kill anyone. Who doesn’t have class? Us for reminding them what they did?

  12. manufan87 says:

    If i had the money for all the paper i’d personally print of 75000 copies of that and put one on each seat on saturday, shame i missed out on tickets then :(

  13. kevin says:

    I get it – but I disagree – I think that trivially using the death of anyone to score points lacks class and doesn’t reflect well on us.

    Also, I think that Boris’ quote (and Fact 9) covers that issue eloquently and there are better things to choose so there is no need to risk cutting too close to the line.

  14. dk says:

    nice one. this is totally what i’m looking for. fuck the waitress and his girly employee.

  15. Smudger says:


  16. Wiggsman says:

    Kev I agree – Highlighting Heysel is a lil blatent and crass

  17. daveleetravis says:

    love this blog, read it for a bit, but first post… or a us movie… long tine listener, first time caller kind of shit. no 7 lacks class. regardless. we are better than that.

  18. Marq says:

    I can see where you are coming from Scott, but the fact that lives were lost, regardless of who & how, should be treated with respect. Anyway, we have better facts to show, like…

    –> 1) Including honors with other clubs, Sir Alex Ferguson has won more League Titles than Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley & Benitez put together.
    Sir Alex – United (10), Aberdeen (3)
    Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley & Benitez – Liverpool (9), Valencia (2)

    –> 2) Including honors with other clubs, Sir Alex Ferguson has won more Cups (excluding Community Shield) than Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Houllier & Benitez put together.
    Sir Alex – United (14) Aberdeen (7)
    Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Houllier & Benitez – Liverpool (18) Valencia (1)

    –> 3) Liverpool have gone 18 years without winning the League Title

    –> 4) Steven Gerrard dived to get the penalty which got Liverpool’s 3rd goal against AC Milan in 2005

    –> 5) Liverpool are not going to win the FA cup this season

    Now these are facts they cant argue, haha

  19. wazza says:

    well done Scott.surely 1 has to go to Rafa

  20. LFC - 5 times, 18 titles says:

    Sir Bob Paisley won 3 European cups in 5 years – yes I know, thats Legendary.
    18 years and counting, true but you still havent surpassed us, what does that say abt you????
    39 dead italians, you poor poor souls, no need for such points really.
    Steve Gerrard a diver – ‘people in glass houses……’

    Still in our shadow.


  21. ROYTHERED says:

    have to agree…remove number 7 its in very bad taste….the rest is fuckin brilliant though.

  22. haha says:

    7 stays, these animals need to remember what they’ve done.

  23. Stephen says:

    LFC – 5 times, 18 titles, “Still in our shadow?” Well mate you are still living in the past.

  24. mancaroon says:

    Scott- Great list mate…..but take out number 7 and reword with the ’3 red stars- without killing anyone’ motif……..same message, tons more class. apart from that, spot on mate.

  25. doncobaino says:

    an unrelated fact… don wants tevez and rooney to start up front tomo… fact!

  26. Stephen says:

    The clause 7 issue is simple to me, Liverpool have never taken responsibilty for Heysel.
    It took the city council 15 years to formally mark the anniversary, in May 2000 the bells in the city’s municipal buildings peeled 39 times and a plaque was unveiled paying tribute to the victims, yet have there been any admission of guilt comming from the club or any of the supporters? no, they hide behind the stadium, they hide behind the poor segregation and the Juve fans for provoking them, but it was their fans that attacked the Italians and cost the lives of 39 supporters and this is something they have not accepted.
    They are always the victims, they lap up the “scouser victim” tag, they feel a sense of injustice over Hillsborough but accept no responsibilty for Heysel thats why clause 7 should remain, until they accept responsibility for their own actions.
    It also should not be lost on everyone that the current UEFA anti English feeling stems from Platini who scored the only goal that day for Juve.

  27. redgister says:

    living in the past its called history stevie g dived to get penalty intresting why dont you take a look at the new dvd ronaldos 101 greatest dives followed buy cantanas dvd when players attack followed buy rios 101 ways to miss a drug test i was moving house ha ha ha followed by fergie top 10 items to throw when having a tantrum

  28. doncobaino says:

    or redgister’s dvd “10 jokes and none of them funny”…

  29. PossePossebon says:

    Agree with mancaroon there Scott, the ‘without killing anyone’ motif would be excellent. The rest of the list is just brilliant. Evidently, there are dippers who’ve already taken the bait and gotten wound up over it. Great work.

  30. Jig says:

    7 has to go, show some respect for yourself and the dead.

  31. Scott the Red says:

    Had Liverpool Football Club respected the lives of those who were killed at Heysel, then there would be no need to mention it. The fact is, their chairman, John Smith, washed his hands of it, claiming it had nothing to do with them. He blamed Chelsea fans. Why is it classless to remind them of something they did, which the CLUB accepted no blame for?

    Regardless, at Liverpool’s victory over Everton this season, Liverpool fans sang “2-0 to the murderers”. If they can refer to themselves as murderers, I don’t see why United fans get so touchy about it.

  32. rednoodles says:

    Please remind the scouse pig that the SS PREMIERSHIP is the only ship that have never dock at the scouseland.I hate it to the hilt whenever those dippers start the history with the 18/5 crap.It really makes my blood goes upstairs.

  33. Jig says:

    Makes no odds what they sing about Scott, they obviously show no level of dignity or class. Doesn’t mean you have to lower yourself to that level.

    Just my opinion, don’t really give a rats ass what you do to be honest.

  34. doncobaino says:

    scott when are you gonna learn, you cant say anything about the scousers. ask Gary Neville he got pulled up by the f.a for daring to celebrate in front of them, the nerve!…easiest way to stay on good side of the scousers is to follow these rules….

    a. gerrards god- never dives, etc
    b. all their fans are from liverpool
    c. nothing is ever important until the pool do it, for example, they didnt win the club world cup so its not important, however since uefa have ‘according to liverpool echo’ made them officially the best team in europe THIS is what matters
    d. never spent any money on a player,
    e. never sung about munich

    feel free to add more to this ever growing pile of Kopouts…

  35. suhayl says:

    what s all this toe the politically correct line???

  36. suhayl says:

    im a manc..been supporting utd for 32 years…and they’re murdering scum…..and if anyone wants a lesson why they are…just ask i’ll give you plenty reasons.

  37. suhayl says:

    1. Heysel…..scousers on the rampage…into the neutral zone….push down the wall….murder 39 bianconeri. UEFA cannot charge them due to lack of idenfication of individual fans. They never accpeted the guilt…english clubs sufferered and got banned from europe. 20 years later they hold up a friendship banner at anfield….to which the juve fans turned their backs and called them murderers. The whole world knew their guilt. Shame though as usual scouse behaviour they tried to play innocent. MURDERING SCUM

  38. suhayl says:

    2. HILLSBOROUGH. I ve read the taylor report. Once again…8.700 TICKETLESS scouse fans jumped over turnstiles and looted their way in….stewards warned them, police tried to stop them. OH no…..typical fuckin scousers wanting everything free. Killed and maimed their own fans….due to despicable behaviour. MURDERING SCUM

  39. suhayl says:

    3. Michael shields and his cronies go on the rampage after champs lge 05….36 bulgarian men injured…2 fatally….both left with permanent brain damage. MURDERING SCUM

  40. suhayl says:


    In athens trying to loot kids and mothers off tickets and jump over barriers and turnstiles to get in. Fuckin animals. MURDERING SCUM

  41. suhayl says:


  42. kevin says:

    Yes of course – they did it, they were to blame and they haven’t taken accountability and seem to show no suitable remorse… but the point is that no. 7 reflects badly on us – irrespective of what they did or how much blame they have taken or what they sing.

    It is fine to have a debate about the issue and to hold them accountable – in fact it is important since you have to remember the bad parts in your history to learn from them – but it is important to hold the debate the right way in the right places at the right times.

    It’s not enough just to be right – you have to do more than that – just as its not enough for Utd to win games – we’ve got to win them the right way with good, honest attacking football.

    BTW Scott – I think you’ve displayed plently of class in the posts here etc. and I generally agree with your points – but not on this one.

  43. Marq says:

    redgister, please send us the dvd of Ronaldo dives, pretty please. I bet you spent 100 years collecting it and still havent got enough to fill it? Else please post it, it would be a hit!
    Btw, it is a fact Gerrard dived, there are videos everywhere on it. Or do you need us to point you one?
    Last thingy, its a scary thing to know that your shadow is going to be standing right next to you very soon huh?

  44. Zoiders says:

    Here is another fact Liverpool beat you 4 -1 that is your heaviest home defeat since losing 4-1 against QPR on New Year’ Day 1992.

  45. 9jmac says:

    Heres a fact for you zoiders, Man Utd are top of the league.


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