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Gibson: I Didn’t Fail At United

The only time Darron Gibson’s name was sung at Old Trafford was when he scored the only goal in a 1-0 win over City… for Everton.

At the weekend, he will play against the team he played for since he was a teenager and feels as though he has a point to prove.

“I am just enjoying it and I’m in a better mood now, I know that,” he said. “It is nice to know you’re in with a more-than-likely chance of playing every week, rather than not. It’s surprised me how well it’s gone because I wasn’t sure. This was the first club I have moved to – I was at United since I was 15. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m really enjoying my football. It is a great club. As a footballer you want to play and when it came down to it, I wasn’t playing as much as I would have liked. That meant I had to move. Some people would say I failed at United and towards the end, I wasn’t playing my best. So I’ve come here to start showing people how good a player I am. I wouldn’t say I failed I’d say I never got the chance I wanted.”

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  1. WillieRedNut says:

    New name, but same old.

  2. Albert Ross says:

    Similar name, same old.

  3. WillieRedNut says:


  4. Albert Ross says:

    Gannet on a stick.

  5. cantona7 says:

    I believe you are honestly expressing yourslef with what you have said about our players. And honestly so, I believe we do not need a fellow fan like you thank you. That is, if you are a fan..

  6. brosif says:

    i thought he failed at united and so did hundreds of thousands of fans and spectators. maybe millions? yeah probably millions.

  7. YorYor says:

    For this goal alone, I’ve got no problems with his claim. Anyway, I was starting to think he was coming good after the number of years, but he got sold as it was Cleverley’s turn.

  8. Doghouse says:

    Always liked him, but it was not to be. He’s in pretty distinguished company though, alongside Juan Veron, Dimitar Berbatov and Diego Forlan to name but three great players who failed to properly gel here. Not having a successful United career does not equal a failure to have a successful career. And indeed we won a hell of a lot with Gibson in the squad and while he didn’t stand out he did contribute to years of United glory.

    I wish him every success (except those that might come at our cost).

  9. Norm187 says:

    i think he was unlucky, he scored the first goal against bayern in the semi a couple of years ago & had a good match things could of been different for him if we went through, it could of been his springboard but i guess it wasn’t meant to be


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