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GIF: Tevez Escapes Punishment

Gareth Barry was charged by the FA yesterday for verbally abusing fourth official Mark Clattenburg following City’s 3-2 defeat against Manchester United. The result could have been a lot worse for the blues if the linesman didn’t incorrectly rule out Ashley Young’s goal, which would have put us 3-0, and if the referee didn’t miss Kolo Toure fouling Patrice Evra in the box.

Whilst the FA haven’t confirmed the details of the charge, it is likely that he will receive a one match ban if he admits the charge and a two match ban if he denies it.

Another player who should be facing a ban but who was let off by the referee, Atkinson, is Carlos Tevez. The Argentinian, who was already on a yellow card after fouling Rio Ferdinand and then giving the ref a mouthful, kicked Phil Jones when the ball had gone out of play. Some referees would have given a straight red for such an offence by Atkinson opted just to award a freekick instead.

Yaya Toure also escaped a yellow card when he dived in the first half, following Roberto Mancini’s disparaging comments about Ashley Young’s diving.

As former referee Graham Poll said, United may well have felt as though they were playing against 12 men on Sunday. I wonder why Barry then felt the need to abuse the officials…

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  1. Costas says:

    Had that been Rooney… you know the rest.

    Twatez in all his glory.

  2. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    LOL Costas if that was Rooney, he would have been put in jail and sir alex would have been fined. It is only then that you will hear the ABUs bring out the “setting a bad example” line. Oh but when Rooney was smashing all thsoe goals in and winning trophies you didn’t consider him to be a role model then did you? Sad fucks.

  3. muchio says:

    well, after watching it several times, it seems that jones kind of gave him the elbow? and if welbz kind of blocked the view too.

  4. Redbilly says:

    Glad he stayed on. No excuses from city 11v11. Thanks for not scoring Carlos.

  5. woodsie says:

    oh well let them get away with it gives us more ammo when they start with the whole the refs always favour united bull s or that fergie runs the fa bull s

  6. WeAreUnited says:

    I don’t care what other would have said, but at this moments, you should and have to fall down in pain.

    because eitherwise players stay on the field. And no one could have made an excuse for their losing the game.

    Next time, go down and stay in pain, until the ref gives something. A similar thing was when Torres kicked Cleverley, and he didn’t go down in pain, but stayed on. Torres got what he deserved later on, but still. People moaned about that.

    When you have a reason, you have to go down.!!!!!!!

  7. Andromeda says:

    I love it when Fergie trying to protect our lads on touchline, that explains too much.the man is filled with hunger and desire.his age defying character is beyond anyone’s for the rest of this incident, who cares about a midget desperately trying to kick our youngest lad on the pitch.obviously he is a troll stupified by City’s fake passion for glory….

  8. Twisted Fatboy says:

    I like the bit right after when you can see on Tevez’s face that he’s realised he’s kicked Jones… who could crush him…. and could be about to be having his arse handed to him on a plate.

    What a little turd.

  9. chichagiggs says:

    hahaha yea i don’t think the little shit realized who he’s kicked…. he takes a look at jones then walks away with his head down… jones is a motherflipping beast

  10. Redninja says:

    Fuck face vampaire face cunt of the highest oder

  11. belfast red. says:

    When u Look at it Jones does kinda follow through with his elbow, but it dosent justify kettle neck lashing out like that. If the ref seen it, which he must have, it had to be a red card. What a cunt of a ref! Just happywith the 3points tbh though.

  12. domunited says:

    We got the three points despite the job done by the refs. I don’t need anything else – we won, they have no excuses, I’m a happy red.

  13. Missunited says:

    disallowed goal,denied penalty and other from ref even gave us morale to fight hard….. Up Man United

  14. Neil says:

    I think there are occasions when knocking someone out and taking the suspension would be worth it. In that instance I would be proud of Phil if he hit that troll in the face after that kick. Keano threw a few punches in his day and I think you need someone who isn’t afraid to cross the line when it’s needed.

  15. samuel - united WE stand says:

    This article has just blown the myth about any other winger at united being more consistent than nani. He has far superior games to goals ratio, far more assists and is involved more in the creative all round part. The idea of wanting to sell him leaves me absolutely baffled. As the article points out, only di maria and robben (world class wide men) can match his contributions. Yes he can be infuriating but there’s more good to his game than bad. He’s without doubt the most talented winger at the club, why is he getting less support when compared to valencia?

  16. Doghouse says:

    We’ll need to remind folks about this one in the future no doubt, but I’m over the moon about the three points. When it comes to the refs this season we’ve enjoyed great games at Liverpool and Chelsea so complaining seems a bit uncalled for. I mean yes, those games saw accurate refereeing not so much biased to us, but by the normal run of things you don’t get those at Stamford Bridge or Anfield, so I’m going to consider those favourable.

    All things considered this is a really great season for us. I don’t even care about the defensive problems because we know that if the personnel click those problems could be over as of, well, now. Plus we’re top of the league in spite of them.

    Good times.

  17. AlphaRS says:

    Found this video. Full time whistle at The Emptihad. Amazing atmosphere.

  18. WeAreUnited says:


    That should be the reaction to every game. just look at Germany league, every team goes like that after every match, to celebrate with their fans, even go to the stands and celebrate for minutes.

    THAT is how it should always be. Nice to see they recognise the supporters.

  19. mara says:

    You can shit on that guy as much as you want but he is one of the best players in the world….who can go 6 months on vacation and get back in the club and be second scorer in the league…

  20. WeAreUnited says:


    I appreciate that you always find great stuff about Nani, way to go.

    I think, for some of us, we don’t need stats to know how good and valuable he is. 2.5 years he played exellent, 1 year just good, managing alot of goals, which says it all and not in his favourite position.

    Anyway great article-.


  21. BSF OHA says:

    “Tevez the troll” is just too annoying nd irritating.the best thing i want 4 him is playing without success.i want him 2 be emotionally down always after what he did last season.

  22. fergie is the boss says:

    at 2 0 united get a goal wrongfully disallowed, 10 seconds later city make it 2-1, at 3-0 it may have been 4 or 5-0. At 2 1 united get a penalty denied when toure tripped evra, most likely united would have gone 3-1 ahead, so twice united could have blitzed city

  23. tom c says:


    I agree, the troll is a pretty good player, could tell by the increase in quality of play by shitty the moment he came on.. but he’s shitted on United and been hating on Sir Alex since his move. also fucked over City, making them look like a right bunch of grovelling idiots when they took him back.

    no doubting his talent, no doubting he’s a cunt of the highest order.
    thanks for tripping Rafael over by the way you kettlenecked fuckwit, you cost your team. you and nasri both. fuck the lot of ya.

  24. Canada says:

    We’re all just really confused. That’s not Tevez. Can’t be. Mancini said he’d never play another game for city when he refused to warm up as a sub!

  25. Ash says:

    Manchester city behaved like pricks in whole match. Even when we scored the first goal bottles were thrown on rooney. I even remember when fellaini a week before cored there bottles were thrown. How could anyone defend their fans and clubs.

    Not only their fans but even their sick manager asked Tevez to fall down for penalty.(Remember that). It was a shameful act by mancini. Have you ever seen Sir alex or wenger or even mourinho do that. People may hate Jose but he never does that atleast I have not seen that. There is hardly any mention about that incident in media and papers. And In match conference he says Man city are best and are better than United. What kind of manager does that. He is behaving like arrogant prick. One league tittle and that to because QPR went to partying in stoppage time as they were safe . I still remmeber the backlash of chelsea game when many stupid pundits were criticizing us and the refs. Where is that now?

    We won the game fair and square without any refs help and now also they are blaming rio ferdinand and talking some useless things about the match instead of praising us and saying they beat City fair and square even with city having Ankinston in their pocket. My father also pointed out that how dull the commentators became when we scored. Fucking jerks. They should be ban. Anyone living in India will know this but the first thing that cunt Steve macmahon said in ESPN after the game was city deserve to draw. WHAT THE FUCK!. That is why I urge all our fans to stop listening to what is said in papers about us. They hate us. They can’t digest the fact that Man united even with so much debts , with so much injuries, with little they spend manage to be on top and compete for every trophy.

    And less said about tevez the better. His attitude sucks. He is a good player but there are many players who does the same job without showing this much attitude. Mancini doesn’t have the balls to fire players like tevez and balotelli. Tevez should have been banned. Instead of stopping that crazy specatator tevez was pushing RIO. Fucking joke of a guy. If that was not enough now you have the most overrated player in barry charged for racism. Seriosuly how could barry have more than 50 caps for england players like Carrick does not have. Thats why english football team is shit.

    Overall it was a shameful game by city. No way they should win the league.


  26. PissedOffRed says:


    Drogba is a very famous diver if I was not wrong.
    Back when Chelsea were the bigger challenges, we never got our breaks at the bridge as they’ve always had a 12th man.

    With that said…….. It was great we won WITHOUT penalties, had a correct goal ruled out AND they have 11 men intact on the field.

    They have NOTHING to say in regards of the loss and therefore, Mancini could only say ‘My squad is still better than yours’.

    What a wonderful week it has been…….

  27. buh says:

    Tevez is clever he’s waiting for a reaction

  28. buh says:

    atkinson = utter cunt

  29. StatesideAussie says:

    Samuel … I’m also baffled as to why we would sell Nani. Like you, I think he’s one of those very rare players who has the ability to bust a game wide open all by himself, an ability that requires more than just skill, but vision and audacity too. Who will ever forget the way he skinned those two Gooners on the touchline a couple of years back? Something out of nothing, right there, and what a joy to behold.

    Yes, he can be frustrating. But sometimes I think that’s just the price of genius. He’s also worked hard and developed himself to a genuine two-footer — when he came here, he had almost no left foot to speak of, but now he does. He can play on the right, burn down the outside to the corner post and cross in with his right, or cut infield and shoot with his left. And he can do the reverse from the other side, crossing from deep with his left, or cutting inside and shoot/cross with his right. That makes him incredibly difficult for defenders to deal with, because it makes him unpredictable — and they know it. He can switch side to side, and go through the middle too, probing the weakest points of the defence as a unit, and the weakest left/right side of any individual defender.

    He’s strong on the ball, blazing quick, full of tricks, good with his head, and has learned to track back too. And with the right combination of partners around him, his one-two link play can be devastating.

    If there is anything to dislike, it’s that there always seems to be one part of his game that’s not quite firing. He’ll get his shooting in the groove, only for his crosses to fall off the boil (or vice versa), or it’ll be something else. To me, it just seems he’s never quite able to get all 12 cylinders firing all at once. If he could do that, I do believe the sky’s the limit for him. But even with only 11 cylinders firing, I still want him here.

  30. Den says:

    love this gif! That’s how you fight a shirt pulling cheat!

  31. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    Tevez – direct red and 3 game ban. Not sure how the ref could see it and only give a freekick.

  32. A says:

    Haha amazing gif!

    And why are people so obsessed with what pundits, papers and commentaters think?
    Give me one good reason to care about the media?
    I could not care less what jamie redknapp or martin tyler thinks about Utd… Why should we?

  33. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Stateside – absolutely spot on. United are trying to switch to a more fluid system, a style that suits luis nani to a tee. unpredictability is one of his strenghts, an absolute nightmare for defenders at the highest level. As you’ve pointed out, he’s both footed. drifts left, right or centre. His dribbling is immense, combination play with others on his wavelenght can be devastating, he’s flexible enough to play left or right, perhaps that’s been to his detriment, his best form in which he bagged 18 assists and 10goals came from the right.

    United have RVP, rooney, kagawa, welbeck. Players of flair and imagination, nani slots in amongst them and at his best, he would flourish whilst united benefits. There’s been a plot to get rid of him for a while, he doesn’t get enough of support. United should be cherishing players like this, those players capable of producing match winning magic. It seems workman like approach with zero quality at the end is what people count as consistency. Those stats (not that it was needed) proves that nani, even when not at his best, is still able to produce match winning possibilties, more so than most wide players. The worrying idea is nani moving on and then be fantastic at another european club, it would be wrenching. I’ve seen him linked to other clubs for peanuts as wel, absolutely puzzling. Why is one of the most talented players in europe not getting a “fergie sign him up”? He seems to be drifting away whilst we watch powerless. Where will united get a replacement of similar quality and experience without spending ridiculous money? (check james rodriguez, a player that’d eventually run off to madrid anyway).

    I just think people misunderstand the qualities of players like nani, people seem to appreciate the “know what you are getting” type of players but the mavericks, the unpredictability is what unlocks a barca, madrid, dortmund e.t.c, teams with brilliant tactical knowledge but having players like nani, those that can make something out of nothing is what ruins their stratergy.

  34. samuel - united WE stand says:

    WeAreUnited – no problems, appreciate the acknowledgement. Nani is not at his best this season because he’s a confidence player. Fans groaning at any poor touch or decision whilst they give the likes of antonio valencia every support despite doing exactly the same thing has/will not help. Any applause or even singing his name could get him firing again, it would benefit united to have another danger man at their disposal as we enter the second phase of the season.

  35. WeAreUnited says:

    @samuel again I agree 100%

    but people have made their mind about thim, not all obviously, but some.

    We’ll have to wait and see SAF’s reaction. Maybe all is solved? only God knows.

    and if he moves away, let’s hope in the summer and to real madrid with a good price, they always pay good price to us.

    for now, lets wait and see.

  36. ryan says:

    Pretty sure Rooney gets a lifetime ban there. It is absolutely, utterly amazing how much City have the refs in their pocket yet STILL complain…

  37. mybloodismetal says:

    i am sorry, i am an united fan, but i think jones has an elbow in first, thats why tevez got aggrevated. Its good that the referre didnt send jones off first that would have been bad. Anyways we should be happy with the result and take positives out of this


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