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GIF: Thug Bellamy Hits Restrained Fan

It makes you wonder that if Cantona was banned for the best part of a year for kicking a fan hurling racist abuse at him, why should the authorities not throw the book at Craig Bellamy for hitting a restrained fan that had nothing to do with him in the face?

Not only a thug but a pussy too, given that he needed three stewards to hold on to the United fan. Adebayor last week, Bellamy this week, and Mark Hughes defends them both. Good to see he’s got control of his players!

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  1. rookiko says:

    Man Shitty are a disgrace to the league

  2. Corea says:



    Craig Bellamy is a lot braver than any soldier putting his life at risk in Afghanistan.
    A man like him deserves his wages so much more than any of our boys fighting overseas against the RPG and Kalashnikov wielding Taliban.
    It certainly takes a very brave man to go right up to a football fan, who has been incensed by Bellamy for celebrating his goal by pretending to be an airplane flying into a snowy runway in Munich and slap him in the face.
    The fan was being restrained by no more than 2 burly security guards and could have broken free from them at any time. Bellamy showed no regard for his own personal safety and bravely went up to the restrained fan and showed his true courage by shoving his hand into his face then running away to safety.
    The stewards could have been overpowered at any time but Craig was SO brave he chose to ignore any risk to himself and run straight into the danger zone.

    What a CUNT , What a COWARD, What a DISGRACE.

    The FA needs to look at what they gave King Eric as a punishment and DOUBLE IT !!

  4. Farhan Borst says:

    Wonder what Rio said to that cunt lol

  5. shakshamboo says:

    Its funny to see the reactions of united players

    It might have gone like that

    Sheasy = “please tell me why did u do that?”
    Rio = “Apologise you scum!”

  6. wazza (Bezi) says:

    he is definitely a pussy. wished if that fan was set free by the stewards at that moment. this Sparky is making my blood boil. just can’t stand him anymore :,19528,11661_5573617,00.html

  7. nehal says:

    This is outrageous. I really hope this is taken seriously and Bellamy is punished for it. And Hughes whining about time; It’s not like Man U was the only team getting the extra time.

  8. Dakota says:

    what a motherfucker..the guy was already restrained by the stewards.. i hope he fails in football so much that he ends up a poor bitter twat and that guys son grows up to be a great footballer and does the same thing to bellamy’s son in the future!! fuck off bellamy..go suck on hughes dick!! thats your only reward from this match!!

  9. Chris Woolly says:

    An obvious case of the shit hitting the fan.

  10. aig alex is god says:

    also along with bellamy did anyone read sparky calling gary nevilles celebration lunatic.

    Hughes you and your side is full of cunts and it is not long before you are fucked out of your job.if you would have had some sense you would have realised you ass was kicked out of the park and the scoreline flattered you.maybe Sparky would have cried had Shitty won.thats why he was disappointed with nevs reaction

  11. bchilds says:

    No need for Bellamy to go over there, if he was running directly at him with no stewards around then by all means he could restrain him but what a pussy to hit him when he can do nothing back.

    Suspend him!

  12. Alpha_RS says:

    Sparky: From Legend to Blue Nose Bitter Cnut!

    I can’t stand this guy anymore!

  13. mikeyg2310 says:

    I can see the FA fudging this one. We all know it is one rule for United and another for everyone else. Rio got about 8 months for the drug test, the city player (can’t remember his name, not actually that bothered) got told not to be so naughty in future. Eric got 8 months for his attack, Bellamy will probably be told to sit in the corner with no lollipops for a week.

  14. cav says:

    Looks like Bellamy went to the Steven Gerrard School of Self-Defense.

  15. Fze123 says:

    he’s not getting away with it, thats for sure. i still can’t figure out why he punched the fan. what a cunt.

  16. kel says:

    Bellamy seems so afraid when Rio comes to him and grab

  17. theboogeyman says:

    Chris Woolly-Nice one!

  18. Costas says:

    Give the bastard a golf club too. Maybe he will feel even more of a man. What a jackass. And Hughes has the nerve to talk about Neville’s celebration.

  19. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    thats cause there wasnt 3 men holding rios arms behind his back

  20. TK99 says:

    in fact they were 4 stewards not 3 .I think bellamy is a cunt and a thug .
    Had Keano been in the game,he would have made that pussy swallow his “bright” teeth.

  21. Dakota says:

    last week it was adebawhore and this week bellamy!!! fuckin asswipes have gone too this rate given will be the only one standing in!!! bastards!!

  22. United One Love says:

    Dont know if any of you at the match saw, but just before this incident, Bellamy hurled the football at the pitch invader as he was tackled on the ground by the stewards.

    He then walked about 15 meters towards him and punched him. He wanted specifically to get involved. He should get the book thrown at him by the FA for that.

  23. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    imagine the week after cantona kicked a fan paul ince cause a riot with fans by celibrating in front of the away supporters
    the media would be all over united to get united kick out of the league
    back pages of the papers today
    how the extra time ripped off city

  24. sppibsihmkcrkg says:

    talkshite are saying whatever happens when fan is on pitch is their fault. Thought our stewards did well to get him, then that cuntshite cowardly fuck makes it his business to get in the guys face when he’s being restrained. How pathetic is that. He really is a prick but the thing i’m liking bout this is city are fast becoming the most hated club in england. Everton hate em, arsenal hate em, seems like every game the pricks upset someone. I’m fucking loving it!

  25. Tufty says:

    You cant compare Cantona hitting a fan to what Bellamy did.
    Cantona left the pitch and entered the terrace.
    The fan entered the field of play and then spat at Bellamy, although why Bellamy went over to him, I’ll never know.
    The fan who entered the pitch will quite rightly be banned for life.

  26. hurr says:

    Glad to see his Brazilian Gerrard-Gitsu (BGG) came in handy there. Now, we’ll see if the scouse jury is willing to bail him out like they bailed his Sensei.

  27. RedAlert260599 says:

    I know this may be controversial, but I’m proud of that United fan. I bet he’s never had a prawn sandwich and it’s about time we showed some passion. Whip round for the fine anyone?

  28. ozzmiester says:

    Fucking thugs. The whole lot of them. It’s even more sweet to win like that as that would piss them off much more than a conventional thrashing.

  29. unitedfan28 says:

    lol, check out rio, trying to win over the fans after that mistake haha

  30. Red Dave says:

    calm yourself down bellamy you dwarf
    vidic is coming over, he hammered drogba, and drogbas a hell of a lot bigger than you

  31. Sharath says:

    Nice to Rio react like that, it was a mistake by the fan though.
    He should be banned for atleast 3 games though

  32. Rios Back Pocket says:

    Did anyone noticed the stewards rugby tackle on the fan? It was quality he came sliding in and grabbed him by the feet. What wouldve happened if just after that cunt slapped him,the fan became free somehow and started beatin on Bellamy?

  33. Kings says:

    Fucking little cunt.

  34. Shimo says:

    Me is thinking that Bella will get off lightly because city were “robbed” (Mark Hughes word).

    He definitely should get something for that but, with already missing Ade, wonder if the FA will fast track it or wait to suspend him after Ade is back.

    No reason for him to go over like that and push a restrained person in the face. At least it is being investigated.

  35. Dani says:

    @cav: Looks like Bellamy went to the Steven Gerrard School of Self-Defense.

    I LOL.

  36. Maik says:

    I would’ve loved to see him try that shit against Rio and Sheasy. He’d be dead in 5 secs.

  37. blindkat says:

    You know they aren’t gonna do shit to bellamy. It’s already decided they are more likely to sanction the ref for the deserved extra time than the puss slap from the hard man. I live in the us and our sports are a little different over here but if you go on the field of play you get what you get and they will go out of their way to waylay you. The TV channels here will specifically turn the camera away if they run on the field so as not to give them the attention they want, in fact they only show you running on the field if someone knocks the living shit out of you. Even then it is only if the dude is running free. Hitting someone restrained by 3 people maybe he’s training to be a police officer! He should know all the ins and outs of the legal system by now.

  38. kaihnsn says:


    did the fan spat at you too? yeah you go to bellamy and ask to suck his lollipop

  39. unitedgirl16 says:

    he’s such a dick.

  40. Pat says:

    You’re comparing a karate kick to a slight punch/slap/push.

    Get fucking real mate.

  41. wazza (Bezi) says:

    put Bellamy and Barton in the same team. brothers in arms, lol

  42. BlueAnt says:

    RedAlert260599 Said,September 21st, 2009 @10:31 I know this may be controversial, but I’m proud of that United fan. I bet he’s never had a prawn sandwich and it’s about time we showed some passion. Whip round for the fine anyone?

    the fan ran on the pitch and SPAT in his face and you are proud of him……. i’m sure your parents are proud of you… well as they dragged you up in the grutter maybe they are… i really despise horrible scum fans like you!!

    i guess your proud of cin throwing fans also? SCUM

  43. carlosAMI says:

    LOUTISH BEHAVIOUR 2nd week in a row(FA PLS TAKE NOTE) from the same team but this time they didnt dare rough up any red devil players as they did wit arsene’s skilful gunners…Sparky’s evidently has got no control over his players & is tactically naive-who’d u think he was-bobby robson(bless his name ) in the making?Citeh still a long long way from winning the hearts & minds of the neutral let alone the premiership,incompetent(can’t win even though gifted goals)& saddening sadists these pretenders!!

  44. Mikael says:

    I didn’t see any spat at Bellamy but that doesn’t make it less stupid of him to do what he did. I wouldn’t call it a punch though, it was more a push in the face. He won’t get punished for it I believe.

    The fan had nothing to do on the pitch, I can never argue that it was something good and I could never say I’m proud of someone for doing that… it’s stupid.

    Hughes should try and be a boss with his players… this way they will only learn that they can do whatever and get away with it.

    But fuck what a game!!!

  45. Snoopy says:

    MC is totally mad…Their players all mad…..
    Even their manager dont know how to control their players behaviors because hughes is only looking at result only….
    By this, i trully believe that the quote “Manchester City is a small club with a small mentallity”
    Fuck off MC, Manchester only have 1 great club – Manchester United!

  46. MANNUEL OGALI says:

    jesus this will be the quote of the year ”mancity is a small club with a twat mentality” yeah read manshitty.

  47. choccybrian says:

    What a prick, he would never have tried that if there wasn’t 5 stewards over the utd fan..City Wanker

  48. redscot says:

    I remember this sadly like it was yesterday, thats what I call a coward and girlie, fight yer own fucking corner mate, not when yer being restrained. Bellend asshole.
    And as in hindsight YET again causes trouble were ever he tips up, enjoy yer time at Villa or Spuds.


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