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GIF: Why Did Given Handball Go Unpunished?

The linesman flagged for this in the second half but the referee waved play on. No advantage was gained from waving play on. You won’t have seen this on Match of the Day 2 though.

Can you imagine if David de Gea rushed out of the penalty area and handled the ball?

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  1. Albert Ross says:

    Gannet on a stick.

  2. Trydent says:

    Maheesh-of course the scum will not stop attacking us! My point is simple-Attack the real issues and do not give these bastards ammunition from our own supporters.It seems to me that people jump on the band wagon to be popular,to fit in.I have no idea what motivates you! I don’t care! I do care about bringing our club into disrepute.I do not condone diving but I will not slag off this club or the manager,SAF to make a cheap point!

  3. King Eric says:

    Yes we KNOW who Albert Ross is. Welcome back pal!

  4. Albert Ross says:

    It’s a bird, innit? It’s a bloody sea bird . .. it’s not any bloody flavour. Albatross!

  5. NBI Red Onion says:

    I think SAF is one of the few managers I have ever heard actually be critical of players for diving,I am sure he was harsher behind closed doors, most managers have zero intergrity. Arsene would never see it, most would say they never saw it, Dogleash would say that it was a pen and the player should have been sent off and organise shirts to be worn next pre-match in protest.

    I think we can all admire the fact we have a manager who calls it like he sees it. Obviously he cannot completely humiliate his own player but it was close enough, when your own manager says you were looking for the penalty and are getting a reputation as a diver and being theatrical that is hardly a comfort to a player. it is a publish bashing.

    Anyway, moving on, Everton…!!! Will the real Wayne Rooney please stand up!

  6. wayne says:

    Ok first thought Young had a good game yesterday,2nd what get’s on my nerves is when a Utd player ‘dives’ the ABU’s don’t let it go and keep banging on about it as if it’s a major crime.There was contact yesterday i’ve seen plently like that given without all the hullabaloo.
    Another thing it was clear handball in the 2nd half and all the commentator said looks like Villa got away with one yet kept going on about the Young call
    As i’ve said before bad decisions get called most games and most strikers are diving or making the most of contact in the box but it’s always the Utd players who get picked on more than most.Nani also went through this and lots of times he was getting fouled and not getting any calls.

  7. chica chica says:

    Any offence committed by Man Utd players get magnified 100x. Committed by others not news-worthy.

  8. KickOff says:

    Well its a much easier target than Given.

    Given doing that won’t get too many people’s attention. He plays for Villa, is generally inoffensive, decent long running career and so there’s no story to be had, especially after losing 4-0.

    However Vieira talking, dubious penalty, Fergie talking, another dubious penalty, Fergie talking is a story that people will follow and pay attention to.

    Youngs painted a bit of a target on his own back now though. I’d wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a complete stonewaller turned down now, as you know how refs love to “even things up” rather than just call what they see.

  9. Bishopville Red says:

    First to admit I didn’t read all the comments, but I did NOT have a problem with how the ref handled this. Despite how it looks from the GIF angle, I thought Welbz got to the ball before it went out. The lino was flagging for the handball, not the ball going out, or he would have kept the flag straight up. He put it up and waved it, indicating a foul, not that the ball was out. He also pulled it back down when either he was told to, or he decided that it was to our advantage to play on.

    Had Welbeck taken a tighter turn, he would have had the ball, facing goalward, with Given on his belly miles from his net. As is, it took an extra touch, but we still had a chance to cross with their ‘keeper stranded and their back line all over the place.

    Had the ref whistled, we would have been awarded a direct FK at the juncture of box and end line, with Villa having all the time in the world to bring back all 11 players. And Given likely would have received a YC for unsporting conduct.

    In my opinion, the opportunity from the first option is more to our advantage than the second. No beef with the refs on that one from me.


  10. wayne says:

    Some seem to think Sir Alex was taking shots at Young

    “I have never seen that in him. It is not an habitual thing with him. He was brought down. He just made the most of it. But he definitely brought him down. There was contact. He has bought the fact that Ashley jinked inside him. He has gone down quite easily but it was a penalty. He was definitely brought down.”

    Don’t see to much in that myself

  11. dannysoya LOVES SIAN MASSEY says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but the whole premise of the advantage rule is to give the attacking team the advantage if it looks like they have a better chance of scoring than from the freekick. It does not mean the punishment for the foul has been forgiven. After the play is blown dead, the referee is supposed to RETURN to the incident and hand out the necessary punishment. Cech should have been off, Given should have been off. Simples.

  12. Bishopville Red says:

    @dannysoya LOVES SIAN MASSEY:

    Cech: How do you send a player off for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity… when they scored? The opportunity still existed despite Cech’s efforts and Spurs took it. The rule isn’t called “denying Adebayor and obvious goal scoring opportunity”.

    What Cech did at best could be given a yellow card for his “clumsy foul”, but lots of players get away with tackles like that as their first foul (though many are carded for less).

    In that case, Atkinson was right. In *that* case…


  13. dannysoya LOVES SIAN MASSEY says:

    thanks for the clarification bishopville

  14. Marq says:

    Why is the “dive” by Young getting more coverage than the shocking referee mistake for Spurs vs Chelsea?

  15. Redbilly says:

    Wayne- it’s important from the abu’s point of view to believe we cheat our way to the top working their own belief system it’s been ingrained to make them feel less inferior . We should never expect it to change.

  16. Redbilly says:

    Marq- 15:32 because it’s united .

  17. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Nobody cares about these calls because we won in the end. Frankly, we near always win. But you can see how lesser teams become unhinged. If all the bad decisions made on us were actually publicized, then nobody would give Mancini, Martinez, or O’Neil the time of day.

    If it costs us the title like it did in 09-10, then there might be a sniff from the press. Otherwise, move on an sup your brew lads. Naught in it.

    As to the call itself. The assistant called for a foul, so did his job me thinks.

  18. Giles Oakley says:

    It was clearly a handball by Given and Utd should have got a free kick. As it was also very clearly a deliberate handball the ref could have given a yellow card.That’s about all that needs to be said.

    It was also clear in another, more significant incident that a Villa defender handled the ball (with his arm) in the area. No penalty given. Clearly the ref was ‘evening things up’ after all the grief he’d got from Villa players and management over the ‘soft’ / ‘dive’ penalty awarded to Young.Fergie got this right. Young made too much of it, but it WAS a penalty.

    Far more significant were the effing reffing errors in the Wigan match, which could help determine the outcome of the title race (and at the other end, who gets relegated).

    1) Corner given instead of a goal kick, depite United protests. Wigan score from it

    2) Clear handball in the area by a Wigan player. No penalty given.

    Result? United lose 1-0, gap at top reduced to 5 points. Wigan lifted out of drop zone.Much squeaking of bum all round.

    However, I do wish Young wouldn’t do his dying swan act so often. I happen to think both the QPR and the Villa pens were justified, although the QPR one was less clear cut, and was anyway offside. Young is becoming a magnet for ABU sentiment and one day a ref will punish him for a dive when it’s a genuine trip, perhaps with dire consequences. Time for the older United players to ‘have a word’.

  19. Xyth says:

    Spot on Giles oin Young. I bet pretty soon, even if Young was to be hit by a train, no penalty will be given. I just hope it does not happen on 85+ minutes at 0:0.

    On Wigan match, of course most of our players played extremely bad, but one cannot help yourself thinking what if … If you go to and look at the GIF

    1. Giggs touch, Carrick pass, Giggs chance

    We had not one, but two unmarked players at the far post. All it needed was a simple cros to the far post and we would have been ahead, and probably the whole match would have had a differnet complexion. This season, we have wasted numerous good positions with bad final ball or bad decisions. [Even against Shitty at OT when we dominated them before they scored their 1st goal]

    I hope, till the end of the season, we will be vigilant enought to take chances like this leading to 3 wins of 4 and to No 20.

    PS I have a feeling that we will not lose at the Wastelands.


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