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Gibson: Wouldn’t Phase Me To Leave United

Sunderland have put a bid in for Wes Brown, John O’Shea and Darron Gibson, in a bid to add further former reds to their set up in the North East. All three players have to agree terms otherwise a new deal will have to be offered by the club.

After Gibson’s international manager, Giovanni Trapattoni, told the midfielder he needed to leave United in order to gain more first time football, Gibson claimed there was nowhere better for him to learn his football than United, so he would stay.

However, after a bid has been accepted, Gibson has had a change of heart, and now thinks first time football is the best option for him.

“If Sunderland get the three of us it would be unbelievable business,” he said. “It wouldn’t faze me one bit to leave, all I want is what’s best for me. So if the best thing for me is to leave and go somewhere that I’ll play every week then so be it. I haven’t sat down with Sir Alex to talk but if it comes to me not playing as much as I’d like next season I’ll have to move. I’m nearly 24. I’m going to have to go somewhere else if I don’t start playing regularly.”

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  1. Whiteside says:

    Barca call their B team Barca B. We call ours Sunderland. (-:

  2. Fred says:

    Good luck at pastures new, Gibbo. You’ll soon see how green the grass is though. Thank you for your service to MUFC. See you in another life, brother.

  3. sachu says:

    i do agree he is 24 and needs regular football
    sir alex will buy a midfielder and of course cleverley is there
    so he should go

  4. Fred says:

    I always supported him, even when the rest of you were calling him every name under the sun. Shame on the lot of you. ;)

  5. mattos says:

    good call whiteside

    but i would be disappointed to see the three of them go. wes has been in the team for years. and gibbo still has time.

    i’d be surprised if we sold o’shea though. i think hes quite a good player and provides good cover/experience for our defence/midfield

  6. Manchuchu says:

    Feel bad for him. The vitriol from some of his own club’s fans would drive anyone to leave. He is in no way as bad as people make him out to be.

  7. Whiteside says:

    Yeah it’s always sad to see them go, and as you say O’Sheasy still does a good job for us and will still get enough playing time to be worthwhile staying. Gibbo played quite a bit this year but assuming we make a signing or 2 in that area I doubt he would next year.

  8. Paddytheflea says:

    We had Gibson on loan at Wolves for a couple of months and I can’t figure out why so many of you rated him. Perhaps the surroundings at your team makes it harder to notice that he never will be more than an average Premiership midfielder. If that.

  9. Spence says:

    Spot on Whiteside.

    I don’t know if this is bugging anybody else, but the title should be ‘Gibson: Wouldn’t faze Me To Leave United’, rather than phase. It’s spelt correctly in the quote however.

    Phase – “Gibson’s goal spree was just a phase.’
    Faze – ‘Gibson leaving United wouldn’t faze anybody.’

  10. 'GINGER PELE' says:

    o shea are you crazy brill squad player we gonna regret sheasy leave man later on i would hate that seriously man not happy with that decision tbh

  11. Whiteside says:

    That was class that day he scored a last minute winner at Anfield, daylight robbery it was too. Others included the goal v the arse in CL semi, and the chip v the Arse. Legend!

  12. CROoney says:

    good riddance i wouldn’t phase him one bit…phew

  13. smartalex says:

    I wonder how it all transpired.

    Surely Sir Alex and Steve Bruce had spoken prior to the bid submission. I guess that the basics were discussed, and that this triple-bid was considered best for the 3 players.

  14. parryheid says:

    Touch of the Ben Foster there with that statement Darren.

  15. Not convinced says:

    oshea- offers little going forward but v. defensively sound, would be foolish to sell.

    brown- best years r behind him, great servant but addition of jones would leave gametime limited, sell

    gibson- cracking strike on him, not really offers much else, should become decent prem level player but not for top ten club

  16. willierednut says:

    Good move for him. He’ll probably excel under Joe Bugner, sorry Brucie. ;)

  17. Not convinced says:

    feel sorry for gibbo, received a lot of unnecessary vitreol from some fans, he was earnest, loyal, just not very good. He deserved better tho, hope he succeeds at s’land.

  18. bbabyj says:

    Like others, I don’t really mind us selling Gibson and Brown for a fair price, but to include O’Shea in the deal seems a bit silly. £12m isn’t much for three would-be first teamers at the buying club.

  19. Sparkz says:

    Probably the best move for both sets of parties concerned- at his age he needs regular football. I expect Cleverley to take his place in the squad.

  20. Sparkz says:

    I agree about the price actually- I think Sunderland are about 3 or 4 million short IMO

  21. smartalex says:

    Don’t worry willierednut, Brucie flat-out nose you’re a smashing lad when it comes to punch lines.

  22. King Eric says:

    Willie. Joe bugner. Quality.

    All the best Gibbo lad. Always did a job. Some of our fans should hang their heads with the shit they have given this lad.

  23. Doghouse says:

    I think for a team like Sunderland, Gibson will be a great player. Not just good, I think he has the skills, drive and quality to take a team like Sunderland into Europe. Sure not -good- Europe, but they definitely ought to be trading body blows to finish in the top six or seven now.

    The reason I say that is that I think if you took the weight of playing for United and playing centre midfield off him I think he’d really shine. He took so much abuse, undeservedly, from United ‘fans’ and yet he showed his quality at the highest level. Treated with the respect he merits, in a team where he plays week in week out, he’ll be immense.

    Sad thing for Gibbo was that almost nobody spoke up for him when he did something great, which was quite often as it goes, and every little mistake he made was picked over. He had to do twice as much to get half as far with the fans.

    So best of luck to him. Have to say, given how hard he worked for us and how much stick he took, I wouldn’t blame him for not being too sad about leaving. He deserved a lot more credit from the fans.

  24. Lloyd™ says:

    It’s sad to see players leave United,mostly loyal servants like Gibbo,Brown and Sheasy.
    Just unbeareble to see them play for another club.

    Wish them all the best(if they all leave,that is).

  25. nani4ever says:

    Oh happy day, oh happy when gibson’s gone, so ecstatic. Cant wait till he’s gone, we need to get rid of the mediocrity and let quality get a chance to shine, cleverly, pogba, petrucci etc. i still cant believe he got the chances he did and we let go of eikrem without even an appearance.

  26. King Eric says:

    Great post as usual doghouse. He is considerably better than that lurch cunt henderson who cannot tackle has no pace and rarely scores. Sunderland have got a damn good deal if it goes through ok.

  27. scan74 says:

    well said king Eric I agree he always give it his best never fucking moaning or acting the prick all the best 2 the lad

  28. T4M says:

    Good luck lad

  29. willierednut says:

    nani4ever – Gibbo will be glad to hear your thoughts.

  30. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    God, everything from top to bottom at Sunderland reeks of Manchester United LOL!

    Anyways, good luck to Gibson. I kinda liked him. He had a good shot on him and the few games where he did get a chance to play the kind of role he excels at, he did well (Schalke home game). But he did seem to be over-run by the new batch of recruits who, it would seem, have more going for them than Gibbo.

    Fair play to him and may he shine wherever he goes. Don’t want ex-Reds unhappy, would we?

  31. five says:

    Can we start some sort of movement to keep O’Shea at United? we’re gonna miss that guys’prescence massively if he leaves. We need him until we’re absolutely certain that the Da Silvas and Jones are ready for the big time.

    Wes Brown, all reds will always respect him and the crunching tackles but his relationship with SAF has worsened so there’s nothing to do.

    Gibson, I have always liked him but his gametime will be massively limited with Pogba,Tunni,Cleverley,Anderson all available so this move would be best for him

  32. ijamiu1 says:

    Wes brown & o’shea should remain in mufc because they control a lot to the victory of mufc

  33. TonyBee says:

    Shame never fulfilled his potential….. was found wanting….so bye bye….. and good luck

  34. CROoney says:

    i’ve always said that gibbo is an ordinary player who lacks talent to play for the big club…i mean he can play for us alright but he’ll always be a fringe player, a squad player that doesnt improve for wes brown – i wont miss that blunder prone, positional deamon…he was very good as the RB but awful as the CB, simply aw-ffucking-ul,,

    as for sheasy – this guy is my hero…he’s a true representative of the fans on the pitch..he’s just like one of us in that aspect…he’s not actually that talented to make a difference for the big club but he’s grateful for the chance he’s got, and he never’s as if seeing myself in him, thinking ” wow, what a lucky bastard, that could’ve been me”..and one more thing, he’s an extremely intelligent player…he has to be…i mean he lacks pace and speed yet he’s hardly costed us a single point,,,he always does his job and keeps his man quiet by excellent positioning

  35. IrishManc19! says:

    I always found the Gibson had something to offer, i still think he does but at 24 he needs football and this could be good for our national side! A part of me wants him to stay another parts knows its good business and he should move on!

  36. bchilds says:

    Wouldn’t phase me if you left United either!

  37. tomas says:

    I’m ok with Gibbo & Wes Brown leaving, but they’re going to miss O’Shea’s versatility. Sure, he’s not spectacular, but he was always solid and reliable. Unassuming. Just dependable & reliable, which is key for a defender. Good luck to the fellas though if they leave for Sunderland.

  38. buchan says:

    Always enjoyed watching Wes putting the opposition winger three foot in the air and onto his arse…but,injury prone and 31.
    O’Shea..versatile certainly,but i’ve never heard the words ” O’shea is coming on for ( insert name here )”
    and felt it was going to improve the side.
    Gibson…couple of good passes,couple of good shots…though again, when our midfield was struggling,i never looked at the bench and thought, get Gibson on,he’ll make the difference.
    All three not good enough to start,not exactly inspiring as subs either.
    Rather have an 18yr old with potential on the bench, busting a gut to get into the first team,when he get’s his chance.

  39. Costas says:

    Thanks for everything Darron. Good luck at Sunderland. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with the same type of twats that you dealt with at United.

    Still hope the deal doesn’t involve O’Shea. It would be criminal to lose him too this summer.

  40. Dave Mack says:

    Gibson… good riddance … will miss Wes ……but we should (and I hope probably will,) hold on to JOS . He’s a very verstile intelligent squad player who’s experince could prove valuable over the next few years.

  41. King Eric says:

    Costas. Spot on mate. Dave mack. Bit harsh pal. Why good riddance? He has always done his bit for United and never really let us down. Good luck Darron not good riddance.

    CROoney. Good post about Sheasy.

  42. RED_Dakduivel says:

    WHite Side: Just epic stuff man,

  43. markynorbs says:

    The lad is not up to the high standard of Manchester United, but then again not many players are. You need to be world class to hold a regular spot in centre of midfield.
    Good Luck to you Gibbo.

  44. Stevie the CUNT says:

    3 cheers for Gibbo leaving.
    Bad-tempered and wild shooting. more suited for rugby.

  45. lazagainst says:

    oh no, not O’Shea!

  46. ToSicily says:

    Fuck Gibbo, clearly no balls when hes makin comments like this! Foster got fukin crucifed for sayin shit like this! 19

  47. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    One Darron Gibson who plays for United is better than 1million United fans who call him names.

    Good luck to Gibbo, here or anywhere else.

  48. DohaRed says:

    Nani4ever, Davemack,Stevie theC (name suits you), ToSicily,

    Get stuffed the whole lot of you. Wankers. You are not real United fans, running down your own players.

    I liked Gibson. He tried hard, had some good games. Didn’t deserve the stick he got. Good luck to him if he goes, or stays.


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